Singapore Hawker Food

Singapore Hawker Food

There that unpretentious title needs no further explanation.... The bread and butter of every Singaporean's diet (u r not Singaporean if u don't eat at ur neighbourhood kopitiam at least once a week *stares* *ok kidding*)
Timtamtum ✨
Timtamtum ✨

Update: On a second visit I was lucky to get a good batch of these pancakes, crisp exterior and soft interior, a key reason why I thought the pancakes were ok might be because I am used to sweeter min Chiang kuehs even as the pancakes are partaken plain without fillings. Easily solved when i get the red bean flavours which is sweeter than the coconut ones.

Had a lot of min chiang kuehs in my life span to find these ok; but at a small and acceptable damage.

Thick biscuit tart base with Lao-Ban like custard that tasted hardly like egg custard. Cheap thrills?


On a late Sunday evening I redeemed myself from making my family wait to have dinner together by bring them to Bai Nian at Viva business park. We arrived to spy a queue at the stall but thankfully the queue progressed rather quickly. Likewise the quality and taste of of YTF here redeems itself from the limitations in terms of choices (ie only soup option and bee hoon noodles are available; you don’t get the pick your YTF pieces too, everything is pre set to the few items available).
Please do not forget to pair ~s̶p̶a̶m̶~ the kilat chilli sauce here 😬

One should also go for their fried chicken wings, if the bowl of YTF feels insufficient.


On a Sunday the burpple recommend Makan Boleh with beautiful looking curry puff was closed so I settled for this a few stall down which was really quite good for $1.80.


We finally found good rojak near our place; with a prominent sweet (syrup/sugar)- savoury (cincalok/shrimp paste)- tangy (lime) sauce lacing the full array of vegetable, fruits (think mango, apples, pineapples, turnip, cucumber, bean sprouts), you tiao and tau pok. Chopped nuts and finely chopped pink ginger bud were also present- full marks, in terms of ingredients, for a Singaporean rojak!


Found out today that the 嚎煎 Mum and Brother love is a Burpple Hot 100 recipient! Another Burpple - telepathy moment. The indulgent hawker dish here is painstakingly prepared by an aged Uncle, who should easily qualify as a hawker master.
Think almost restaurant worthy oysters in a fluffy moist bed of starch and egg (of which the latter is a surprisingly significant proportion). You get a bang for your buck and should be slow to complain about the long wait when you witness the Uncle diligently conducting his one man show of taking orders and cooking without a break.


Just looking at those overwhelmed spaces filled with accolades makes this place promising; but be prepared to wait awhile for a premium “aircon” environment price of tu tu kuehs.
As your eyes wander around all the text surrounding the main lady owner who dexterously steams your rice cakes on the spot; you quickly learn from a history write up that this stall was almost the first ever to introduce tu tu kuehs in Singapore. I’ll leave other interesting facts to your reading but these are by far the most “voluptuous” tu tu kuehs I’ve had; for the lack of a better description but the plump white rice cake will lay evidence. IMHO worth the price especially for the claimed legacy it embodies.


Great option at Tiong Bahru Market to get fried dough fritters. Worked for me when I greedily craved an after meal snack to dunk in Kopi O like a typical oldie.


The legendary 嚎煎 recommended by Mr KF Seetoh in the recent Straits Times’ Life- summit city edition.... was every bit great from chilli to oysters to fried flour and egg (’:

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Doing my part as a Pasir Ris resident to support local 😂 I kid but the carrot cake stall at the new Pasir Ris central hawker centre is spectacularly sedap for now!!! Tasty 菜头 in a bed of egg with a lot of caibo- I’ve had this at least 4 times since opening yummmmyyyyy.


Eat to live, live to eat. Alternating between the 2 all day err day?

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