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Light tea taste, will be bitter if no sugar added

Black Sesame Paste
Grass Jelly
Black Glutinous Rice With Vanilla Ice Cream
Rice Ball Mochi

Love the traditional setting and they have a wide variety of dessert. Highly recommend the black glutinous rice!

A little milky but decent considering it’s a large cup! $6

Eggs were really fluffy and one can never go wrong with luncheon meat. Comes with chunky broccoli too!

Tori Ajitama-Uma
Chicken flavored soup with grilled chicken and flavored egg

for the price, you can’t really expect thick slices of fish but it’s worth every cent nonetheless. you get a good variety including hotate (scallops) and ikura! it’s located in a restaurant/food court-ish place with other food options and a bar so head down for a no frills dining experience

From Bee Kia
Using the silky egg savoury over the fluffy rice, combining sliced pork, sliced squid, prawns and green vegetables.
Comfort food for some.
Not bad!

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This combination is so yummy and healthy (minus the extra mayo that I asked for oops) I am obsessed

Mix Toji Don
Pork loin katsu, prawn and sliced beef with scrambled eggs on rice

Wanted to try this place bc their ebi sando (jap version of sandwich) looked so good haha! Actly not bad haha their ramen also rich but sinful. We preferred the spicy pork over the Ebi ramen tho!
(Note to self, completely unrelated to post: reminder to go to Donki opp w Nat & Joel next time we hang out bc the food there looks good af n cheaper)

Karaage Bento
Deep-fried chicken, teriyaki vegetables, mesclun salad, cut potatoes, rice and pickles
(+onsen tamago)