Presenting the mooncakes from Mitzo this year and the restaurant has launched the Baked Yam Mooncakes with Salted Egg Yolk & Pistachio Nuts ($78 for 4 pcs/$98 for 6pcs). Each of these baked goodies are handcrafted with the traditional spiral flaky layer which resulted in a buttery texture and the inside contains the smooth and sweet yam paste, complimented with the savoury salted egg yolk. The flavours are balanced nicely so that you do not get surfeited after a couple of bites and with the added crushed pistachios, it gives a layering mouthfeel.

Traditionally, mooncakes are paired with a cup of hot tea but with a contemporary twist, Mitzo has concocted a cocktail that’s specially made for the Mid-Autumn festival. Named the Moonlighter, this cocktail is made with a base of eight treasure tea that’s infused and shaken with Milagro tequila, Licor 43, grapefruit juice, chrysanthemum syrup and orange bitters. Sipping on this unique cocktail while enjoying the baked mooncakes is the pairing that Mitzo is recommending so that the floral and citrus notes of the cocktail helps to refresh your senses. There is a bundle of mooncakes and cocktail retailing at $104 for 4 mooncakes and 2 cocktails or $128 for 6 mooncakes and 2 cocktails.
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