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It wasn’t as sweet as I feared, and the amt of coconut milk was just right. Loved the slices of crunchy almonds scattered on top. I enjoyed every bite.

Not a cheap bowl of dessert but the ball of durian pasta was not very small. Very wonderfully durian. Delicious on its own, but tasted a bit odd with the mango. Mango was also delicious, but it just didn’t gel with the durian. Got overpowered, which was a pity.

Oh my this was the best doenjang Jjigae I have ever had. The boiling hot stew was thick and flavorful, with bits of soy beans inside. Came with beef slices. Quite a lot too. Yummy and steaming hot till the last bite. Very slightly spicy. Loved it.

This lunch set (available during weekends too) included the fresh lettuce too. Very delicious, with a wonderful smoky aroma. The sauce was great. Not fatty, really good with rice. Just wished this dish was hotter. Thou it looked steaming hot, it was just hotter than lukewarm.

Despite the request for Siu Siu Dai, this was quite sweet.

Remembered the cheesy soonsal chicken I enjoyed so much previously. This one was good too. But surprisingly it wasn’t as hot as I expected. Maybe they had already prepared in bulk and just heat up on the hot plate upon order I dunno. I chose the spicy one over the mild. Really quite spicy. Went very well with rice. The sauce used on this chicken was awesome. No bones.

This boiling hot soup came with rice. The kimchi stew was the watery and quite sour kind. A lot of ingredients inside. And pork slices.

Haven’t been here for a while and was delighted that all their delicious banchan are refillable now. The kimchi was as good as always. But my top pick was the spicy fish cake slices. So good with rice or on its own. The stir fried bean sprouts, potato slices and eggs with chili rounded out the 5 plates.

I have to say the ramen here is pretty tasty! I’ve had the spicy toroniku. You can adjust your own spiciness and choose types of noodles out of 3. And don’t forget to order a cup of green tea hot yuzu, they goes pretty well together.

$6.80 for everything! Both the dumplings and chicken meatball were handmade and taste really good! The green exterior is made from spinach, pork filling is juicy. But the iced yuan yang was disappointing. No taste at all

the tofu pudding is delicate and soft, pretty much like beancurd but sans the sweet syrup. was a little skeptical about having beancurd with noodles but interestingly, this is a combination that works! once mixed together, the soft tofu paired really well with the noodles and meat, adding a different texture to the dish. finally, the mildly spicy chili oil, in the classic tradition of chinese noodles, tied the dish together.

7.5/10 ⭐️