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Traditional teochew Meepok ($3/$4/$5). Not sure how many styles of meepok there are but growing up as a Siglap kid, I used to think that Siglap has the best meepok in Sg (Ah Lim Meepok [email protected] Tua Kong). Little did I know that long before Ah Lim was there, this was the original bomb. Originally situated at the former Siglap market, 132 meepok has moved a few times in Siglap area before finally settling down at its current premise in a humble coffeeshop at Marine Terrace (opp Ngee Ann Pri). The meepok chili is not for the chicken hearted. Chili infused with vinegar and sesame oil just tastes famazing! This style of meepok also comes with broiled prawns! Lastly the meepok noodles itself. I mean how can one claim to be the meepok king without having decent noodles? Let me tell you, fellow bro and sista burpplers... the meepok noodles is bloody Q like a trampoline!! Conclusion: Die Die Must Eat!