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For quiet brunches on weekends, turn to this cosy, all-day diner housed in Hotel Nuve Heritage for solid plates. The Juicy Fried Chicken, featuring crispy fried chicken drumsticks, truffle eggs and potato mash, comes highly recommended by the Burpple community.
Photo by Burppler Jandy Jean

Steak and Eggs are so classic a pairing of proteins. Don’t know bout you; fried sunny side ups are the tastiest and cheeriest simple comfort foods.
And steak done well is just such an explosion of meaty umami.

This one was cooked to medium rare. Would classify it more medium well. But for a lighter cut that still carries the barbecue char fragrances, it’s still considerably well executed!

That black pepper garlic sauce however is the star of the dish 💫 I can taste the bay leaf, the hits of pepper spice in a buttery envelope altogether.

9/10 for the sauce
8/10 over all :)


The coffee sauce is sooo delicious.
Lip smacking caramelisation not at all lacking from coffee aromatics.

The ribs being fried does tend to leave the edges drier and tougher a chew but it’s not completely dried out.

The even and thick coating of sauce is wonderful to pair.

I like the crispy thick cut salty Cajun fries and the refreshing creamy slaw for a rounded meal :)



It was crispy, pretty juicy, and sweetish SPICY.

The kind of spice that hits your chest and lingers around your upper torso area.

Good recommendation by the waiter! :)



Pasta was quite disappointing. But at least the service was good.

We decided to try catchfly as we read a few reviews on burpple, but I think those reviewers may have been invited for tasting as the standard of the food here was terrible. We had the steak on their recommendation, and both of us ordered it at medium doneness. We ended up waiting more than 30 min for our food, although we were one of the only patrons to order dinner food and most people around us were only having drinks. When our steak came, mine turned out to be well done instead of medium? I didn’t turn it away as we already waited really long for our food and we had somewhere else to rush off to, but the steak was so hard and dry that I left most of it behind. My partner’s steak was done to medium well, but it was still equally tough and unbearable to eat. We were incredibly disappointed with the poor standard of food served, and we will not be back.

Quite possibly the most “un-pizza” pizza I have come across.
The crust is so thin it is practically a biscuit and on top of its small surface are pieces of creamy uni and some wispy ribbons of bonito flakes.
It’s definitely a novel creation but in terms of taste, it faired well with us.

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All you have to do is to order a Jim Bean highball and request to take part and you will be given 2 dices to roll!
•If you roll doubles, you get 1 Free Jim Bean High Ball
•If you roll an even number, you can a Jim Bean High Ball at $3.40(half price)
•If you roll an odd number, you get a Mega Size Jim Ball high ball at $13.90!
Try it and good luck!
Thks to @kenpgl and @brandcellar for the invite and @kkt.sg for hosting.

Named the Mega Cheese Festival (available for dinner on weekdays and lunch on weekends), expect an overflowing cheesy and googy goodness with their fried cutlet skewers. All of their kushikatsu is first battered with their homemade panko crumbs before deep-frying in a secret oil blend that contains beef fats. For this festival, there are several new items in the menu such as the Mega Chikuwa Cheese Kushikatsu ($6), a 15cm giant Japanese fishcake that’s stuffed with melted mozzarella cheese, and an assortment of deep-fried kushi ranging from the price range of $1.50 for the Hanpen Kushi to $2.50 for the Unagi Kushi. There are even new dipping sauces made for these golden treats such as the Chilli Crab, Japanese Curry and Nacho Cheese ($4 for set, $2 for each). The highlight for me has got to be the Cheesy Chiritori Nabe ($18, pictured) which you can have a choice of beef, pork or chicken. This nabe is served over a fire and you have to mix in the cheese together with your choice of protein. What will result is a hot plate of molten cheese that coats the marinated meat evening as you savour each bite with joy.
Kushikatsu Tanaka Singapore
Address: 3A, River Valley Road, Merchants’ Court Clarke Quay, Block A, Unit 01-01B, Singapore 179020
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While the Spam fries were very well fried, the highlight was the dip which I believe might be a combination of the gochujang sauce and mayo. It complimented the spam fries really well.

Staff were friendly, but food took over an hour to arrive when the tables weren’t even full.

Pasta was too salty, lamb rack was too tough. Pork belly was too gelak even after the small portion. Mashed potato was decent though. They ran out of a lot of items despite it being an early Friday night.

I thought it was just gonna be any like other mushroom except that it was so juicy and it went well with the Yakult Makgeolli I ordered