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After a failed lunch that day, we went back to our trusty spot for noodles we know will satisfy. Tried something new this time, the soup noodles! Noodles in the soup sadly looses a bit of that chew, but their Japanese-like (yes Japanese! 😂) soup is nice to slurp on. Dumplings are the bite-sized kind, a slightly thicker skin but I like that it’s q. Filling is seasoned well, but if I had to choose, I like the chives pork one more, just cause I’m a huge fan of chives!

A9 is a very no-frills spot, so no fancy toppings, but it’s simple, comforting and the food is always whipped up quickly. Ps. Skip the mala and spicy savoury noodles + tea leaf eggs.

📍A9 面条 • 饺子 A9 Noodle Dumpling
Fortune Centre #03-17

Was looking forward to try this but it was a lot milder than we were hoping for. We liked the Dan Dan Noodle ($4) much better for it packed a more exciting, flavourful punch. The numbing flavour here was more distinct than its spice, with most of the bowl dominated by the chopped onions. They do have vinegar, soy and chili on the side to add to your liking!

📍A9 面条 • 饺子 A9 Noodle Dumpling
Fortune Centre #03-17


Very decent bite-sized dumplings at this price point! Skin thickness and the ratio of filling was just nice. It’s well seasoned though not the most juicy.

If you’re not a fan of chives, they also have their dumplings with cabbage and pork filling (which seems very popular cause we kept hearing people order them!). The dumplings are also served up with noodles ($4) or can be taken away frozen at $3 for 20 pieces.

📍A9 面条 • 饺子 A9 Noodle Dumpling
Fortune Centre #03-17

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Last night’s dinner was at this unassuming little one-man show spot that dishes out comforting noodles and dumplings! We had both this and the Mala Savory Noodle ($5), but liked this much more. The noodles leaned towards the softer side while retaining a slight chew, and picked up the appetising dan dan sauce nicely. It was flavourful and well balanced - nutty and savoury with a good heat. It only comes with a bit of minced meat, so if you’re here with a friend, consider getting a side of their dumplings to share!

📍A9 面条 • 饺子 A9 Noodle Dumpling
Fortune Centre #03-17

They serve different menu for their lunch and dinner service. During lunch, they serve authentic hearty Japanese set lunches at an affordable price (mostly under $20) while for dinner, they adopt an izakaya style.

As we went during lunch time, we got to try set lunches.

1) Ochazuke set ($7.80) - 7.5/10
-Rice porridge (with added salmon/picked plum/mentaiko), 3 kinds of oden (fishcake, tofu and daikon radish) and pickles
-The clear dashi broth that soaked the pearly short-grain Japanese rice was light, umami and savoury but not overly salty. Mixing in the wasabi brought an extra spicy kick. The fishcake remains me of my exchange days in Korea as the texture is very similar to korean odeng/eomuk - firm yet having a nice soft slight chewy bite. My favourite item in the oden would definitely be the tofu! I love how the interior is slightly firm and silky while the exterior has this chewy tau kwa skin texture. I really love this dish as it tasted really light, refreshing and hearty. It would definitely be my go-to-meal after a long and tiring day as it certainly rejuvenates the body and mind. Though the portion looks light and small, it is actually pretty filling.

2) Unagi bento ($12.80) - 7/10
- Pearly japanese rice topped with unagi, oden, chicken karaage, mini-salad and pickles.
- The portion of the unagi was decent given its price. Not doubt the unagi quality isn’t as good as unagi specialty stores like Man-man unagi/Unagiya ichiinoji, it certainly tasted better than those frozen unagi). Though most of the ingredients in this bowl tasted pretty average, we would recommend this too given the overall combination and price affordability.

Would be back to try other set lunches like the shabu-shabu beef/pork don set ($9.80).
I really love their set lunches that tasted really thoughtful, heart and comforting akin to home-cooked style food.

Taste: 3.5/5
Worth it: 4.5/5 (It is possibly one of the most value-for-money Japanese cuisine places in town; wallet-friendly and with quality)
Overall: 8/10

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Must go😊


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