2 Science Park Drive
#01-33 Savourworld
Singapore 118222

12:00pm - 07:30pm

12:00pm - 07:30pm

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12:00pm - 07:30pm

12:00pm - 07:30pm

12:00pm - 07:30pm



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Kampung (S$3.80/ scoop)
Coconut 🥥 + Gula Melaka + Pandan
1-for-1 scoop at @Licktionary in @savourworldsg till 31 Jan 2018 using @burpple mobile app.
Super hot weather. Needing this to cool 😎 down. Eat quick. Melt quite fast.
Address 🏠 : 2 Science Park Drive, # 01-33 SavourWorld, Singapore 🇸🇬 118 222
Tel ☎️ : 6252 1822
Open 💈 : Mon - Fri : 12pm - 7.30pm
MRT 🚇 : Kent Ridge (CC24)

Came here because of the Burpple 1-for-1 promotion only available for the Kampung flavour. Coconut + Gula Melaka + Pandan. Gula Melaka taste came through very strongly while the coconut added a subtle complexity. Pandan was kind of lost, since it's more fragrance than taste, and doesn't work well in ice cream due to the cold temperature of the ice cream. But overall strong flavoured ice cream. Though ice cream is slightly on the icy side instead of creamy.

This was kampung flavour. Supposedly a mix of coconut, gula melaka and pandan. The gula melaka taste was really overwhelming though... Sugar overload 😵


🍦🍦🍦Kampung, Summer and Happy flavours. What unique names they have for their ice cream! They have interesting combinations for their ice cream as well such as Happy (Orange and Horlicks), Kampung (Coconut, Gula Melaka and Pandan) and Summer (Strawberry and Lemon).

The texture was creamy and smooth with interesting flavours such as Naughty (chocolate, ginger snape, marshmallow), Happy (orange, horlicks) and Luck (pineapples, cookies, spices). But my personal favourite got to be Summer for its refreshing stawberry and tangy lemon kick.

Where the flavours define the name of the ice cream, Licktionary, located within Savourworld, offers a pretty unique range - with names like “Happy”, "Luck" and “Love”. And by basing off the ingredients corresponding with the associative terms, the selection also works as a sweet dictionary that interpret feelings through taste. Not to mention that the ice cream and sorbets are made fresh, with natural ingredients and contain no eggs or preservatives. Hence, having a hard time selecting the flavours we managed to settle for the three after an intense round of debate - Kampung (coconut, gula melaka, pandan), Summer (strawberry, lemon) and Naughty (chocolate, marshmallow, ginger snape).

Rich, smooth and one-of-a-kind, Kampung, a locally inspired creation was my favourite as it features my most loved combination. Imagine the fragrant hit of Pandan, coconut and the complex sweetness from the Gula Melaka in each spoonful; it was literally like tasting a scoop of creamy cendol. As for something lighter, Summer was like a refreshing serving of tangy strawberry yogurt. For a foolproof treat, get Naughty, a classic with the fun texture of marshmallows added into the mix.

[Single Scoop $3.80, Double Scoops $6.50] / Note that the best day to visit is on Mondays with new batch of fleshly churned ice cream made available for the week.

Churned in-house, Licktionary’s ice creams are all made using fresh ingredients without all the artificial colourings and what not. Really wanted to try their Picnic (cream cheese and passion fruit) but it was sold out, so we went with Summer (strawberry lemon), Naughty (chocolate, marshmallow, ginger snape) and Kampung (coconut, gula melaka, pandan) instead! Really liked the consistently creamy and milky texture throughout (no icy bits) plus the fact that they use less sugar so they are all not too sweet! Favourite for me was Summer, tasted like a refreshing glass of strawberry lemonade!

Originally wanted to try the @chatramuesg Thai milk tea soft serve but they were closed on weekends! Well their loss 😝 because I randomly stumbled upon Licktionary and was so pleasantly surprised by their flavours!
I got "Happy" (orange+horlicks) and "Peace" (vanilla+chrysanthemum). Both were so good! Orange and horlicks went very well together and neither overpowered the other. I could taste both orange and malty horlicks flavours. And "Peace" tasted exactly like the Yeo's packet drink! Both very refreshing and not jelak at all (ended up finished 2 scoops after a filling lunch ahahahaha #greedy). I have high expectations when it comes to ice cream and this one got my stamp of approval! Totally recommend this! 🤗 #burpple

You got my attention. Almost a guilt free indulgence so which one will be the winner 🤔 #foodheaven #foodsg #foodie #burpple #sgfood #foodporn #foodpornsg #sgig #foodstagram #foodgram #foodiegram #sgfoodies #cafehoppingsg #cafehopping #fatdieme #iconosquare #burpplesg #savourworld #sweet #latergram

Waffle cone +$0.50). I succumbed to temptations eventually on this chilly day. Artisanal ice cream in a minimalistic ice cream shop. I gotta say that their flavors are bold creations, but what's even more therapeutic is the way they use emotions to name the flavors. 'Happy' is a citrusy orange and Horlicks flavor, 'Love' is a vanilla and rose Bandung-like flavor. I chose 'Peace', a lightly flavored combination of sweet vanilla and Chrysanthemum floral note, mixed with 'Lust', creamy dark chocolate with brandied cherries, bitter-sweet yet not too alcoholic. 'Zen', a rich matcha flavor with cookies, is the flavor of the week. Have a go at this smooth ice cream that melts so instantly in the mouth. Oh and, thanks for offering birthday candles on my ice cream! 😄

#burpple #burpplesg #sgfood #sgfoodies #foodporn #licktionary #dessert #icecream

From Licktionary Ice Cream, a new ice-cream parlour that recently opened at Savourworld, Ascent near Kent Ridge MRT Station. The concept is interesting here — ice-cream flavours are churned in-house and are named after single words like "Love", "Lust", "Mojo" and "Carnival" according to what the flavours are inspired by; ice-creams here currently comes in cups, cone and pints.

Opted for "Luck" which consists of pineapples, cookies and spices — essentially an ice-cream rendition of the pineapple tart/pineapple cookie that comes with a tangy sweetness and a hint of nutmeg with crumbs to crunch on; a definite hit for a pineapple tart lover like me!

Inspired by the local favourite Chendol, the Kampung consists of elements such as Coconut, Gula Melaka and Pandan. This particular ice-cream comes rather mellow in terms of sweetness; seems to focus on the deep flavours of Gula Melaka rather than the intense sweetness that is often portrayed by similar flavours served elsewhere — a rather interesting take that's good for those with a lighter palate.

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