Start off with the Wagyu Tartare ($25) of A5 wagyu beef paired with parmesan crisps and gherkin capers before cutting straight into The BetterField’s signature French Duck Confit ($28), duck leg that has been slow cooked till tender and juicy before being seared for a crispy skin. Complemented with a berry compote to cut through the richness, it is also served alongside potatoes, sautéed spinach and mushrooms to give a nice earthy flavour to the overall dish.

Finished table side, the River Prawn Alio Olio ($30) is torched to give a nice smoky flavour and eaten with pasta that has been tossed in a garlic and spicy olive oil mixture. This is definitely luxury maximus as the meaty river prawn is cooked perfectly with a nice tender bite. To finish off the meal, Ms Durian has a range of durian treats from the Classic Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake to Durian Ice Cream.
🍽️ The BetterField x Ms Durian
📍 11 Kelantan Road, Singapore 208604