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From the Burpple community

It was pretty average in my opinion.
The waiter for our order wrong - we ordered the luncheon meat sandwich but I guess he has assumed we wanted the pork cutlet one since it’s their signature dish.

The milk tea here has been pretty overhyped and it tastes quite meh and I don’t recommend queuing for this. Do patronize if there isn’t a long queue.

HKD24 | This was one of the must go cha chaan teng in Hong Kong as recommended on many blog posts and travel guides.

Their milk tea was claimed to be the first store to start out with the “pantyhose” milk tea. And truth to be told, it’s as good as what they said. Milk tea was super smooth with the perfect sweetness. It wasn’t too diluted and perfect for a thirst quencher if you are around the area and just wants to grab a drink and go.

3 munchies: Coated evenly with egg batter and fried to golden brown, there was a thin layer of kaya sandwiched between the toast that gave it a light coconut fragrance. It'd have been a great French Toast if it had a more crisp exterior, though. Do drizzle the honey syrup sparingly because its texture is really thick and was a tad sweet for my liking.

Having been around since 1953, I was informed that this place "created" the original HK-style milk tea using 5 different types of tea leaves. Unfortunately, it lacked the richness and strong tea fragrance I was expecting to savour. It now ranks second from the bottom of my list; worst being Kam Wah Cafe at Mong Kok. While I find the milk tea Tai Hing Roast Restaurant remains unbeatable to-date, do let me know if you have other contenders to recommend below!


As the Hong Kong weather warms up, all we need is a cold drink. A cold Yuen yang from the cafe that created the drink. Good balance of coffee and tea. Just nice for this heat 😎


50 hkd with a drink - Hong Kong is probably the only place where they can take something as simple as this, turn it into a plate of delicious noodles, and you wouldn't even feel bad about ordering instant noodles. I don't even like scallion(?) but this was so tasty! And the chicken chop was on point: Crispy, juicy, tender. #burpple


Here's s French toast done right! Fluffy, sinfully buttery and laden with honey, and a thin layer of what seems to be Kaya between the toast for additional fragrance. Happened to notice this store on our quest to ride the world's longest outdoor covered escalator (🙄) so we hopped off, got a whole bunch of other stuff in the tiny elbow-to-elbow cha chaan teng and this French toast to go. My tummy is blessed.