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Nagoya-style Mazesoba

$12.80 · 4 Reviews

Dry ramen is an interesting concept, and no it is not as dry as it seems - there is a layer of sauce underneath. Apparently diners are supposed to mix it for 20 seconds before eating. It did not disappoint indeed. The noodles were springy and the sauce added flavour, well-coated with the onsen egg. The minced meat was tasty and slightly spicy to add the kick. Not to mention that there is a load of spring onions but i'm not complaining. Very worth it with the 1-for-1 deal

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$12.8. Was good! A lil spicy. Has onsen egg. Can upsize noodles to 1.5x for free and we did! Comes w soup also. Plenty of seaweed and spring onion on top also.

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This dry ramen purveyor is popular with the community, and for good reason – think super umami noodles coupled with fresh ingredients that hit the spot everytime. If it's your first visit here, the All Toppings ($15.90) with crispy karaage chicken, cha shu, bamboo shoots and onsen egg atop springy noodles is a good place to start. The foolproof spring onion and spicy minced pork-loaded Nagoya-style Mazesoba ($12.80) is another must-have.
Photo by Burppler Jaster Ngui


For ramen on a budget, get your hands on Nagoya-style Mazesoba ($12.80) — less than $10 a bowl with your Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deal! The dish features dry ramen topped with an egg, a generous portion of spicy minced pork and plenty of spring onions. Add some chili oil and a dash of vinegar for a flavour boost!
Photo by Nicole-Ann Lim