Drink Drank Drunk... NOT!!

Drink Drank Drunk... NOT!!

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Geraldine Tay
Geraldine Tay

@kposg Ladies' Night with the girls.

Featuring StrongBow Apple Ciders. Cheers to the upcoming long weekend! 🍻🎉🎉


Refreshing, light, bubbly jellied sake with mellow fruity notes. Low alcohol content, high on femininity. Bound to win the hearts of ladies. At least, it won mine.🍸


Parteeeee time! 🍺🍻🍸🍹🍷Award winning whisky!


After a long day, it's time to celebrate with a glass of White Sangria. Cheers! 🍷🍷


A glass of moscato to kickstart our tasting session. I love dessert wines and you won't go wrong with moscato. A light-bodied, sweet wine with low acidity that exudes fruity and floral aromas.


Friend wanted a citrus cocktail, not too sour, not creamy. And if I remember correctly, the ingredients of her cocktail include some Japanese Floral Gin from France (which smells damn nice), grape fruit , calamansi, egg white (to create the foam) and topped with lemon zest. Served on an ice cream stick was grapefruit with rosé petals, silver sugar balls and dusted with confectioner's sugar. So pretty! Light, refreshing with a hint of floral. We love it!


I love Ispahan macaron! So when Kino asked what flavour I want, I said rose, lychee and raspberry! So glad she knew I was referring to Ispahan! If I remember correctly, she muddled fresh raspberries, added rose water, rum, a hint of lemongrass, egg white to create the foam, as well as 2 types of lychee liquor, of which 1 was actually some elderflower liquor that taste like lychee. Served at the side was a small cup of sweetened cream for me to take a sip then sip the cocktail to create the "creaminess" of the Ispahan macaron. Genius! She nailed it! The cocktail was good without the cream! 👍Disclaimer: She mentioned they don't do this presentation if it's crowded! So please take note!


Close up shot! So pretty I don't bear to drink it!

Went back to Bar Stories yesterday night! What a pretty cocktail! Simply love the presentation! Looks good, taste even better! 😊 Disclaimer: Was told they don't always present the cocktail this way~~ Only do it when the bar ain't that busy! We were lucky cos after we ordered our drinks, few groups of people came by.


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