Queued for more than 45 minutes at this much vaunted stall in Hong Lim Market for their fried chicken cutlet curry noodles ($5) and Wantan Mee ($4).

I like their curry and chicken cutlet but I wish their noodles could be more al dente. It was actually over cooked and soggy. I liked their wantan which were plump and had juicy pork fillings inside but I wished their char siew was more tender and not like tree bark. I like their prices today considering the way inflation is running rampant in Singapore today in spite of what the published statistics say. But their pork lard, although unlimited to customers, were a tad bitter due to over frying.

For those who have been across the border to Malaysia, many will agree their noodles cannot compare. And not worth a 45 mins queue. On a good day, 45 mins would have gotten me across the border.