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The taste was a little weird, unlike normal squid ink taste.

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My fav dish of the lot! It tastes similar to tze char veg dish. There's good wok hey and overall a yummy dish :)

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A little too sweet for me, but overall still not bad!

Nothing to rave about, but I like this place for its affordable prices. Also has a nice view of the vortex!

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The skin is really crispy but the filling isn't that nice. The nice skin does help to cover for its filling

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Can't go wrong pairing eggs and onion - fluffy omelette that is tasty and sweet from the onions

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Fragrant, but too salty. Would not order again. Prawn cake nicer

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Tastes average but portion is good for the price. There are also eggplants in the dish.

Looking for fuss-free Japanese food? DingYang Bistro Bar is the place to be! Their most popular rice bowls include the Crispy Tofu Rice Bowl (comes in a $12 Set Meal) and the Chicken Katsu Rice bowl, both of which go splendidly with their sake and draught beer selection.

We recently gladly welcome an additional “pair of chopsticks” at family meals for a lack better way to put it - go figure. And I thought it should be a good way to share a meal here at Offshore, where we could all get our stomachs filled with the seafood bucket on burpplebeyond.
You get to choose how the sauces you want your seafood to be done in. We got the cream seaweed and korean gochujang sauces, the former was quite a tastily ingenious option while the latter was lacklustre. I was right about the filled stomachs when we finished most of the 1 for 1 seafood buckets and enjoyed the free flow cooked food that came complimentary with the meal.
Mum said the seafood here was fresh and I thought this was a great place for the hungry and big eaters with “free flow”; while getting a crustacean meal that balanced between affordability and quality.