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Mackerel, tomatoes, onion, cheddar, tartar sauce on garlic bagel.

Imagine light tuna melt but fishier. I like that the mackerel is not mixed with too much tartar sauce - you know some tuna mayo are super creamy and this is not that kind - so it is light and you can taste the fish.

I love the garlic bagel and it’s always sold out when I’m there. The fried garlic on top adds so much flavour and crunch.

This is a lighter tasting bagelwich compared to the others on their menu and yet not any less filling. My only gripe is that the cheddar was not melted.

Ended my meal at Duckland on a sweet note with this Apple CRUMBLE with Ice Cream ($10++)! 😍😍😍 Cuz desserts are always welcomed, right? ✔
I’ve been a fan of apple pie fillings - crunchy Granny Smith Apple 🍏 with a hint of cinnamon simply delights me! 😊 This gooey filling in a firm tart shell (which I would have liked it to be more crisp) topped with buttery apple crumble certainly presents a pleasant combination! 💯 The scoop of icy vanilla ice cream 🍦 & slices of fresh tangy strawberries 🍓 aced it.
This was quite a big portion - perfect for sharing! 👍🏻 Certainly a sweeeeeeet treat, but well, desserts are meant to be sweet right? Sweet tooth satisfied! 💕

This bun is stuffed full with red bean paste, with a few crunchy walnut pieces. The red bean paste is not too sweet, and the amount was just right. I enjoyed the bread itself too – it's solid and dense enough to hold its own, and goes well with the filling.

A classic Chinese dish that’s easy to make vegetarian, and also one that’s hard to go wrong with. This version is packed with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, white and black fungus, and braised beancurd. The sauce tasted like regular oyster or abalone sauce so this is a safe choice if you’re just starting or trying to go meatless.

The first impression of this place when I saw the menu was that this café served their food at affordable prices. Because of that, it made sense to order some additional appetisers for sharing, such as their Truffle Tater Tots (S$7.00).

Though I would not really pin much hope on the minute portion of shaved parmesan for flavours, the tater tots were just addictive to make one want to pop one after another into the mouth.

I had to pay an additional $0.50 for spinach noodles and $0.80 for the truffle sauce. It was all right, nothing very special as I was quite taken aback by the small portions. The truffle flavour was very strong but it felt a bit out of place in the context of the bed of spinach noodles.

For those looking for a lighter choice, D’life has got you covered. Meatless doesn’t mean tasteless here. The fish soup broth is tasty on its own, and comes with a generous amount of vegetables - cabbage, yam, carrots, tomatoes.

Can’t say the mock fish actually tastes like real fish, but if you’re used to mock fish then it is what it is, and I’m not complaining. Would’ve been nice if they gave more slices of mock fish though!

PBJ on a sesame bagel. Chunky peanut butter and jam with actual berries, generously smeared on two halves of a nicely toasted, crisp bagel. I'm not ashamed to admit I licked off the PB and J stains on the wrapper at the end!

Spam, cheddar, sunny eggs, pineapple & sriracha slaw, teriyaki sauce on all sorts bagel.

Their fillings are always delicious. I am particular about what brand of spam I buy and I like the taste of this one. They are generous with the ingredients - the spam is thickly cut and the bagel sandwich is huge and filling. I also prefer their sunny eggs to scrambled eggs.

I really like this and this is one that I will order again.

I tried customising my bagels and they do not taste as good as the bagelwich on their menu. I think the sauces or specific toppings makes all the difference.

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