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Korean 🇰🇷

Featuring Joo Bar, Kim Dae Mun (Concorde Hotel), Bigmama Korean Food (Tiong Bahru), Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant (Amoy Street), Kimchi Korean Restaurant, Seoul Yummy (Bugis+), Bing Go Jung (Guillemard), Oven & Fried Chicken (Telok Ayer), Sarang, Chicken Up (Tampines)
Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

We’ve had SBCD’s soontofus a couple of times but always had it delivered. Finally got a chance to dine in and while it was delish, the whole dining in process was painfully slow - terribly long wait for a weird lunch hour on the weekend.

We had the bulgogi + soontofu combo ($32.9) and opted for another assorted soontofu so we could have a bit of everything - beef, clam, crab, shrimp and squid in the soup. The tofu was so good - if only they sold them for home cooking 😂 came also with hot stone bowl rice (scoop them into the metal bowl; unless you love that crispy layer of rice stuck below - of which you’re recommended to add corn tea to get nurungji!)

It was very, very filling. Rich, tasty and not too spicy (good that we had the option to choose spiciness level). Bulgogi was quite enjoyable too! We also really loved the deep fried yellowtail which was served as a banchan and happily added on another at $2. Super crispy, could finish almost in its entirety.

Will definitely pop by again!

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We had the To-Ppong-Tomato ($15.80) and Ro-Ppong-Roje ($17.80). The To-Ppong Tomato has a pomodoro base which merely reminded me of the pasta with its spicy tanginess - pretty good but the latter was definitely my favourite of the two!

Tasty well-balanced sweet-tangy tomato cream base, the Ro-Ppong-Rjoe was topped with flying fish roe and mozzarella cheese. I loved its cheesiness! May turn out jelak for some so sharing is caring but I easily finished it on my own. Seafood ingredients weren’t spectacular but the noodles here were tender with a good bite and the right amount of chewiness that doesn’t tire me out.
Enjoyed one for one here all thanks to #burpplebeyond so we paid only around $10/pax! Very satisfyingly worth it! 😁


I found this rather comforting. Not too heavy, with little-to-no spiciness (a little inconsistent here) served with prawns/clams/mussels, veg, and the choice of soft tofu/ rolls.


One of my favourite dish to order here because they’re generous with the well-seared, juicy striploin slices!

Comes with everything that you usually find in a bibimbap- sprouts, kimchi, spinach, caramelised onions and a perfectly runny egg, mix it all up and you’ve got yourself a pretty flavourful, wholesome meal.


The drumlets were crisp while moist and tender inside, served with honey butter sauce, topped with popcorn and almond for crunch. I loved the sweet/ buttery flavour here but probably not advisable to mop up the gooey mess of honey butter with the entire drumlet as it might be a tad too cloyingly sweet.


Another favourite of mine from @chirchirsg’s new menu has got to be the Curry Fried Chicken ($28.90)!

Their signature crispy batter coated generously with flavourful, slightly spicy curry powder while the chicken remains juicy and tender inside - comes with a curry dipping sauce that’s slightly on the sweeter side but absolutely addictive.


Had a sneak peak of @chirchirsg’s new menu which is launching today. Happy to report I loved everything, but if I reaaaaaally had to pick a favourite, it’ll definitely be this Cheesy Dakgalbi, because cheese!

Served in a hotplate, with a good sweet-savoury blend of BBQ sauce with gochujang, giving quite a fiery kick for someone with lower spicy-tolerance - but it’s absolutely addictive. Eat it however you like - as it is or with the decadent oozy mozzarella. Comes with toppoki that I actually liked with a bit of a caramelisation from leaving it a little longer. A comforting option good for sharing.

Thank you @chirchirsg and @sixthsensepr for having us, and #burpple for the invite! 😋


Honey-glazed with a crisp exterior, chewy toppoki of sweet potato, pumpkin & cheese


If you're not in the mood for some crazy tiered-seafood, K Tower offers other dishes like this comforting ginseng chicken soup for the tired soul.

Clean, well-balanced and light, with distinct ginseng flavour without being too overpowering; this might be one of the better ones I've had in Singapore. Cooked for hours to get the best out of it so rest assured all that goodness comes with no MSG!


Fresh seafood that made me cry tiers of happiness after a bad day.

Comes with the options of 3/5/7/9-layers ranging from $58 to $298 (with additional charges for ingredients like abalone) or you can build your own tower! Basically, these layers of seafood are continuously steamed throughout your meal, with all the essence trickling down to the final layer of seafood soup. Freshness is guaranteed with the use of live seafood - juicy prawns, plump scallop with all the flavourful juices pooling in the shell, surprisingly good steamed oysters, shellfish, red grouper fish, sweet abalone & super tasty sea cucumber. Followed by my favourite crustaceans of succulent lobsters and crab (with crazy amount of roe) that easily came off the shell!

If you're still not full after conquering the tower, go for the platter ($9.90) which includes vegetables, a variety of balls with fillings (uni, ebiko, cheese and squid ink), and ramyeon.

**KIMCHI IS DAMN GOOD. Made in-house, it's flavourful, less acidic and not as spicy. Don't usually go for free-flow kimchi in banchans but this made me going back for more!

Much love to @ktowersg for having us and @cweizhi for extending the invite!


Back when the craze was all about the ever-elusive honey butter chips that resulted in several black market stocks (couldn't find it and when I did it was freakin' $10 for a small packet when I was in Korea last year), now you can enjoy the savoury-sweet flavour on this seemingly simple but well-executed, tender, juicy and perfectly fried chicken. Not everyone will like the honey-butter flavour and it takes a little getting used to, but it is VERY addictive to me (hated the first chips I got but after which I kept stocking up lollll). Honey-butter glazed, honey butter seasoning, served with chewy pan-fried toppoki and potato wedges, finished with more honey butter sauce, almonds and dried cranberries. I loved the accompanying dip of honeyed garlic mayo!


Thick cut pork belly, topped with crisp garlic chips. Now, I dislike garlic but this worked. One bite into this VERY FATTY Mangalitsa, all my diet motivations went out the window. Some may feel that there needs to be a little more meat - the ratio of meat to melt-in-the-mouth fat is sinfully good (bad, I mean bad). Juicy, tender, and talk about umami. Definitely my favourite of the night!

Thanks @alhsx for extending the invite and Joo Bar for hosting us!



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