If you are not aware, TiNDLE is a chicken alternative made from plants and over at Three Buns by Potato Head, the TBB&B menu consists of a TiNDLE Me Crazy ($18) burger that takes inspiration from the Jamaican jerk chicken and an excellent booze pairing of the Triple Threat ($18).

The TiNDLE Me Crazy comes with a jerk charred TiNDLE patty that is slathered with a smoky mayonnaise and paired with roasted salsa, slawc, scallions and picked chilli, all sandwiched between a toasted rice flour bun. For spice heads, this burger is right up your alley as it totally brings the heat with every bite and you can wash it all down with the Triple Threat cocktail made from a dark rum base with vanilla stout and lime juice. The nice citrusy tanginess from the cocktail balances the spiciness from the burger perfectly.
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