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I have been pretty crazy about chendol ever since having it in Penang. Especially on a scorching hot day, to have a bowl of ice cold chendol is just so shiok. Not too sure what's the actual difference between an authentic Melaka and Penang chendol, but I find the chendol at Makan Melaka seems to be really heavy on coconut milk, which made the dessert a lil too creamy.

A simple dessert, priced cheaply at $1.80, you get a big scoop of the green pandan-flavored chendol (somehow the colour of the chendol here is very light too), heap of red bean, shaved ice with the gula melaka of just right sweetness, and some ingredients at the bottom like attap seeds and grass jelly. They have different variations such as corn, durian and other toppings too!

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