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Shang Social Peking Duck (Half) ⾹聚北京烤鸭 (半只)which includes Pancake (10-pieces), Spring Onion, Cucumber, and Duck Sauce
Location: Shang Social, Jewel, 78 Airport Blvd., #01-219 to 222, Changi Airport, Singapore 819666

Dino’O (S$4)
Available at @oldchangkeesingapore in @changiairport terminal 3

Handmade ebiko prawn paste, succulent prawn dumplings and fresh big prawns with the option of 3 different noodle types.

Prior to this, I had not tried Le Shrimp Ramen. However, I have walked past it a couple of times, checked their menu out online, scoured through pictures on instagram, and man — I always wonder how can I crave something without having tried it before. In a bid to satisfy my craving, I went to Le Shrimp Ramen's outlet at Terminal 3, where I tried their Le Shrimp Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen. The handmade ebiko prawn paste was a delight, juicy yet firm at the same time. The prawn dumplings were huge and juicy, stuffed with filling. The prawns (unfortunately, not deshelled) were freshy and plump, and while shelled, gave that juiciness when you suck the head, if you suck the head. Chinese ramen noodles I opted for had texture was that was decent, and was a good pairing with the broth. The broth, the champion of the meal, was delectable. I loved how you can definitely taste the prawn stock, yet, the texture of the broth was slightly thicker than your usual prawn soup outside, matching the one's expectation of a ramen-like broth here. There was a flavourful sweetness to the soup as well, which I enjoyed. I desired a spicier kick in the soup, so I asked for chilli padi to see how it would've been if added. Sadly, they do not serve chilli padi there. I would have appreciated that option though. Nonetheless, it was a delicious bowl of prawn ramen — do manage price expectations because it is definitely fashioned as a more 'atas' prawn noodles, and has apparent differences especially with respect to the broth.


I enjoyed the prawn dumplings for what they were as they were huge and juicy in the sauce but I did feel like the sauce could do with a spicier kick,because it really was not spicy. I liked the vinegar nodes to the sauce nonetheless.


pretty not bad! preferred the quesadilla tho. the white wine taste was present but not overpowering quite subtle and complementary

Ordered the cheese pork katsu think it's okay only but at least it's thick and crispy and rice was served hot.

The price is affordable but little bit small.

A Thai tempura kangkong. It’s tasty with sauce, otherwise it taste rather blend. We had tomyam and it tasted yummy with sauce.

The ingredients are fresh clams, sliced shitake mushrooms and cilantro with just the right spiciness mala sauce.
The texture of the al dente spaghetti adds to the tastiness. The mala is just right, and allows you to enjoy the dish.

This flatbread is light, crispy and tasty. The seasoning of hoisin sauce was just right. The topping of deep fried popiah skin adds a twist to the taste when you bite into it. But messy when it all falls off.

At $15, it’s reasonable as you could share the portions with 2.