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Though the Sweet and Sour Pork stole the show, their Noodle with Black Bean Sauce ($11/ ala carte) was also really decent. Light and slippery, the noodles were rather thin, had a nice chew, and were not too jelat. The sauce well studded with bits of meat was not too strong with a gentle sweetness and a delicate black bean taste. The portion was substantial as well, good for sharing. And at MukJja, to get the best of both worlds, they have a couple of Sweet & Sour Pork Sets to choose from!

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Having tried a handful of Tangsuyuk, I must say MukJja’s Sweet and Sour Pork ($24/ small, ala carte) was one of the better ones. Firstly, the batter wasn’t too starchy or too thick. Served piping hot, the deep-fried pork strips had a great bite, partly due to the coat of batter and the way it was sliced in my opinion. Cut into relatively thin strips, it made eating more enjoyable with the bite-size pieces and that each was able to get just the right dose of sauce. Secondly, even after they cooled, the pork retained a good amount of crunch. Lastly, the flavourful sauce which came with onions, carrots, black fungus, and red cabbage had a great consistency. There was a good balance of savoury, sweetness, and sourness; the tanginess being sufficient to counter the heaviness of the protein. Also, if you are like me and like to enjoy Tansuyuk with the sauce on the side, be sure to tell them in advance while ordering. 

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japanese rice with a generous bed of veggies - eggplant, corn, spinach, broccoli, carrots, breaded fish topped with a sous vide egg! one of my to-go dishes from S&D, after their fish and chips and breaded prawn donburi! the drizzle of sesame sauce elevates the dish, and surprisingly goes well with ketchup mixed with the rice!

Nothing fanciful as it should be how it should taste like. A bit too oily for my liking.

This looks like some prawn paste chicken, however it is actually fried beancurd skin. For looks wise, it is very different from the picture in the menu. However, taste wise, it still taste pretty good. At least prawns inside is fresh. Variations in standard.

Interesting dish. The scrambled tofu is not as good as actual scrambled egg, but it’s a good alternative for vegans.

if you like risotto maybe this is for you but the richness of the truffle and the richness and heaviness of risotto itself was altogether too much for me so no i would not get this again

truffle aroma was so strong!! and the runny egg on top added richness and texture to the pizza. if ur not a truffle fan it will be too overpowering tho

not much to shout about, average but not bad!! come here for the vibes

these were really good and juicy and flavourful, good for starters. vibes at the novena outlet are absolutely immaculate. date night for sure.