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From the Burpple community

[Food Court] The hallmark of good thosai for me goes beyond a palatable lentil batter, but really chutney that taste the part. The Thosai here fits the bill as I taste bites of desiccated coconut shreds in the white milky sauce, and look at that tangy tomato variant in orange; with evident crushed mint leaves is the last variant in green.

Served with their unique blend of chilli oil & vinegar, they’re so plump and juicy! most recommended (plus easy on the eyes!) Lenu’s :)

Don't really find it special though. Bc I don't know what are they famous for hahaha. Just bought some random flavour to try. 🤣

Follow me on a path to Warsaw, Croatia and Italy. Visiting bro first in Poland, before road tripping down Croatia and rounding up with the sights in Italy.

Starting off the next 12 days of Europe with a yummy juicy Shack Burger @shakeshacksg (finally a decent waiting time of 15 mins!). Swipe right to see tonight's rendition was one of its finest. Loving the Pandan Coconut milkshake, which was creamy with vanilla ice cream custard and not too sweet at all. #tiaravels #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg

Love this curry. Thick and lemak.
Finished the plate of rice just with the curry.
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