Popiah is the no.1 local food that I really adore, so when I finally got a chance to visit good chance boy was I excited. Thankfully my expectations were met. The Popiah here has one of the most well simmered radish fillings I've had in Singapore. This could be due to the abundant dried shrimp added to enhance the flavor. Another key element would be the Popiah skin and kick ass chilli & sweet sauce spread that made a perfect marriage.
Moving on we had an order of the salted egg yolk crayfish &Kong Ba pau. The former was worth a try with the tasty salted egg yolk sauce, the fact that the plate was wiped clean w/o a drip left is testament. However the latter was disappointing especially after learning that the pork belly is fried before being braised. We were wondering why the meat was not juicy and particularly tough... I guess we found out why..