Waffles/ Pancakes/ French Toasts

Waffles/ Pancakes/ French Toasts

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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

Fluffy and eggy as they should be! Topped with feuilletine flakes, chantilly and raspberry. Liked that the hazelnut sauce wasn’t too sweet which was a pleasant surprise.

No queue while we were there but we waited for 20 minutes or so - and finished our food within 5😂


What a way to start a day 😌 Obviously still going strong in my need to order pancakes whenever so Strawberry Wonderland ($16) it is - fluffy pancakes with light chantilly cream, strawberry compote, strawberries and a delightfully aromatic basil mint sauce.

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Major fan of pancakes here and soufflé ones are my weakness. Much anticipation for the Riz Labo pop-up since the news broke about its opening in July, so I was a tad disappointed when my $20++, limited to 10 sets a day, Strawberry Ice Cream Kawaii Riz-Labo Style, gluten-free pancakes seemed a bit overdone.

It was jiggly when they set it down so expectations were set, but it turned out not as fluffy as I had expected and a little dense with a slightly stiff bottom.

Still pretty decent overall, I liked the contrast in sweetness with the tangy berry ice cream (tasted more like sorbet?), light cream and jam; and honestly, it could just be an inconsistent one-off thing if you actually see the numerous photos/ posts on it. AND I still finished it all by myself anyway.

Anyhoo, worth a try especially if you’re not heading to Japan any time soon but do note that the waiting time could be quite long (maybe around half an hour depending on the crowd?).


Visually unimpressive because it came piping hot and the Hokkaido fresh cream were all crazily melting in progress.

Still can’t compare to what I had in Japan but close enough - I really liked how fluffy and eggy it was! Incredibly light, we shared this (4 layers) but the mother and I agreed that we probably can finish a stack of 4 alone.

Everything is made upon order so it’s a rather long wait for this - we waited for almost half an hour - and finished it within 10 mins. 😂

Matcha waffles, green tea ice cream, kinako powder, azuki beans, green tea marshmallow and black miso caramel. Ice cream wasn’t the best, but this combination is always a classic!


One of my favourite rendition of Nasi Lemak - in waffle form! Crisp, fluffy waffles with surprise bits of coconut rice for a nice textural play, fragrant juicy turmeric chicken and the usual elements of nasi Lemak like that perfect little sunny side up, cucumber, ikan bilis and sambalchilli that gave just the right amount of spicy kick. Also served with an interesting otah mousse on the side!


From Montana’s latest Waffles Bar concept, this is for the durian lovers because the soft serve is made with real maoshanwang flesh (!!!) - which distracted me from everything else. Came with piping hot and crisp coconut egg waffles, gula melaka butterscotch, coconut cheesecake and gula melaka macaron.

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Montana has always been known for their waffles and this certainly didn’t disappoint.

Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside tho there’s a little inconsistency for our waffle as certain parts are slightly mushier. Still pretty good play of texture from the waffles with chunks of crunchy prawn/ chewy squid! Kimchi flavour wasn’t too overwhelming and just slightly tangy. This savoury waffle was a unanimous favourite for our table!

Thank you @cweizhi for extending the invite and @montanasingapore for the kind hospitality.


Sunday folks on a Sunday! Still as crowded as I remember. Haven’t been here for years - kinda forgot how this may have been what started my love for waffles, and the love for this earl grey lavender combination. Slightly crisp and fluffy waffles, soft serve that melted a little too quickly, fragrant well-balanced earl grey lavender that may be perfumey to some but I love it - and the delicate, sweet almond brittles that gives a nice crunchy texture; and I didn’t quite mind its sweetness. Needless to say I easily finished this all by myself. NO REGRETS.


Not only were these very pretty to look at, they are up there on my comfort food list.

Fluffy and fragrant, it came with maple on the side so you get to decide how sweet your hotcake is. Served with blueberries, strawberries, loads of pumpkin &sunflower seed mix that I’m usually not a fan of and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream (half the visual battle won when I saw the black specks!!). If I had to nitpick, I wished the crunch could’ve been replaced with something else and this would’ve been perfect for me.


Nothing to fault about the waffles so it’s one of my favourite place for a quick waffle/ice cream fix that’s nearer to home. No chocolate orange this time round but the strawberry lime was refreshing and well-balanced - reminded me of Solero so I loved it!

Unanimous favourite of the day. Felt that this rendition of their Signature Mac&Cheese Waffle was even better than the last - same ol’ truffle-infused, pretty mild flavours of jalapeno, mac&cheese stuffed within the batter which was surprisingly light without the mushiness from before, mozzarella; but much cheesier. Do eat it while it’s hot and you might get a biiiiiiiit of a cheesepull.



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