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[CLOSED] The Brew & Bake Company

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * The Brew & Bake Co.’s main aim is to create an overall café experience, built upon having quality coffee, eating good cakes and being comfortable in a place that lists “happiness” as a fundamental belief! Furnished with bright, cheerful lights, childhood toys and books, the café is the definite place to go for meet-ups with friends, to read, doodle and dream! The Brew & Bake Co. offers a variety of drinks – strong black coffee for keeping late nights mugging, sweet milky latte for pleasant afternoons and hot chocolatey mocha for rainy days! Plus, our in-house specialty frappé and latte tap on the spirit of adventure – along with a range of nut and fruit syrups, caramel and chocolate sauces available at the counter for you to experiment and mix your choice blend, in test tubes, no less! Also, do expect to find some really interesting bakes such as the refreshingly light Lemony Peppermint Pie, nutty-licious Peanut Butter Candy Bar Pie, the (all-in-one) nod-to-childhood Neapolitan (a top layer of cream blended with fresh strawberries, followed by a layer of vanilla cheesecake and supported by a chocolatey brownie base)! Not forgetting, our in-house cheesecake creations infused with Asian flavours, such as our sweet Lychee Cheesecake and the must-try Kaya Cheesecake!! YUM YUMMM!!


From the Burpple community

Moist cake with cinnamon sugar, cream cheese, brown sugar, walnuts and pineapples. Sinfully sweet but the combination is a match made in heaven!

lemony peppermint pie

great to have this white cold brew!

[CLOSED] $4.50 (there's additional 10% off for all NUS students!!!) they were out of salted caramel ice cream so I just got the plain one.

[CLOSED] $6.30 (with 15% off for cake+drink) So good! Topped with coconut shavings, fragrant pandan taste!! Finished entire cake by myself (teeny weeny sick towards the end but i was probably just full from waffles HAHA)

Step in and feel like a child among your favourite things like cafe bears and little pony. A striped awning in the same colors hang over the entrance, as though you are entering a carnival.