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Wafu Beef Wazen (S$18.90) would be one of my favourite set meals from Ichiban Sushi for this period of time, because it offered a very good spread of food to become a very hearty meal. Cooked sliced beef was escaping from sizzling Wafu sauce by standing on a block of Agedashi Tofu. On the side, there would also be a plate of mixed tempura which essentially comprised two prawns and two pieces of vegetables.

Surprisingly, the Chawanmushi here was exceptionally smooth and soft, like it was not just well-steamed but also not overcooked in the steamer. I would order Chawanmushi ala carte if my meal did not include a serving of it.

On the whole, the set came across as a tad salty because of the Wafu sauce and the Miso soup. Catch the attention of the waiter to get plenty of water or tea refills to wash down the sodium through the meal.

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