A healthier option for those counting their calories, the cafe has some unconventional toppings which include couscous, beef stew, roasted pork belly and feta cheese. I had my bowl loaded with soba noodles, beef stew, roasted broccoli, roasted pumpkin, roasted herb potatoes, cherry tomatoes and furikake. Full of colours, it was a wholesome and hearty lunch packed with much nutrition and flavour. The meat was tender and infused with wonderful flavour that complemented very well with the soba; and each topping was tasty on its own. Added $2.50 for a comforting bowl of mushroom soup. 100% satisfying! 🤗

(Now 20% off when you pay with Crown Dollars and get a free coffee/thai iced tea/chocolate soft serve when you sign up. Highly recommend the chocolate soft serve 😋)