Waffles/ Pancakes/ French Toasts

Waffles/ Pancakes/ French Toasts

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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

Found myself at their original Bishan outlet even though they just opened in the East at Bedok ha. First visit and wouldn’t be the last as I really enjoyed both gelato and waffles! Liked that the waffles here are crisp and airy.

We got the Whisky & Salted Pecan Brittle (specialty) and Yoghurt Speculoos (premium). The former was my pick cos while I don’t really drink, I do enjoy boozy desserts - this was mild with a good contrast of sweet and nutty crunch, but admittedly out of the two, I liked the tangy Yoghurt Speculoos better. Gelato here is generally smooth, creamy and not too sweet, $3 - $4.2 depending on standard/ premium/ specialty flavours and waffles are $5.

The Croffles (I.e. croissant x waffle) were made with croissants flown in from France, buttery with a slightly chewy texture which I liked! Wasn’t a fan of the choc/ caramel sauces and ice cream though. Comes with option for a set (additional $2 with coffee/tea).

They’ve got the savoury version too that comes with bacon and eggs ($14).

Thank you Burpple for the invite and D’Star Bistro for having us!

The waffles here were decent, but I’ve had better. They were crisp but not as light and fluffy as I’d have liked.

Ordered the Earl Grey Lavender, while the Earl grey was slightly overpowered by the lavender, I liked the overall fragrance of it.

#BurppleBeyond 1 for 1 is available here for single scoop/ munchies!

Menu is small with only one savoury option. Fluffy eggy pancakes served with maple syrup and luscious maple whipped cream


Kinda got cheated by the lack of queue😂 Do consider making a reservation before heading down.

Pricey but quite liked it. Same fuwa fuwa pancakes, with strawberry cream/ jam and fresh strawberries, sweet and slightly tangy.

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Was also happy to see Ronin’s French toast on the menu! Can’t quite put my finger on what’s different BUT I think this is still one of the best French toast. Still fluffy, eggy, with the delightful pairing with hazelnut butter, bacon and sweet braised apple.


A classic pairing of ham and cheese, this Off The Bone galette was pretty darn good! Crisp on the sides and we loved the combination of the gruyere/ cheddar, slightly salty ham & oozy yolk, dusted with paprika. While enjoyable, it’s not filling at all so yep a tad on the pricey side. Pair it with a good cuppa and you’ve got yourself a good tea break!

Served in limited quantity at 3 different timings. These pancakes were super fluffy and thick, lightly dusted with icing sugar, served with maple syrup, butter and cream on the side so you can have them according to your preference. Decent though pricey, and I prefer a more eggy flavour.

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Ordered their grapefruit gin tart which was rather disappointing (flavours didn’t quite standout and rather tiny for its price), but the waffles here saved the day.

So glad that the waffles are still as good as last time! Light, crisp and fluffy. They were not serving ice cream, so we had this with just a drizzle of honey. Still my favorite waffle around! 😊

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This is part of their All Day Brunch menu which also means you can order this using #BurppleBeyond’s 1-for-1 deal (but of course, do double check for any restrictions before ordering)!

The pancakes were fluffy though slightly cakey; topped with berries, Oreo/ crumbles, a small slab of butter and maple syrup on the side.

Would’ve liked an additional dollop of butter on the side because the buttery goodness with syrup that soaked into this pillowy soft pancake was pretty tasty. Probably good for sharing (as with most dishes here) or one hungry pancake lover.


The buttermilk waffles were soft but crisp on the outside with a layer of ham/ cheese.

As per most hams, this was expectedly slightly salty, but the sweetness from drizzling of the multi-floral honey (which you can purchase in the shop) complemented well and helped to downplay the mild saltiness for a good sweet-savoury balance.

There’s also truffled mushrooms - juicy and fragrant enough but not too overwhelming. I liked the thoughtful addition of mini cubes fruits for a refreshing end.

Overall pretty satisfying, the cheese wasn’t jelak at all and portion was just right, though a tad pricey compared to previous cafe’s but I’m glad this place is still here to satisfy any waffles craving!

PS. If you’re on #burpplebeyond, there’s 1-for-1! 🙂

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Fluffy and eggy as they should be! Topped with feuilletine flakes, chantilly and raspberry. Liked that the hazelnut sauce wasn’t too sweet which was a pleasant surprise.

No queue while we were there but we waited for 20 minutes or so - and finished our food within 5😂



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