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SG: looks good, tastes bad

SG: looks good, tastes bad

we only have a finite number of meals in our lives, why waste it on mediocrity ? As you can see, most eateries on this list tend to close down..
Smitten Angel
Smitten Angel

If you come in the daytime there are more non-steak options in the lunch menu - why on earth would this matter you say? Cos grandma doesn't eat beef. Anyway I digress. This was a rather average burger though, with medium thin patty (i like my steaks and burger patties to be chunky). Price of burger is very reasonable compared to burger joints or even cafes, although additional $2++ for cheese is a total scam. To give you an idea of what I like, my favorite burger is at Chop House.

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The format of this a la carte style buffet is good, but unfortunately the food doesn't impress. The star dishes lobster, abalone and bamboo clam were either too salty (xo sauce) or too bland (carrot soup?). I like my dimsum dumplings with thin, delicate skin to show the chef's skill, but here they all have starchy, thick skins, such as the escargot dumplings in the photo. Stir fry dishes were passable- many are westernised Chinese food such as sweet sour pork and truffle everything. Mostly westerners and tourists here so I guess they cater to the crowd. I also tried the Summer Botanic cocktail ($21++) which was sadly devoid of alcohol. Fail 👎 - Next!
Ps complimentary parking coupon is thoughtful

What is wrong with food bloggers???? I rushed down to kohaku on the first day of launch (11 June) because all the previews said it was a mala (麻辣) Tendon. It is NOT. The sauce is singapore lau gan ma or similar which is not the same as mala. Hello??? You're supposed to be the food experts? Anyway.. This summer Tendon is average I think, but still better than the disaster of the spring Tendon. The normal spicy sauce version is tastier than the spicy summer Tendon though.

Terribly disappointing wagyu beef don at lunch today. Tiny miserable pieces of a very veiny cut (allegedly A3 wagyu). Requested for rare doneness since I don't trust them, and true enough turned out med rare to medium. My friends asked for medium rare and theirs came out well done (= no pink parts at all). I really should just stick to my usual haunts for wagyu donburi and stop hoping to find new spots! Set includes sashimi salad, miso soup and choice of ice cream dessert. But don't order the beef, it was SO BAD. food bloggers are such LIARS 🙄🙄🙄


Ordered my beef don RARE and received..... This. Sent it back, came back pretty much the same medium well the second time round. Gave up asking. Staff don't speak English (could not understand what I meant by rare - had to speak in mandarin 🙄🙄).

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Sounds like ultimate comfort food right? but unfortunately the crab was too burnt (you can see the chaotar colour in the photo). Crab and mac also don't seem to complement one another- it felt more like two individual dishes. Oh well! Maybe try the other dishes.

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Nope. Nope. Nope. Too sinewy, I almost preferred the cheap beef mince (which just so you know, actually makes up half the meat portion).

barely any ingredients other than the thick thick skin

patty was good- chunky and done medium rare as requested. all the rest was bad. fries- fat, cold and and bland. egg- yolk hard and dry. bacon- chewy and hard. yawn....

they didn't charge us for it but still. and silly boy server actually explained that truffle oil was supposed to be sour. ok whatever.

*a very picky Omnomnomnivore* #realfoodreviews #notafoodblogger #eastiesarefoodies #norabbitfood

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