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Worse than our other side order. I looked forward to some magical Iberico pork, but it's simply an ordinary miso soup with some pork bits added.

Initially rather value for money, until it tasted simply like the fermented pork found at caifan stalls.

A Jewel exclusive. Bellota refers to Iberian pigs fed with acorns. The pork was good, just not as good as I wished. Like much of Gochi-So Shokudo's dishes, this was very smoky. I didn't understand the sauce because it added nothing.

The ice cream is smooth. The strawberry one is slightly sweeter as compared to the matcha milk. Not quite worth the price if without the use of Burpple beyond.

(S$6 each cup)

Hamburg Steak Teishoku
Beef hamburg steak with demi-glace sauce sasoned with soy sauce and 2 kinds of miso paste. Served with rice, miso soup and pickles

Pretty good... the beef hamburg is juicy and flavorful.

Beef Steak Teishoku
Beef chuck with teriyaki ginger sauce, served with seasoned rice, miso soup and pickles

Delicious and satisfying meal.

Who says eating healthy is always boring? Here's one colourful salad for some mid-week cheer! Particularly like the strawberries, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, and avocados. 🤗.
#thehedgehogknows #cpchangiairport #eatclean #cleandiet #saladbowl #saladgreens #quinoa #berries

Look at how gorgeous this is. Even for someone who dislikes thick fries, I loved it.

A Singapore exclusive. Pandan, coconut, vanilla frozen custard, gula melaka crumble. It's just a very locally flavoured milkshake - be prepared for sweet and heavy.

Alas, shake shack in Singapore! Burgers were average but the cheese fries were soggy :-( would recommend to request for the cheese to be served separately from the fries.

Pork was quite tender but sinewy in some areas. Soup noodles were standard.