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Thicker than the norm dumpling skins stuffed with bundles of pork and cabbage in a vinegar and chilli oil sauce. An enjoyable if not memorable small plate that I would order again to sate my dumpling cravings.

Taste: 3/5

Worth a try because it’s not a dish that’s commonly offered but give it a miss if you have a limited Budget. While anything with mentaiko tastes pretty good because of the umami it boasts, everything else about this dish was mediocre. The crab that was used seemed to be of Fairprice crab sticks and the dish seemed to be completed by rice cakes or mashed up pieces of that of some sort.

Can Order🤨

Location: @castironsg 7 Fraser Street, Duo Galleria, #01-32/33, Singapore 189356
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Zui Hong Lou serves some very well-balanced Szechuan-inspired cocktails alongside Szechuan-style small plates that unfortunately, are in fact quite small. The trio of deep-fried shrimp paste chicken sliders deliver the goods, but not at a comfortable price point for me.

Taste: 3/5

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Love the food, the environment and appreciate the friendly service too. We had fragrant stir-fry leek, hurry hurry curry chicken and kichap manis sotong😋 quite value for money, worth the try!


Pulled pork with the most amazing tomato sauce.. wiped the bowl clean alongside some sourdough bread! Too good.

Pair it with the in-house freshly baked sourdough bread! The owners truly care about serving you only the best quality ingredients that are good for you and taste great!

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We were really excited for the beef tongue because we haven’t had any for so long but this was quite a disappointment. There was not much flavour, and the worst part was the texture really left a lot to be desired. It was neither crunchy nor tender, but really chewy and tough. Not even the chili that was served with it could save it.

Don’t order❌

We were all looking forward to this one, sadly it didn't quite deliver. A slightly insipid, meatless sauce over a few paltry chunks of tofu does not cut it for me, especially after a long wait. As it stands, the tiny open kitchen at the front of the restaurant is insufficient to handle a full house.

Taste: 2.5/5


Tickled by #BirdsOfAFeatherSG's Seasalt Ice Cream Coffee ($9).🤪
There's also an upcoming, exclusive two-night-only, six-hands #BackstreetBengs event ($90++) by chefs Jeremmy Chiam of Le Binchotan, Eugene See of Birds of A Feather, and Miller Mai of Ding Dong. Available only for dinner on 17 and 31 Oct 2018, it's a unique, mini food journey that brings guests to dine at all three restaurants. Booking details, email [email protected]
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