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Top 10 in Novena

Top 10 places in Novena, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Novena

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Novena, Singapore.

I got the double burger which turned out to be very substantial as the patties are pretty thick. I liked the classic accompaniments in the burger and all tasted really fresh.

For the fries I got the fat fries but there’s also an option to pick the standard skinny fries. Have to say the fries were cooked really nice, crispy on the outside and fluffy inside.

Only gripe is that everything seemed slightly under-seasoned??? The fries and the patties could all do with more salt for sure but worth a visit

This is how a milkshake should be!!! not the watered down version or the milky versions this was so thiCC it felt like it was just blended vanilla ice cream but oh so good. You can also choose to have it with whipped cream but i’ve never been a fan of that plus already sinful enough🤤

Yummy bowl of thin rice noodles with seafood and pork combinations, also fresh choy sum.

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Tasty quick fried tender beef with thick flat rice noodles, consistently satisfying.

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When it’s raining cats and dogs outside, it’s the best excuse to stay indoors for a cake and a cup of tea.

Am loving this extremely moist and tender orange carrot cake from Cedele. Every forkful boasts an explosion of orange flavour.

The frosting was pretty to look at but in my opinion, not necessarily since the cake was already sufficiently sweet .

Juicy, tender, fresh! #tingzieeats #burpple

Ma Shrooms: Double Portobello, Cheese, Halloumi, Green Goodness, Hobo Greens with Cheddar Bagel. Vegetarian option since we had the protein from the chicken, and to my surprise it was not that bad just that the “fatty” ratio were a little too much. But I love how well-grilled the halloumi cheese was, generous amount of the Portobello was damn substantial. 🧀

Bird: House Smoked Chicken Leg, Moroccan Spice, Tomatoes, Smoked Aioli with Hobo Greens with Seeded Bagel. I was pretty blown away by the flavour from the bagel and the chicken was well marinated, tender and juicy. Each bite was irresistible. 🐓


Sadly 2 dishes of Egg Benedict were the max qty that I was able to order with Burpple. So I ordered this as an extra dish. Pancakes were fluffy yet had very healthy taste 😬. But the Americano was good. Nutty and aromatic!