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Quite an instagrammable place considering the plating and designs of the food.

The congee was smooth but a little on the watery side after sitting out for awhile. The pigeon was rather tough but that can be said for most pigeon meat.

Ordered the large intestines, red sausage intestines, chicken franks and mixed vegetable.

You get to pick at the counter and pay prior to then allocating a seat to you.

The intestines were pretty average (similar to that of most hongkong cart noodle places) and the broth tasted pretty average. The only special factor of this place that stood out the most was its condiments. They have special pickled vegetables and their chilli sauce was exceptionally tasty.

This place is an instance where social media has done it justice.

The food here, despite being filled with tourists, was simply and delectable. The soup was very warming and comforting. It was delicious and zesty due to tor tomatoes.

We ordered the beef macaroni and egg tomato soup and the spam and ham tomato soup. Booth were equally good and we finished the soup to the last drop.

The toasted bun with lemon butter milk was pretty mindblowing for it being such a simple concept. The aunties serving recommended that we had it together with the noodle soup and as weird as that sounded, it was a good combination.

Recommend to also get the yuanyang here as it was rich and thick.

High recommend

This place was an authentic 茶餐厅as it was filled with many locals, both ordering in and taking out for their breakfast while walking to their workplace. The 菠蘿包 and cheese tart was surprisingly the best items that we tried as the bun was served with butter (over ice, so that it doesn’t melt) and the cheese tart was as good as those from BAKE.

The drinks were good - we had a yuanyang and normal milk tea and they were served with no sugar so that we can add the level of sugar then we desired. The drinks were thick and rich.

This costed us about SGD20 and it was worth every penny.

This was some disappointing dim sum to start off our trip. Sometimes social media hype is just not reliable and this is a prime example.

There was nothing extraordinary with this place. The liushabao has too much bread as compared to filling and the hargow skin was quite thick. Even the chicken claws were tough and the skin didn’t pull apart when I bit into it (which is the norm at any other random dim sum place).

The place was packed with tourists - which is always a sign that it isn’t authentic dim sum.

A great disappointment.
No one should travel all the way to HK and settle for such subpar quality

The prawns and juicy and fresh and the mushrooms were well cooked in cream and served on a perfectly toasted bread.

Good food and good service!


This is the best item for brunch imo.
We had the burger and I felt like it was quite tasteless although the texture of the patty was quite good. But the caramelized onions were not particularly exceptional - a sign that this is not their signature range on their menu.

I recommend sticking to their brunch food instead.


A pretty underwhelming lunch tbh. The service was not up to standards and we were not informed of the lunch set when we were seated.

I wasn’t impressed by the sandwich and the seafood pasta was also rather average.

Don’t think I will patronize this place again for lunch. Their pastries and desserts are quite decent so I may come back for that.

We patronized the I12 Katong branch and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience there.

The service was impeccable and the staff kept swinging by to ask us if we were satisfied with the food and if we needed more condiments.

The food was delightful, albeit the Mac N Cheese was only the oilier side - but hey, who eats healthy Mac N Cheese anyway.

We also had the Patty Melt Burger that was not pictured, which was great and the patty was well seasoned without being overwhelmingly salty. But the caramelised onions on the burger was the ace of the plate - the best I’ve had in a long while.

Overall, highly recommended!


This store is apparently famous for their braised duck drumstick noodles and I must say it is quite good. The prices have increased over the years but portions have still remained the same.

Canton is one of the few places that we can find century egg in 红油. As good as we could remember.

Had some of the piglet 流沙包, that was not shown in the picture, and it’s sad to say that their standard for that particular item had dropped. The custard inside was not as runny and was grainy instead.

However, the fried rice and the honey bbq pork bun were the redeeming factor for today’s visit!

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Lobster was juice and fresh.
Noodles were springy and good but as a Singaporean this was not as flavorful as expected as there was a lack of ‘wok hei’. Then again it’s a London restaurant so I might have been expecting too much haha

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