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Dine at @marosplacesg, you can make reservation via @quandoo_sg. Enjoy double loyalty points when diners make a Quandoo reservation (earn 200 points instead of the usual 100 points). Total of 1000 points can be redeemed for a $15 cashback directly into diners bank account, with a completed reservation.

Location : @marosplacesg 85 Circular Road, Singapore 049437.

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Ordered with 4 towers and few pints of guinness (although with their introduced promo from some apps) and ordered and paid main course from burple ONE FOR ONE, served with very salty pasta,feedback but came back with the same (we think is the same plate) salty pasta and we rejected again (too salty). Heard chef saying, dont eat so salty just say first, and ive served so many pasta nobody complain. Chef saying in a very pissed manner instead of understanding customer feedback and compensate. Nvm, cheap food with cheap service. Didnt ask for refund for smth paid for (although 1-1) but the service on this area definately need improvement

Had the Bunker Cheeseburger and the Armoury Burger, both were decently-sized and tasted great! Beef patty was super think and juicy, and w a generous portion of fries. Also upgraded to truffle fries for $2 ( it was alright, nothing special). Overall great place, nice ambience for a chill dinner, worth it with burpple beyond.

Nowadays I fall in love with coffee cocktails. I like the taste and how it's being presented.

Topped with parmesan cheese, the mountain of fries came with a side of truffle mayo. Although nothing to shout about, it's still a great bar bite option. Went well with my IPA.

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Spicy chicken chunks and cheese within layers of tortilla. Loved the spicy kicks that left me sweating. Filling could be more substantial for the price tag, but still pretty good.

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Another dish that can't go wrong. Liked how the chicken chunks used weren't fatty and the skin remained crispy even after a while.

Macaroni was too soft for my liking and there was an overwhelming taste of truffle. Perhaps should do without the truffle oil because the paste did a good enough job. Wasn't a fan of the ham used either as everything became quite mushy in texture.

Look at the sales of their Popcorn Chicken and you will know.
Thank you @stickiesbar for the addictive bar grub, and @burpple for the Eatup invite!
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Smoky and succulent premium pork cheek grilled to charred perfection and served with Chef Joel’s special sauce, this dish is another must try at Enjoy Eating House and Bar.

Thanks Burpple for the invite and Enjoy Eating House and Bar for hosting.