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Paltry amount of marinated US beef sits atop a scoop of Japanese rice. Lightly blow-torched and charred, it’s more sweet than savoury. Onsen egg and pickles are the accompaniments. The quantity is way too tiny and for that price, there are way better options out there.

Price: $19.80

Our second course was seafood donburi (you get to choose between chicken or seafood, but go for the seafood). Done like a poke bowl with cubes Atlantic salmon, maguro, shredded crab, mentaiko, seasoned with furikake and avocado with soy and Thai sauce. Give it a good mix!


This is how i build my ideal bowl of Yong Tau Foo 💕 - silky smooth tanghoon, bunches of nutritious veggies (kangkong & 皇帝苗 💚💚💚), protein-rich hard-boiled egg, fresh red tomato, tender & aromatic beancurd, indulgent savoury ngoh hiang to spice up the bowl, & not forgetting a spam of free nutty soy beans!!! 😍😍😍
Particularly like the soup base from this stall at Food Junction - light & refreshing with the natural sweetness from the generous amount of soy beans used to cook the broth. 🤤 Most importantly, it's not MSG-laden! 👍🏻
Yes, i wiped clean the entire huge bowl! 🐷 *burps* Full & wholesome meal at just $5.60! 😋😋😋

Dont need to 烦(FAN), just listen to your heart & feel free to take your pick at the caiFAN stall! 😉
Here’s what I picked out to add to my healthy brown rice! 💕
🔹️Stir-fried eggplant 🍆: Stir-fried with sweet & dark sauce, i like how they absorb the flavours really well! ❤ & did I mention that it contains a high level of antioxidants! ✌🏻
🔹️Stir-fried pumpkin: Known to be high in dietary fibre, Vitamin A & antioxidants, so I cant be more right than to have them on my plate (& in my stomach)! 💯
🔹️Stir-fried spinach: my constant at cai png stalls! Simply love how these greens are soft with a little crunch, absorbing the savoury seasoning really well. 😋😋😋
Just $4 for this plate of goodness!

As beautiful as it looks, the initial taste is damn awesome! With hidden snapper bits, mini shrimps.
However, the more you eat, the more “Jer-Lat” 😅
To be shared with a few friends. But overall too cheesy/Creamy and heavy for me and my wife

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$19.80+ Mega portion fried rice with hint of haebi (dried shrimp) and some dried chilli padi. Definitely a much better fried rice. But warning! The portion is HUGE!
Definitely value for money with the generousity of scallops and sweet sweet crab meat
Real Crab Meat! 🦀

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Tried the spicy crabmeat fried rice ($19.80+) this time round, which came with crabmeat (it is weirdly chilled though), diced prawns and whole scallops! I like that the seafood portions given were quite generous. Although the spicyness got to me after a while, but it was still manageable for me! While there are red chilli rings found in the fried rice dish, I didn't see any chilli seeds, so that helped alot! Affordable meal with burpple beyond 1 for 1! 😄

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I wanted something really refreshing and high volume before working out so I got this salad bowl ($17) from Craftsmen Specialty Coffee.

The salad was a generous helping of mesclun greens and pea sprouts. The toppings of fresh pomegranate and mandarin orange slices added a fruity sweetness to the salad. There was also beetroot slices and roasted mushroom in the salad, adding to the texture and color in what would otherwise be a very boring salad. The crowning glory was the feta cheese along with the drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette on top. It was the first time I had feta and I was totally blown away by the way its creamy and salty flavor elevated the salad with the vinaigrette. My dining partner had ordered extra feta ($5), it was so good to sprinkle some of that additional feta on top of my salad. Thank you Craftsmen for showing how a non-boring salad should be done.

We also had an additional order of cheesy scrambled egg ($5) and there was actually a cheese pull when I yanked out a portion of the creamy scrambled eggs. Buttery, bright yellow, cheesy, rich scrambled eggs are absolute perfection. :) worth every dollar!

I also had a Regular iced Cold Brew ($6) and while I was quite disappointed by its 8oz size, it was pretty flavorful. Not the best cold brew out there, but still very satisfactory. A really lovely lunch/brunch place I would love to continue to patronize.


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Bagels are one of my favorite kind of breads, and their donut shaped appearance just makes them so much more fun. TMBH's Unlox ($12) consisted of a huge, freshly baked, chewy bagel generously smeared with cream cheese (I'm talking cream cheese explosion when I bit into it) and with layers upon layers of smoked salmon. To cut the richness of the smoked salmon and cheese the sandwich also had pickled cucumber, capers and red onions.

It was more of a burger than a bagel, and in such a good way. The salty, tangy and rich flavors melded together well in an interesting, complementary manner. And the gorgeous bagel was the anchor for it all; it was so warm, soft and chewy. It was well worth the price. I would love to be back to try the more exotic bagels and their other smoked meats.


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Chocolate cake lovers alert 🚨

This is the best kept secret of Cedele .

Probably their best cake around and only available at their Novena outlet .

It is so light and soft and full of an authentic dark chocolate flavour - you wouldn’t be sorry with your calorie bank for eating this I promise .

The only regret is that this is not available as part of their tea and coffee set so ala carte order only 🥰....

So if a value queen like me still gets it ( despite no set discount ) ... you gotta try it .

Cedele at velocity has become one of my favourite no fuss place to get a quick recharge.

I find the coffee here extremely good - differently made as compared to other Cedele outlets - possibly because the crew here is more friendly 🤣 . Somehow the coffee here is more aromatic , more creamy and more delightful .

A plus point is that the location of the cafe slows you to do maximum people watching 😊 one is my favourite activity.

Just sit , sip ( coffee ) and stare ( blankly) ....

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Mademoiselle Tang Noodle specializes in Yunan cuisine. Check out their Signature Rice Noodle with 13 ingredients beautifully presented in individual plates in a wooden grid box, Homemade Bing Fen and Flower Cake.