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From the Burpple community

Really worth it under 1-for-1!! Kind of regretted not ordering the dry ramen with egg on top but the noodles were springy, tasty and delicious. Comes with a bowl of miso soup and you can add more chili oil according to your preference!

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Dry ramen is an interesting concept, and no it is not as dry as it seems - there is a layer of sauce underneath. Apparently diners are supposed to mix it for 20 seconds before eating. It did not disappoint indeed. The noodles were springy and the sauce added flavour, well-coated with the onsen egg. The minced meat was tasty and slightly spicy to add the kick. Not to mention that there is a load of spring onions but i'm not complaining. Very worth it with the 1-for-1 deal

Preferred the Nagoya style one, which came with spicy minced meat and chives + an onset egg. The noodles are thicker than regular ramen / meekia! Enjoyed the flavourful combi of the sauce + meat + chives. Reminds me of dtf’s zhajiangmian which I really like, and at $12.80 (made more affordable with beyond) I would come back!

The mentaiko one was a little jelat for my lunch buddy, and he felt like he shouldn’t have mixed in all the mayo. I thought it was fine but that was probably because I had a small portion of it.

Lovely hideout in Square 2. The minced meat sauce mixes in well with the noodles, and is the better tasting one of the two tried. This isn’t my first time here and it won’t be the last, especially worth it with Beyond!

chewy noodles mixed with salty sauce and tender chasiew made a very filling and satisfying meal 💪🏻 there is free upgrade of noodle size too for hungry people!

we got d maz nagoya (picture) and maz soft boil egg noodles! was quite yummy we give it a solid 7.6/10! noodles were nice and chewy and the sauce coated it really well. charmaine thought the maz soft boil egg noodles were sweet (in a good way) p value for money w 1-1!

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