Meat Free Day

Meat Free Day

Tired of eating heavy meats for your meal? Or looking for some healthy meal? Here are all the places in Singapore that suitable to all vegetarians friends.
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

Housed within the Jubilee Square, a much quieter mall in Ang Mo Kio you will find this vegetarian restaurant on the 1st floor.

Small place but enough seats here, serving vegetarian yong tau fu and other dishes as well.

Their mushroom udon definitely put lots of mushrooms in it. I could enjoy the thick soup and udon with the ingredients.

You won’t easily find this place as the shop view is obscure from the main road. But once you found the direction, you will able to find this hidden vegetarian restaurant serving Asian fusion meatless foods.

The hotplate items sound good when you have a cold weather, comes in sizzling hotplate with the fluffy egg still piping hot. On top of it will be the meatless unagi made from soy.

It actually soft but still retain the familiar unagi sweet sauce.

The rice come separately in a bowl, together with a bowl of miso soup.

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Chee Wei Vegetarian has a few outlets and one located at Potong Pasir under Broadway Food Court.

Unlike the rest, this stall only served a limited dishes and most people would come here for their vegetarian bak chor mee.

Replacing the minced meat with Omni meat, together with stew mushroom and crispy slice. The taste is still pretty similar with chili and black vinegar sauce mixing.

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Considering a much hidden vegan cafe in a very quiet area, but close to Dhoby Ghaut and Orchard.

They have a very comfortable space with few seating tables and very friendly as well.

Serving meatless sandwiches, mains and sides with drinks. I was here quite late so can only get the sandwich.

The peanut tempeh sandwich using nine grain toasts stuffed with marinated tempeh patty on housemade peanut sauce, and lettuce, tomato and wilted baby spinach.

A very healthy and light sandwich that you could enjoy slowly. Strong peanut taste with the tempeh.

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Kway Chap can be too meaty with all the pork intestines, but what if you make it vegetarian?

Zhen Xin Su Shi at Mayflower Market & Food Centre is one of the vegetarian stall that sell this meatless kway chap.

With the usual kway chap, it comes with the vegetarian version of meat that use beancurd and mushroom instead.

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Most people usually go to places along the Thomson Road, but don’t forget Sin Ming Road also offered a wide range of food options as well.

Especially Thomson V Two which just right behind the busy Thomson Road, there’s a few restaurants as well.

The Plant Food is consider the much quieter place among all, serving plant based foods in a small space.

The aircon here is strong, perfect especially you just went for a long walk at MacRitchie Reservoir.

Order by scanning the QR code on your table only, and it is easily to get something you like; from rice bowl, poke, udon to curry.

I was attracted by their curry rice, so decided to come and visit. A big plate of Japanese vegetable curry with lots of vegetables like potato, carrots, tofu, lotus root and pumpkin.

You can choose to have it with either brown rice or udon. The curry was creamy and tasty, not spicy at all to me.

The Plant Food is a good meatless option in this area.

[Burpple Eatup]

Their signature vegetarian pizza is here to stay as well. Topped with bufala mozzarella, cherry tomato, basil and oregano.

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[Burpple Eatup]

This is one big roasted cauliflower as a main, on the top of yoghurt. Which the yoghurt itself contains sumac, tahini, garlic, honey, white sesame, majoram, oregano, thyme and parsley.

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[Burpple Eatup]

Another new addition healthy item on the menu, comes with 3 slices of roasted pumpkin on the top of mint yoghurt with pecan nuts.

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Here at the food court, you find this very ordinarily vegetarian food stall has a long queue in front.

Unlike many vegetarian stalls that served cai fang concept, here they only sell what they have on the menu display.

The 1st on the menu is what attracted lots of people coming, which presented very nicely and I can see almost everyone will look at my set whenever they passing my table.

Yes, it is probably the best presentation of vegetarian chicken rice set you can find in hawker centre.

The set comes with kind of steam and roast chicken, which both taste different interestingly. There’s also soup, veggie, achar, sliced cucumbers and rice. Totally worth of money.

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Located along Upper Dickson Road, Gokul served authentic vegetarian Indian cuisine and they offered a wide range of items on the menu.

I really like this masala dosa, which comes with lots of potato in it.

A new vegetarian coffee shop has recently open at the corner of Geylang Road and Lorong 33, offering a few options of vegetarian stalls under one roof.

Although the choices wasn’t a lot, considering there’s only a few stalls. But you should able to enjoy some vegetarian Chinese and western cuisine here.

Gotten their fish beehoon soup, which surprisingly the soup taste sweet and delicious. It comes with the mocked fish, tofu, mushroom and vegetables.

Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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