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I loved the warmth you get when the service crew at a restaurant is friendly and helpful, but I’d still shy away if the food fails to impress. It is a great thing that Yakizen is on Burpplebeyond, otherwise the mains might be slight pricey for the portion. My alacarte order of a set of 6 Japanese skewers was also decent but forgettable.
Don’t get me wrong, the food was no where near bad but faces tough competition with some many options around.

Since Cherki was envisaged as a modern Peranakan fusion restaurant, we thought their Rendang beef cheeks had to be great and indeed, they were! The beef cheeks were soft and tender although the gamey taste of the meat was more than average so this dish is not for those who dislike gamey meat! The serving of the meat was also quite generous and it was certainly way more than enough to go with the rice.

The rice was a little too little in our opinion although we think it is not a big issue since the rice isn't meant to be the highlight of the dish! Nonetheless, Cherki only serves blue peaflower rice and they do not have white rice. However, there's fundamentally little difference because the peaflower doesn't give much added taste or aroma to the rice. Achar was a great side too and it would be even better if they gave more of it!

This is a very great dish to get especially if you have the Burpple Beyond vouchers! Otherwise, be prepared to pay around $26++ for this dish which may be a little steep for some!

This was one of the most interesting alcoholic beverages that we have tried, containing coconut milk, some caramel atop rum as the alcoholic base! The drink really reproduces the taste of your kaya spread and that is really amazing. However, the taste of rum is pretty strong since the drink is meant to be a shot as well so it leaves you with a really alcoholic finish on your tongue. Really great and interesting drink for $6++. We will be sure to try their other alcoholic beverages at future visits!

Cherki has Happy Hour up till 8 pm everyday so get an alcohol during that time! For beer, Cherki serves Erdinger and Guinness at $8++ during happy hour and it's honestly very worth it. Beer was served ice-cold and remained relatively cold throughout the duration of our meal. :)

We will try Cherki's cocktails during Happy Hour next time as well because they seem really interesting and the bartender seems to be putting a lot of effort into them! :) They go for $16++ each though so the price is somewhat steeper.

This dish doesn't disappoint and is so pleasing to the eyes. The portion size is good too. Definitely a must order!

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Also this pithivier pie deserves another post on its own because it’s sooo good (but my photo is not focused 😭).The legs of the guinea fowl make their way into this dome-shaped pastry. Creamy, buttery and tasty!

The portion is massive, at least for 2 pax. Fowl is generally quite tough, so don’t expect something super tender like the andy’s fried chicken (on the menu). Yet, the flavour is what you should be after. It’s sweet, salty, smoky and peppery. Meat is generally moist as well. Do yourself a favour by squeezing some lemon to get some tangy kicks!

Sometimes while drinking wine, all you crave is a piece of good fried chicken. And this is here to deliver that. Crispy skin with not-too-thick batter doused in cayenne pepper and garlic. Love how moist and tender the drumstick is.

Super light and buttery vol-au-vent topped with scallop, prawn and ikura. Comes with thermidor sauce as well as gruyere cheese. Looks rich, but it’s actually not, in a good way. Wish I didn’t have to share this!

Beef tartare on toast with a twist. While the addition of scallop makes the tartare sweeter and slightly smoother, I think the genius add-on here is actually the cured egg yolk dipping. It helps add more creaminess and slight umami to the otherwise already great toast.

Lays but make it fancy. Love how the thinly sliced potato still retains its “chewy” texture. The dip on the side is way more addictive than Lays’ sour cream version— more garlicky, less jelat and more cheesy in flavour.

We ordered the Hawaiian and the Smoked Duck Pizzas. The smoked duck was great, but my friend commented that the pizza was tough, and upon breaking a slice off, whacked it against the plate and made a loud "Ding Ding Ding" sound. It was quite hard which made it difficult to bite, despite it being a thin crust.

The beef burgers were really great though! Fantastic job.