Preorder restaurant ibid’s roast duck, which is only available 8-10 ducks per week as they are aged and stored over a week. The entire duck was first brought in front of us before it was sliced.

Pretty juicy meat with a glistening reddish brown roasted skin, the roast duck was served as a whole alongside some condiments and their house made steamed pancakes. Instead of the usual cucumber strips, Ibid served Celtuce, or celery lettuce. Similarly crunchy like cucumber, but mildly flavoured. Intrigued to hear and taste Celtuce for the first time.

While the duck sauce was provided as a pairing condiment, I felt that it could be richer in taste to match against the gamey duck meat. A separate plate of duck skin was served, with sugar dusted lightly. Unfortunately we were disappointed, as it was soft and a little soggy, unlike the crispy type that we were expecting.