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thefoodexplorer (:
thefoodexplorer (:

Sushiro had replaced Sakae Sushi. I bought the 1 pax salmon platter ($9.80) and 2 ebi avocado sushi ($2.20). Total bill was $12.30 after GST and they even give a free mackerel sushi.

They provided an ice pack to ensure that sushi will still be fresh. Salmon was nice and not too thinly sliced. The ebi avocado sushi was meh. Soya sauce came is a cute fish packaging.

Costs about ~$12 excluding delivery charges from grabfood, very (very very very) generous with the mentaiko sauce, more than enough for the whole don. The salmon was not really that tender but still not too bad. Overall pretty enjoyable meal


Omurice was very yummy. Fried ebi was pretty good and very crunchy. Cheese chicken was unfortunately pretty meh, only got worse the more you ate because it gets jelat. Served with a mountain of lettuce salad. They serve calpis water with quite a few flavours but I don't recommend getting them unless you have the burpple beyond deal. They calculate service charge before discount also.

Burpple beyond set comes with miso soup and canned drink. The portion was very filling. They used fresh prawns instead of frozen prawns. Can taste the tinge of garlic. The fish skins was very crispy. It compliments with the rice.

Dry ramen served with lots of truffle, tasted pretty good but the ramen egg was obviously not fresh, had this siap/alkaline texture to it

I think the batter could have been used it make 6 smaller pancakes instead. The pancakes were so big that the sides were abit undercooked. If they were fully, the pancakes would have been very nice.

It was pretty fun to cook our own okonomiyaki! I think we could have made it thinner so that the cabbage in the middle gets cooked. Taste wise i think it's a normal okonomiyaki.

With squid, prawns, dried shrimps and pork. We got the staff to help us cook it. The cabbage was sliced very thinly on the hotplate. I really love the flavourful taste but it gets salty at the end. I think we didn cook it long enough to make it crispy on one side.

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Lunch set promo at $11.90++. The gyoza is an add-on. Salmon don was ok and the udon was silky smooth. Value for money.

The service was slow even though there was no one in the restaurant. The portion was just nice. The rice was fried with unagi sauce and you can taste the garlic as well. Nothing outstanding but i think it's ok with the burpple beyond deal.

The ramen was like mee pok ans served with white diced onions, yuzu slices, smoked duck, ajitama and chashu. I can't decipher what the noodles are made of. The smoked duck and chashu were very tender. I find the soup a bit salty. The ramen isn't bad but I don't think it is worth the price.

The set comes with 2 pc gyoza, green tea, miso soup and salad. The unagi don came with 1 pc of mentaiyaki tamago which was quite nice. I would prefer Teppei's Chirashi don. The bill was $29.90++ AFTER THE 1 FOR 1 DEAL. It wasn't worth it as they had an ongoing $35.90++ promo for the exact same sets.

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