Introducing you the most hip, most recent, most worth mentioning cafes in terms of their food and ambience!
Rachelle Ng
Rachelle Ng

Milligram has a medley selection of brunch, pasta with an Italian touch and heathy grain bowls for you to choose from.

If you’re not a fan of gnocchi, try their Prawn & Chorizo Orecchiette ($18.50). Pasta is cooked to al dente with a magical sprinkle of bread crumbs. The Neapolitan sauce was on the slightly richer end with a good pack of flavors between the savory giam-ness from the chorizo and the sweet crunchy prawns.

The Breakfast Works is recommended by them and highly recommended! Both the portion and variety is worth the price tag of $24. Love how their brioche despite thick, is toasted to golden brown on the outside and still staying soft and fluffy. Breakfast plate was overloaded with all things savory. A great way to start your day with and welcome the weekends soon! Deals made sweeter with Burpple beyond 1-1!

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The duck leg was pan-seared to golden on their skin leaving it crispy while the meat was tender and tears apart easily. Flavor of the dish was well balanced between the citrusy orange sauce and savory brown sauce. Mash was buttery and creamy smooth. Complete your dining experience with their Taiwanese Chicken Bites! It’s amazingly tender, juicy and addictive!

Not only am I loving the loaves from Bread Yard, but loving their brunch food too! Went for their Steak & Egg Bowl. Except for their steak that is a little bit on the chewier side (but they kind of make up for it by slicing it thinly), the bowl is well packed with flavors that marries well together. A little savory with some truffle fragrance and nutty note to it. The bowl is good on its own, but the Garlic Bread stick has definitely complemented it well! The texture is like a mix of pretzel & puff pastry sort, with a nice crunch to it!

It’s being a while since I’ve visited a cafe with a brunch menu that sets themselves apart from the norm. Tried this Nori, Avo & Eggs. A simple dish with smashed avocado spread across the toasted ciabatta toast and topped with crispy kale has got the dish’s texture and flavors in checked. Scrambled eggs was served separately retaining the crispness and light flavors of the toast. .

Do make a reservation before heading down! It gets pretty crowded during the brunch hours.

Another of my find suitable for working purposes. There’s a wide variety of food choices to choose from and they serve pretty decent food. Chef’s Special Assam Seabass with Rice totally bring out the local flavors. Sweet and sour flavored gravy with that layer of crisp seabass skin atop the firm seabass, was really good. Good contrast of color and texture all in that one bowl.

Ps/ they have drinks as interesting as teriyaki avocado latte! Game to try?

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Beside good WiFi connection and decent PowerPoint access, Wakey Wakey do serve pretty decent Grain Bowls and Coffee! Fresh and crisp veggies and a bowl full of flavors definitely makes healthy eating enjoyable. Though the texture of sous vide tenderloin could be done better but given the nature of a cafe, it’s still a job done well!

TGIF! What about some brunch at Merci Marcel? Went for their Marinated Crab Tartine with avocado and sourdough ($19). Enjoyed the added savoriness and sweetness from shredded swimmer crab tartine. For the branch at club street, they serve the basics and classics of brunch with added touch of french - charcuterie, cheese & wine. Their Ravioles de Royans is another not to be missed dish! It’s a french dumpling pasta filled with cheese! Its an ironic cheesy dish that keeps you wanting for more. It’s best enjoyed while it’s piping hot!

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Rather amazed by how the angus patty of this Classic Cheese Burger is done! We requested for medium rare, it did dish out something between medium rare and medium unlike most of the other cafes or food establishments which will probably just serve you a well done patty regardless of what you asked for. Even their brioche bun is toasted to golden yellow with a slight crisp and buttery taste & they are rather generous with their portions too! Happy food for the happy tummy! Do call in for reservations on a Friday night if you wanna skip the queue!

Unpretentious plate of scrambled eggs done well. Yellow fluffy omelette with hints of herbs and bits and pieces of smoked salmon revealed. Downside is that when bits and pieces of salmon cluttered together, that mouthful can get too umami and savory. Other than that, the accompanying greens were crisp and light tasting, so were the toast that weren’t too hard but with a slight chewy texture.

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How does a pan of sizzling hot Prawn Mac and Cheese sounds to you? Generous portion with flavor that was surprisingly not too overwhelming. Mac with chunky tiger prawns on a melty milky cheese bed with occasionally threads of mozzarella cheese. Pretty like this not too cheesy Mac & Cheese.

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Missing the all time favorite Mac & Cheese from @pacamara_sg . Not overly doused with cheese yet flavorful with the clever play of a mixture of parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar and feta cheese. Right gooey texture with the right cheesy taste! Best to have it all where all cheese is still melty in your mouth!

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