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A very nice hightea spot to chill with my friends over the weekend. Only 2 birdcage is available, advice to make RSVP 2 weeks ahead. Minumum spend for bird cage is $250. (4 pax share 3 sets of highteas, opened a bottle of Prosecco cost $86++, ordered 1 tapas and 1 Caeser Salad.)

Overall the high tea experience is good.

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📍 @persea.sg ✨
🆕 Rosemary basque cheesecake ( net carb: 6.3g)🧀
💰 ~ $16
@persea.sg is one of the latest addition to Ann Siang hill! 🏔 recently opened on new year day focusing on Low carb (Suitable for keto-dining)💖 will share more bout their food in another post but first shining light on this crazy dessert - Rosemary burnt cheesecake made from cream cheese, Camembert and BLUE CHEESE 😯 paired with fresh berry compote and pure almond biscuit🌟 it’s definitely not the cheesecake you imagine, it’s more savory than sweet like a cheese platter in the shape of a cheesecake 😂 definitely something for peeps who love cheese and rich flavors - they definitely did not skimp on that blue cheese oof✨ do check @persea.sg out! Truly a boutique hidden gem 💎
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📍 @slate.singapore
💰 ~ $15-20
TGIF 🎉 time to cafe hop😂💓check out @slate.singapore ‘s interesting twist of desserts❤️ their YY-Hong Kong French toast 🍞 is golden soft and fluffy🌼 kiaping a layer of sweet azuki red bean paste served with aesthetically placed coffee butter, flakes of coffee tulle, assorted jellies, azuki cream with condensed milk drizzled over🤩 delightful sweet beauty of a dessert twist🥰 you can also consider their Dutch puff which is lighter in sweetness level😘 and smaller in portion😊 overall, definitely a cafe to visit a few times at least👍
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I really liked this for how mushroom-y it was. The pesto and pine nuts also elevated the flavour of the mushrooms

$3++ per oyster during the Happy hours from opening onwards. Smaller size but firm and fresh.

The normal latte is indeed good. Didn’t have time to choose beans, just ordered a normal one. The flavour is thick. The green cup makes blue Monday a bit brighter.

Great place for weekend high tea. Only $38++ to enjoy the colorful and creative high tea.
Reserved the bird cage in advance to spend quality time with my friends.
Great customer service too!

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Ordered Lemon Chu-Hi ($10), Parmesan Chizu Chips ($10), Kurobuta Tontoro ($5.5), Bacon Asparagus ($4.5), Tochigi Wagyu ($9.5), Gyu Don ($10) and Buta Minced Katsu ($10). Food was nice and goes well with a variety of alcoholic beverages. Wonderful place to chill and hang out with friends! Good service as well!

My girlfriend and I ordered the parmesan crisps beef bowl and the wagyu beef skewer. The combination of the sweet and savoury taste really made the food really enjoyable. The overall environment was also very chill and relaxing to just sit and chat with your friends.

Ordered the chicken waffle, tacos, and burger. The chicken was extremely satisfying & huge. It was juicy & tender. MUST ORDER!! Tacos & burger were alright.

Super fatty and juicy. Crackling was quite crispy. The saltiness of this was nicely balanced with the sweetness from the picked raisins and carrots. Quite delicious, worth a try if you’re not too bothered about having fatty meat.

However, it’s quite a small serving, and doesn’t come with any sides - you probably would still feel hungry after.

$26 for this...? I’m not sure if I personally would pay the full price for this - maybe if it at least came with some sides. Fortunately we used the Beyond 1-for-1 deal here so it made it a little more reasonable a price.

We visited on a weekday evening and it was quite busy - they accept reservations here so best if you make one prior to your visit. Service was great.