From the Burpple community

Traditional chinese pastry from Hong Kong. Very soft even after leaving it in the fridge for a few days. Kee Wah Bakery is offering a low sugar version and i am loving it!


If buying wifey cakes in winter-melon paste sound too boring, get the mini pastries here. Ming beans, green tea variants are my next target. This chestnut paste is the nicest I have eaten thus far!

This box of mini pastries makes a good gift for those who loves mildly sweet pastry. Nice buttery flakes with less sugary red bean/chestnut fillings, it doesn't weigh u down after 1 and I can't stop eating... it's petite in size with less guilt!

This 老婆饼/Wife biscuits from Kee Wah is unlike others from the bakery stores, often cloying. Kee Wah's version has a light flakey pastry filled with chewy (light glutinous-like texture) - faint winter melon flavour and gentle sweetness. Lots of white sesame seeds were seen packed within the fillings, a very light snack most suited NON sweet-toothed!


It's sesame cookies, walnut biscuits were so crisp and crumbly! Maybe the honeydew-flavored pineapple tarts taste inferior but the original was good!