A main course like this Roasted Whole Pork Knuckle (S$31.90) would be seemingly too large a portion for dinner, but it was worth every cent of it if you were a roasted pork knuckle person like me.

The chef would be more than happy to help you debone the roast for easier consumption, but despite having quite a fine balance of crispiness and tenderness, be prepared to send your jaws for an extensive exercise if you would choose this.

But the goodness did not stop at the meat. Along with the dish also came a generous portion of Sauerkraut, and that really helped to cleanse away the greasiness a fair bit while at the same time also tasted great (one of the best Sauerkrauts I had taken so far). The “ball” that accompanied the dish was a Bavarian bread dumpling, which was also delicious because of its buttery richness, but I came to realisation in the middle of the meal that if I were to empty the plate all by myself, I would probably have a digestion problem.

So the best way to enjoy this meal without fearing of overeating, would probably be to share it with two or more people, so that the other dining buddies would order something “lighter” for everyone to potluck: a food strategy best executed with Burpple Beyond in hand.