This is undoubtedly the best oyster omelette you can get from our hawkers. The εˆθ¨˜θšη…Žθšθ›‹ at stall number 73 of Newton Hawker Centre just gets more and more popular. Waiting time is a minimum of 30 minutes. After you have wolfed down your 松記 fishball kway teow and ice kachang, your omelette may still not be ready. However, it's still all worth the wait, the patience of its loyal customers, despite the many other stalls selling oyster omelette at Newton, is testiment that Hup Kee's a few notches above the rest. Using fresh and plump oyster is key. It brings out so much of the flavours. I can't think of any other oyster omelette at hawker stalls that even come close. A plate of small order at $6 comes with more than a dozen of oysters. Next generous amount of eggs are used. Many oyster omelette uses too much of the tapioca starch which ends up as a gooey mash especially when the frying is over done. Hup Kee's oil used its just nice. You can see it from my picture that there is no excess oil on the plate. Last but not least the tangy chili sauce that comes with the omelette is "home modified", what I came to know from the boss after "Olo-ing" about how fantastic his omelette is compared to others.

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