Meat Free Day

Meat Free Day

Tired of eating heavy meats for your meal? Or looking for some healthy meal? Here are all the places in Singapore that suitable to all vegetarians friends.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

Li Wei Vegetarian at this coffee shop served pretty wide range of vegetarian foods, as you can see lots of item available on the menu display.

Lucky cube rice was a interesting one as the mocked chicken meat actually comes with fries. $4.50

I’m actually surprised to find this vegetarian restaurant in Marina Square, as I was searching for a place to eat in this mall.

They have lots of table available, serving nyonya style of vegetarian foods here.

For individuals, they do have some set meals that worth getting. Especially for those who crave for some assam curry, do get their assam fish.

The curry was very lemak and strong assam taste. Although the portion was seems pretty small for me, with just 3 pieces of mock fish and some other ingredients like tomato and okra. But the curry definitely worth it as I almost finish the whole bowl.

With so many goods around here, there’s vegetarian options in this place.

Leaf Corner is a air-conditioned vegetarian restaurant for all the healthy meatless foods.

For individuals especially with the new restrictions now, you could go for their bento set; which comes with a mocked meat, rice, veggies and dessert.

The honey chicken was was tasty but a bit too sweet for me.

When I was here early right before their opening time, there’s already a few person waiting outside for the shop to open.

They are a Vietnamese restaurant but all items are served in vegan. And their pho is the most popular one.

I have to say the taste are pretty similar with the normal pho with chicken meat. The broth was very delicious as it added with some fresh herbs and lime. It is also still the same silky flat rice noodle.

Instead of the usual meat, they replaced them with shredded marinated seitan, together with sweet frizzled grilled oyster mushrooms.

The broth also added with onion and garlic but you can request to remove them. $10.80

Was looking for some meatless food near my workplace and found this on the menu, a rather localised name but served in Japanese style of ramen.

I love the strong taste of truffle there but not too overwhelming. There’s also ingredients including the yuzu yuba, rosemary char tomatoes, truffled mushroom ragout and baby spinach.

Pretty much a healthy meal when you looking for some meatless as well.

I really love this luncheon from OmniMeat, as it has a very rich taste. Probably because I do love the real luncheon meat some time.

The portion was much bigger than I expected. This is really a charger than made me very full after.

It comes with quinoa, kidney beans, chickpeas, corn kernels, kale, romaine lettuce d cherry tomatoes, avocado, tofu, red bean and balsamic dressing.

I was hesitant as first to whether to mix them with the balsamic dressing but I’m glad I mixed them all together with the dressing. It pretty charge to overall taste to my liking.


Here comes the main selections we have ordered to try. First was the protein booster that comes also with the Heura Chicken, added with tempeh, edamame, nori on top of soba with sesame dressing. It is a cold dish but the flavour remain strong with all the ingredients.

For salad selection, I would recommend this that used Heura Chicken; together with romaine lettuce, vegan caesar and dressing. While it is refreshing, but the Heura Chicken added more texture and bites to it.

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For their September special, you will get a compliment bowl of this if you order 2 mains from the menu.

Using Unlimeat and cook together with lotus root and red chilli oil. Of course the taste are pretty similar to beef, but I was hoping it to be more spicy.

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I know about Green Common when I was in Hong Kong few years ago. Now I’m glad to see them here in Singapore.

They are a grocery store and also a restaurant selling plant-based foods, by collaborating with a few plant-based foods business like Beyond Meat and Omni.

First for the appetisers, we got the Omni Musubi; using OmniMeat Luncheon wrapped with nori and rice, topped with pineapple chilli chutney and teriyaki sauce. I must say the taste was very interesting.

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One of the item on their delectable sides, I got the seaweed rolls. They are nori sheet with row medley of vegetable such as carrot, romaine, purple cabbage, cucumber and sprouts.

I must say it is actually very refreshing taste and healthy as well. It contains some crunchy almonds inside and served with oil free cashew sauce.

This is another hidden restaurant in Havelock II basement.

They specialise in serving vegetarian foods with special menu every week. Nasi Lemak is only available on their special menu and not on the permanent menu. So do check with them on the availability.

Their nasi lemak comes with veggies, mock meat, dried tofu, cucumber and sambal chilli. Overall was interesting and tasty as well, especially after mixing the rice with the sambal chilli.

Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world, but limited by COVID-19 now.

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