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Greek & Mediterranean

Greek & Mediterranean

Featuring Pita Pan (Marina Bay Sands), Mykonos On The Bay
Rachel Xie
Rachel Xie

Lentil rice, vegetarian shawarma, hard-boiled egg and mushrooms in one pan. I really love the rice, which has superb bite!


Yes, yes and yes. I will have all of those, please. All for me. Nobody touches my hummus!


Vegetarian Mediterranean fare at @pitapansg that I didn't expect to like so much.

The Red Shakshuka here is bursting with flavour – two eggs poached in a tangy tomato sauce with lots of onions and spices, and fluffy pita flatbread on the side to mop up all that saucy goodness.

Also delicious here is the Middle Eastern staple – falafel; warm, crusty orbs of smashed chickpeas which are available in a variety of dishes. The Falafel Pan is a new addition to the menu, and comprises fragrant lentil rice, grilled cauliflower, and a hardboiled egg.


My favourite eggplant casserole, so soft and comforting, with a hinty of meaty robustness from the minced beef sauce snuggled within its lush layers.


Soft, warm pieces of grilled pita bread with three types of dip: eggplant, fava, and taramosalata (cod roe and olive oil). Excellent dips, though they could have been more generous with the bread.


Rustic fries with shredded graviera cheese and oregano – wonder what type of potatoes they use for this because they're sweeter than the typical russet spuds, almost like sweet potatoes.

Mykonos All Time Famous Dip Platter. Freshly baked pita bread with eggplant, fava and taramasalata dips - the last was my favourite: a smooth, creamy dip with olive oil and the subtle taste of fish roe, brightened with drops of lemon juice. #pita #bread #dips #greekfood #sgfood #foodporn #ilovemyjob

Grilled and Marinated Octopus. You've not eaten octopus until you've tried this. Blown away by the unexpectedly tender bite. #octopus #grilled #greekfood #mediterranean #sgfood #foodporn #wow #ilovemyjob


Graviera Saganaki. Two slabs of pan-fried graviera cheese glazed with ouzo and lemon juice - super shiok!! #fried #cheese #greekfood #sgfood #foodporn #ilovemyjob

Bougiourdi. Baked feta topped with tomatoes and rocket. #feta #cheese #tomatoes #greekfood #mediterranean #sgfood #foodporn #ilovemyjob

Mousaka. Classic Greek eggplant casserole with braised minced beef and bechamel sauce. Sooooooo delish, omg. It's comforting, hearty and melts in the mouth. #eggplant #casserole #beef #greekfood #sgfood #foodporn #ilovemyjob


Gyros. Smoked pork steaks served in the form of meat shavings with pita, yoghurt and diced cucumber. Super salty and super good. I'll be back for this! #gyros #pork #meat #pita #yoghurt #greekfood #sgfood #foodporn #ilovemyjob


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