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🥢 Lavished with flame-seared Tiger Prawns, Pork Belly Chashu, Bamboo Shoots, Wood Ear Mushrooms, Beansprouts, Pickled Vegetables, half a molten Egg, Spring Onions, Shrimp Tenkasu, crispy Shallots and slivers of Red Chilli garnish

🧾 SGD$16.80

✍🏻 ★★★★★★★★☆☆〘8/10〙

💬 So many things to talk about, but first, oh man the broth was just something else. Imagine the very essence of prawns getting imbued into the body of a rich tonkotsu, crafting the intense umami creamy goodness that they call the broth. Each slurp had layers of sweetness, savouriness and just the right amount of spiciness to leave you wanting more. The ramen noodles were thin, bright yellow and super springy. They were cooked perfectly al dente and I felt it paired really well with the soup. Pork belly slices were incredibly tender with melt-in-your-mouth fats. There were also pickled vegetables and beansprouts; providing a nice crunch for some textural contrast. The prawns were very fresh, but my only gripe was that although there were beautiful chars on the prawns' outer shells, the prawns themselves did not taste smoky at all. But honestly who cares because we are all here for the broth!

I don’t have much to share about either cause I took a tiny sip and remember them to be very decent though nothing outstanding — the black had a mild acidity and a good nuttiness — but I had to share this photo cause of their Cold Brew with Smoked Maple and Oat Milk that I DON’T (unfortunately) have a photo of. Now that drink, my friends, is one you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. Whether you’re a caffeine addict or not. It’s such an amazingly complex drink with so many nuances, it’d be an absolute sin to not try it. It’s considerably creamy seeing how they used oat milk, with the distinctive nuttiness of the oat milk shining through. But what’s so amazing is that the smokiness from the maple really really comes through at the end, and complements the oat milk so so well.

Back at City Donuts again and trying another flavour this time round!

Tried the orh nee yam ($2.6) previously. This time round I got the pandan ondeh ondeh ($2.90). Chewy donuts filled with gula melaka soaked shredded coconut! 🌴

White Wine Prawn Pasta ($21): a hearty plate! 💯 Featuring spaghetti 🍝, huge springy sea prawns 🦐, white wine 🥂, edamame, cherry tomatoes 🍅, shaved cheese 🧀, chilli flakes 🌶 & parsley, it was a burst of flavours in every bite! 👍🏻

Sesame Chicken Wing ($11 for 5pcs): a classic side, the wings 🐔 were well-marinated! ✔ Comes with mesclun salad & sesame dressing 😋

Chef's Salad ($21): my kind of healthy eat! 💚 Featuring grilled cornfed chicken thigh 🍗, cherry tomatoes 🍅, mescluns 🥬, beetroots, roasted nuts, crispy bacon bits 🥓, avocado 🥑, shaved cheese 🧀, pomegranates, croutons & a perfectly runny poached egg 🥚, drizzle on their Japanese soy dressing for a guilt-free indulgence! ✌🏻

This has a rather strong black sesame taste (from the black sesame cream injected into the donut), it wasn't too sweet and I actually quite liked it.

This was pretty light and fluffy, with a lot of cream that has a tangy citrusy taste. But this is definitely a misnomer, because they use lemon, not yuzu. It's not super sour but I think it's decent enough, I wouldn't mind a more tangy one tho. I could do without the outer glaze (apparently it's made out of the same lemon cream filling + some sugar). Out of the 4 I tried (yuzu, ondeh, sesame, peanut), this is the one that feels most like a donut. The rest deviate away from what a *donut* means to me, and not a particularly positive way.

This was quite sweet but I have a soft spot for the gula melaka / molasses type of sweetness, so it wasn't cloying. This one was also quite fluffy, but tasted more like a bread bun rather than a donut? It's green but there was no pandan taste, if I had it blindfolded I would have thought it was a normal bun.

If planing to visit the shop, recommend to check their ig or fb for opening time, and I heard its very fast sold out.

-8AM to 5PM (SOLD OUT)
-Close on Wednesday 
-Dine in Menu Available with take away
★Joo Chiat★
-11AM to 5PM (SOLD OUT)
-Close on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 

Thank you @jooooostina for the treats. Nice to see you ystd even though only a while.

This was big and fluffy and had a rather generous amount of choc chip. I don't rly eat choc bread but this was not bad, I wouldn’t mind having it again but bc of personal preferences it’s not my first choice!