Dinner with Drinks, Good For Groups, Late Night Bites & Nibbles Starters to snack on and satisfy before the mains
Chinese, Japanese, Ramen Oodles and Noodles Slurping goodness with every strand
Date Night, Fine Dining, Dinner with Drinks Wine And Dine A gourmet lifestyle. Entertain with good food.
European, Italian, French Antipasti & Contorni Prelude. Awaken the senses and palate for what's to come.
Italian, French, Japanese Modern Fusion Contemporary A contemporary take that fuse the taste of different worlds
Ice Cream & Yoghurt, Cakes, Desserts Chocolate Is Love The finest cocoa. The simple joys of life.
Hawker Food, Malay Sedap! Vibrant and intense flavours from the spice islands