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From Sinn Ji 星记
Clean neat presentation of the fragrant fluffy chicken rice.
Highly recommended!
Loved the attention being put in for such a common delicacy.

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From Sinn Ji 星记
Also known as Ngoi Hiang.
Deep fried crispy outside, savoury tender meat texture inside.
Dip some sauce to enhance the enjoyment.

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Few places do tangsuyuk well and they’re often very overpriced. Thankfully, this tangsuyuk was lightly coated with batter and remained relatively crisp even with the sweet & sour sauce poured over the meat. There was also a nice amount of black fungus, purple cabbage, carrots and onions to cut through the richness of the dish! 🤩

I was disappointed with the jp as there were no clams or prawns in the noods VS what was shown on the menu HAHA. There were only a few minuscule pieces of squid and I felt the quintessential seafood fragrance was lacklustre in here 🙃

The jjm coated every strand of noodle well after mixing and there was a generous amount of onions. This was a no frills dish and our cravings were satisfied 👌 Apart from that, I’d wish for a bit more meat to add some texture & dimension to the noods ✨

mentai kazuko bowl - 13.90 nett (applicable for burpple 1-for-1)
aburi tako, salmon, tuna, scallops and swordfish served with a generous amount of mentaiko and ikura topping 🥺 (super worth with one for one)

soft shell crab - 11.90 nett
4 decently sized pieces. batter isnt as tasty as others ive tried. but the crab was fresh, meaty and juicy (w the crab roe as well) so it made the entire dish tasty nonetheless :)

Love how moreish the burger was. The onions rings weren't special but the battered cauliflower stole the show. The breading wasn't too heavy for each flavourful and crispy piece.

Pricey without burpple deal, but reallyyyy tasty!! The seasoning tasted abit like the Taiwanese salt and pepper seasoning which I love. The fried chicken pieces were quite crispy too!

Pictured: roast meat platter, we got the mix of roasted duck and pork belly. We also had the stir fried long beans and ee fu noodles.
Overall, the food was pretty tasty with good flavours and portions. However, I found them to be quite oily 😰 attentive and friendly service staff, nice atmosphere.
4/5 ⭐️

Smoked brisket was so soft and so fat and so jelat without the mustard I would have passed out on the spot because of instant CHOLESTEROL SPIKE.

Enjoyed the 1-1 main dish promo and the sides were good too!! Will def revisit 😛

Tried this Tofu Pudding Rice NOOdle ($6.80++) from Mademoiselle Tang Noodle (唐大小姐) & was pleasantly delighted! 🤩
Serving up authentic Yunnan dishes such as its signature 过桥米线 🍜, I really enjoyed the slippery & chewy texture of the noodles! 💯 Coated with a luscious sweet-savoury sauce with a tinge of spice 🌶, this bowl of dry noodles was very tasty! 🤤
The combination with silky-soft tofu 🤍, fresh spring onions, juicy minced pork 🐖 & spicy pickled cabbage reminded me of mazesoba! 😋