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For The Alcoholics

For The Alcoholics

Featuring Joo Bar, SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro (Westgate), Hopscotch, Mu Parlour, A For Arbite, Morton's The Steakhouse, Wildfire Chicken & Burgers ([email protected]), Napoleon Food & Wine Bar, Bitters & Love, Lantern (The Fullerton Bay Hotel)
ni eats
ni eats

A beer that is super light and easy to drink and full of wheat fragrance. Have you thought of where to go after work yet? @wildfire.burgers has a range of craft beers and draught beer and I was truly spoilt for choice! #happymidweek #burpple #burppletastemakers #beer

Long time since I wind down with a cocktail. Glad to be doing it at one of my favorite places. ☺️ Melon milk is quite literally like a spiked melon milk. Giffard melon liqueur mixed in with milk and a splash of vodka. This drink is sweet, smooth and easy to drink. You can even taste the notes of Pandan in this!


Brussels sprouts has a nice collection of ciders and this is one of the ciders. It was also on draught that day. It's smooth and sweet. The alcohol content is so low(2.5%) that you don't realise there's alcohol! A very light drink when you just need something light! Their 3 pots of mussels for $90 on Tuesday caught my eye, maybe I'll try it one day!


Other than it tasting good. It certainly is unique to have a bottle sticking out of your glass. Also when the waiter brings this to your table, he would ask for a volunteer to drink as he pour so that it doesn't overflow. Which makes it interactive and fun as well. I sure love the mix of yucha with soju and hite beer! It's light and refreshing!


TGIF! A good beer to welcome the weekends. Spirulina is a Cyanobacteria that is high in protein. In simpler terms, this beer is good for you! It's actually a really light beer that's easy to drink!


All the drinks the girls are having for my friend's hen's night. I must say I really like the sago jendol! Love the taste of gula Melaka and the jendol jelly bits inside. ☺️


Back at one of my fav bars! Trying one of their Christmas drinks. I love how much rum they put inside! The flavours of ginger, hazelnut, advocat and vanilla ice cream with that caramelised meringue just goes so well tgt!

Decided to have a customized drink. So I asked if they have whiskey cocktails. She recommended glenlivet 15 yrs and added mango & curry leaves to it. It was a very refreshing drink! The mango really went very well with the whiskey!


TGIF drinks! All our bespoke drinks today. What we told them is 1) sweet & fruity 2) chocolatey, no alcohol (mock tail) 3) chocolatey, thick and strong 4) coconut & melon. Go figure which is which!


Lime juice w a lemon sorbet and 2 drops of alcohol. I could taste a tingeeee of alcohol I think. I love sour things and this really suited me. Sour with a crisp finish.

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TGIF. Wanted to come here for the $4.99 daily special, but apparently they don't have it for fri & sat night. A bit pricey at $18 but it has a good blend of tequila, midori melon and lime :)

Warm alcohol is always unique. The flavours of this drink really went very well together. The scotch went well with the ginger and honey lemon. And it really taste better warm than cold. When it turns cold, the alcohol taste overpowers the other taste.

ni eats

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When I am not busy researching on the science behind processed 🍖, I am busy stuffing my face w 🍖.

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