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Sinful But Great

Sinful But Great

Featuring Restaurant Ember, Park Palace, De Burg (Alexandra), Choubei Japanese Restaurant, Anchorvale 303 Food Court, Pepper Steakhouse & Bistro, Kraze Burgers (Marina Bay Sands), Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh Eating House (Havelock Road), SocialHaus, Hong Kong Jin Tian
Ah Leong San
Ah Leong San

This is sinful to most who don't realized that pig skin has collagen which is good. This stall charges 50 cents for pig's skin but it's worth it. The whole meal is delicious and yet not too salty. Great start to a day.


This is, to my knowledge, the only stall selling such noodle. Pig's trotter braised with fermented bean curd is a HK styled food. This chef comes from HK and his unique noodle (though sinful to some) is truly something you should try. Opens from breakfast till lunch and closed on Mondays and Thursdays this stall sells other items such as soya sauce chicken mee and braised beef brisket mee.


The stall "Pig's Trotters Bee Hoon" is located at #02-85. For $4 you get what you see in the photo. The noodles are crunchy and the pig's trotters are not overcooked. Tender meat and crunchy skin. The sauce is not overpowering but enhances the trotters. Its worth a week's run/swim/walk for it.

Tender and juicy. What's more to say. Belly good.

Adding the pig skin to this noodle adds another sinful but great dimension to eating prawn noodle. Must try.


There is venison chop, sausages and tenderloin. The gamely taste is just right and the tenderloin is the best done of all three meats. The chop is a bit dry but dip in the chef made sauce and its great. The sausages are really interesting as they tasted like satay meat. Must try.


The toast is the best of all breakfast set I've eaten. Very crispy and thick too.


The 2 ways are salted and the other with sauce. Both are good. Just a bit too thick.

Even though it does not taste like Bak Chor Mee its a good pork sausage hot dog. The vinegar braised minced meat is good complement.

No carbo no problemo!!! I love this kind of burger. Lots of green and good quality beef patties.

The huge Canadian rock oyster is well baked - not over done. Hence it's sweet and tasty.

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Live to eat and eat to share.

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