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First time eating at Tonito. We ordered the Arroz Con Mariscos (crispy mixed seafood,white wine, pomodoro based rice) and Pasta De Cangrejo (Crispy soft shell crab, squid ink Pasta, Charred Tomato and lime) both dishes were delicious, very well seasoned and tasty. Hot water was served in a pot which was awesome. The cutlery and plates were beautiful. Service was really nice too. They could improve on the menu pictures because the real food looked so much better than the photos.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Arteastiq, be it the Jewel or Plaza Sing branches. However, I visited the one at Jewel again recently, and was pleasantly surprised and pleased to know they’ve kept their standards high still!

I had my go-to, the crabcake breakfast, and it was very well-executed as usual, although I’m not sure if the portion has shrunk slightly over the years. We also had the honey chicken mid-joint wings, which was some of the best wings I’ve tasted in a while!

Will always be recommending Arteastiq, although it’s a bit on the pricier range :)

Please remove from beyond, 12 Sep 23, staff say no longer participating. Very misleading and disappointed.

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Rating: 3/10⭐️

Had high expectations for Sourbombe’s bombolonis given that it was so highly raved about. For context, we consumed immediately at the store itself (not takeaway). However, was truly disappointed by the dry and slightly hard & cold texture of the bun, and the filling was not extraordinary. Overall, not worth the price & better donuts can be found elsewhere.

Items tried:
Milo Dinosaur ($4.80):
The milo dinosaur tasted absolutely nothing like milo, and despite so, if it tasted like chocolate or malt (or at least good, it would have still be fine). But the texture of the filling simply felt like “failed pudding” and we couldn’t bring ourselves to finish even half the donut.

Basque Burnt Cheesecake ($5.60):
The basque burnt cheesecake filling was at least good, had a slight similarity to a custard texture and taste, but overall, with the dry bun, the price for the donut is not justified & we would not purchase again.

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A sweet, creamy kick to a delicious dose of caffeine... What's not to love?

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10/10 vibes, there’s beach club feels without the sand. Got a poolside as well and you can sit right by the water! It’s super windy tho, so do tie your hair up!

Food’s pretty good, if you don’t order the steaks and meats actually the rest are priced decently


Yeah... we ordered overpriced prata from a peranakan place... so be it! It was damn good

Don' forget to dip your soba in that golden luscious okinawan egg tempura. The perfect compliment 👩‍🍳 💋

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The other half's favourite Naengmyeon. Perfect with a piping hot slice of beef right off the grill! #thermalsense

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Went to BITP last week and ordered an array of dishes from Wagyu Beef, Vegetables, Meatballs, Dumpling and more. Soup base ordered was Collagen, Drunken Chicken, Tomato and Spicy Pork Bone!😇 Spent about $330/5 pax after gst and svc charge (but had dabao-ed some back as we had quite a lot of food leftover)😅

Overall ratings 9/10!! Huge BITP fan as I love all 4 soups and high quality food😁 Service was good and I love Jewel vibes. Price is definitely a little steep but splurging for a good family occasion is worth it in my opinion🤣 Would definitely visit again!

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Expanding quickly since opening in October 2022, with 7 stalls across Singapore at present, this brand serves traditional Hokkien dishes with a premium gourmet flair.
This shows in quality. On good days, their 'wet' rendition has soft gooey noodles soaked in gravy, wispy egg, crisp bean sprouts, crisp spring onions, and bursting with grainy vegetal sweet savoury eggy flavour, but at other times, you get distinct alkaline sour 'lye water' notes.
The ingredients are always fresh and premium though. Garnishes of succulent tender fatty lean Iberico pork belly with meaty salty savoury flavour, thick bouncy squid rings and juicy crunchy deshelled prawns, both with sweet savoury flavour.
Nuggets of crisp pork lard lend a yummy layer, while a drizzle of lime juice cuts through with zesty tangy sour flavour.
Hokkien Mee
Tun Xiang Hokkien Delights / Tun Xiang Nanyang Delights
@ Bedok Mall, 311 New Upper Changi Road #01-76
More details:

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