Smittenangel's HK Eat List

Smittenangel's HK Eat List

What I think of HK famous eats. I continue to be consistently underwhelmed by hk food. why do people say that this is a foodie paradise ?
Smitten Angel
Smitten Angel

Usually done with tomato based sauce but they were happy to do it aglio olio style upon request. Lobster tail perfectly charred + bits of extra lobster tossed into the pasta. Pasta should be a bit more al dente but this ain't Italy.. So forgivable. The husband's steak (ribeye HKD480+) looked good too and cooked perfectly med rare. I would say the old school decor works better for the adjacent bar. Dining area probably needs a bit of a refresh - an aquarium ? Really?

Surprisingly cheaper than some of the bars in Central. Lovely long bar, kind of old school decor but it still works. "Smoke cloud" is pretty good if you like whisky. Avoid "Taste of Ling" unless you like to drink dishwashing liquid.

Most expensive cheese sandwiches ever (hkd110?) , but hits the spot if you get the munchies (which you will after a couple of the pretty strong cocktails here).

Entrance to the bar is along Graham, not Wellington as listed on Google (97 Wellington is their bottle shop which is closed after 6pm). Basically the first doorway on the right after you turn downhill into Graham from Wellington. Look for a black recessed door and ring the bell. 20% off all prices during happy hour. They have a decent whisky collection but cocktails seem like the thing to have here. I enjoyed the Laphroaig project (think lemonade with bacon) and the famous Earl Grey martini (a citrusy Earl grey, somewhat creamy texture).
🚞 : sort of in between sheung wan and Central MTR.

Can never decide if this or Under Bridge is better, but this is the only thing I really like in HK (due to my strong taste buds I'm not a fan of subtle Cantonese food). HKD650 for a kati (600g). Why can't the tze char stalls in SG add this crab flavor to their repertoire 😭

Why so long q ? Even random coffee shop dim sim in sg is better.

wow, order this ! little nuggets of salty and sweet and crispy. deep fried to perfection and not greasy at all.

simple but awesome dish. chock full of wok hei from the clay pot. the lettuce remains super crunchy as it is cooked by the heat in the pot (as opposed to stir frying).

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not glazed, overly oily and had a porky smell. not impressed. Guangzhou style still rocks.

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I prefer the coffee to the original double layer steamed milk (too milky w baby milk powder smell, especially if you eat the hot version)

ok HKD500 for just one small crab (feeds 2?) is kind of a ripoff but I would still eat it cos we can't get it this style in Singapore. I like how they manage to keep meat juicy and sweet (not overcooked) despite the frying.

*a very picky Omnomnomnivore* #realfoodreviews #notafoodblogger #eastiesarefoodies #norabbitfood

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