A wonderful play of hot and cold with two different kinds of tomatoes used, topped with Thai basil, coconut burrata and shrimp floss that gave it a nice umami touch, this was everything you want and wish for, in a margherita pizza. Next, the Pepper Crab Pizza was generously topped with blue swimmer crab and fresh green peppercorns, an ingredient that you can hardly find in Singapore, served with a Mussel & Truffle Curry, another ingenious creation of having white curry paired with freshly shaved black truffle. Perfect to slurp it down on its own or taking some of your pizza crust and dipping it in so that it soaked up all the curry goodness. Last but not least, the pièce de resistance, the Godzilla in the menu, the towering beast that is named the Crying Tiger Sandwich. Definitely not for the faint hearted, the Crying Tiger Sandwich is constructed with a pizza dough base before topping with slices of turkey, beef, baloney sausage and finally packing them together. Served with a nam jim jaew sauce, this Crying Tiger Sandwich will surely give you the meat sweats from eating it.

The fun did not just stop there as we were ushered to the next table for sweets. The “Pineapple Fried Rice” was served, a different interpretation on what we are usually familiar with and this time round, rice krispies, raisins and pineapples were baked on top of a cookie and served with a Thai green tea ice cream, the slight bitterness from it helped to balance the overall sweetness of the dessert. The final curtain call was the Lychee & Sake, a dessert served with chopsticks and took all of us by surprise with the refreshingly delightful sake granita, fizzy lychee (yes, you heard me right, lychee with a fizzy flavour to it) and lemongrass jelly noodles; a dish that plays on the familiar fishball noodles. We were so full that we literally rolled back home thereafter.
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