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Eight standout izakayas that hit the spot for wind-down Japanese dinner and drinks, every time.
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Overall, the dish delivers. The pork is mostly tender except the skin, which was unfortunately not at all crispy. It could be due to the fact that everything was doused in sauce. I really appreciate that they allow you to choose 2 sides and overall, the serving size was quite big so I think its quite value for money! We had this on eatigo so it made it even more worth.

Crispy Mushrooms drenched in milk dressing and tossed in fried curry leaves and chilli padi. Unique dish and it tasted a bit like salted egg sauce. A must try.


Look at the heaps of mentaiko given. Simply amazing. Scallops were nicely grilled. Definitely worth the money!

Mouth-watering plate of tom yum pasta! Tom yum was rich in taste and every strand of the linguine was coated with the yummy tom yum sauce.

Located amongst the heritage-chic shophouses along Nankin Row (at @chinasquarecentral) is @sons.singapore, a buzzy rustic trattoria-style bar and restaurant that serves classic Italian fare with a touch of modernity. They also have a curated list of Italian wines🥂, craft beers🍻 & cocktails🍹 to enhance your dining experience.

It was my first time having this Sicilian twisted tube-shaped pasta which actually holds the truffle pesto sauce pretty well. However, I didn’t exactly like the texture of this pasta as it was kinda doughy for me. Overall, it was still a pretty decent meal.

Wanted to try their Spaghetti with Sea Urchin Carbonara but most reviews stated that the flavour was quite one-dimensional, with not much hint of sea urchin.

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This fried chicken was thinly breaded, giving the chicken a crisp exterior with a succulent interior. The chicken came with this maplesyrup-oil emulsion that was so good but so sinful. I dipped my chicken in it for a few bites before setting the dip down because I felt kinda guilty 😅 In summary, some excellent chicken with great curly fries.

Just wanted to make a comment here about how good customer service turned a bad experience into a good one! The first serving of fried chicken we got had raw, floury breading. After I reflected this to the staff, they promptly replaced my dish with a freshly fried serving that was way better than the first.

Overall, the chicken and customer service was great. A point to improve on would be the consistency of the chicken.

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This cocktail features a blend of Diplomatico Mantuano 8-year blended and aged dark rum, Amontillado sherry wine, Campari herb & fruit liqueur, Muscovado sugar cane syrup, and Mina Real blanco mezcal.
Classified under the 'Elixir Of Life' section of the cocktail menu, this is a strong, potent beverage, with a pronounced smoky woody aroma.
Served cardboard covered with a chocolate ganache on top, it has a smooth sipping body, and a robust boozy herbal earthy bitter sweet smoky flavour.
Complex and bold, I love it.
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Curly fries are one of my favourite types of fries and they certainly do it well! The fries were crispy and well salted. The burger was also good, but I feel like it could’ve been more juicy. It also seemed a bit more well-done than I expected for a medium cook. Though, these are but small gripes! All in all, it was a good meal.

Paid around $15 per pax after Burpple Beyond.

This cocktail is served on a stand with LED lights, which illuminates and draws the eye to its vibrant beauty.
It features a blend of BarSol pisco puro / pure fermented red grape brandy, house popcorn syrup, and purple corn juice, served with ice cubes, garnished with baby corn and thyme.
Classified under the 'Antidote' section of the cocktail menu, this is a light, refreshing beverage, with a delicate earthy grainy sweet flavour.
Like a cross between corn and caramel popcorn, with accompanying aroma. A light and cold body, with a touch of herbal notes on the finish.
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This place is absolutely buzzing on the weekends - was really lucky to snag a table on a Friday night! We tried the Carne Asada (beef, $19++) and Kimchi Pork ($18++). The quesadillas are not quite the usual - instead of being filled with cheese, the tortilla wraps were coated with it and grilled to crisp! It made for a sinfully good meal. Found the steak flavourful but a tad bit difficult to chew. The pork belly was more tender, and the kimchi within gave a delightful spicy zest that helped break up the savoury heaviness of the cheese. Both were topped with onions, cilantro, sour cream and chilli sauce! Plus points to Vatos for the complimentary starter - the nachos paired well with the tangy salsa and guacamole 👍🏼🌟