Dessert Hunts

Dessert Hunts

Featuring Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee (Toa Payoh), Cake Spade, Hatter Street (Kovan), Sunday Market, Little Diner, Honey Creme (313@Somerset), The Cold Pantry, Dessert Project, Cold Stone Creamery (Orchard Central)
Foodie Queen
Foodie Queen

Panacotta milk tea! Love that it comes in a super cute bottle and I get to keep it after I'm done drinking. Not too sweet and love the silky-ness of the panacotta ๐Ÿ˜‹

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Another new hunt near home, swung by to check out what's in store tonight. Spotted some unusual flavours, and immediately asked to try:
(1) White Truffle - whoa! intense, probably too much for a whole scoop on your own;
(2) Melon & Parma Ham - refreshing, sorbet-like melon flavour that melts away into salty parma bites, very interesting;
(3) Thai Earl Grey - I'm a tea addict, so I'm totally biased. Got a pint of this to-go, had forgotten all about my other love, the Salted Caramel!
๐Ÿฆ Scoop: S$3.80 (reg) | S$4.20 (*premium)
๐Ÿฆ Pint: S$15 (reg) | S$18 (*premium)
Thick toasts and waffles available too.

And blessed Mother's Day to all mummies out there ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿป #mothersday

Waffles were super crispy and yet soft at the same time! Pandan ice cream had a really unique taste plus the gula melaka complemented the whole waffle and ice cream really well!! Great for sharing with family and friends as the portion is quite big!

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Waffles were soft and crispy, very much to my liking. However the combination of vanilla and cookies and cream made the whole desert a little too sweet. Do ask the staff for recommendations on the different combinations!

Look at the scoops of ice cream sitting so prettily on that 4ร—6 sized waffle!! Before the waffles arrived, we could already smell the delicious aroma of buttermilk wafting through the air and my dad commented that it smelt really fragrant, which only made my tummy rumble more. The presentation of the waffle was simple, nothing too fancy or shabby. The bright purple of the Kyoho Grape provided a nice contrast to the light brown of the waffle. I sampled each ice cream separately before diving into the waffle itself.

Kyoho Grape Cream: Dulcet and decadent grape taste, reminiscent of bubblegum without being so cloyingly sweet that my dad was able to enjoy it. The taste was really familiar and I immediately commented that it tasted of a wonderful combination of grape Vitagen and the famous Hi-Chew Grape candy from Japan!.

Thai Milk Tea: Robust and aromatic tea flavour encapsulated the subtle hints of milk, enabling me to distinguish both milk and tea flavours separately if that was even possible. I thoroughly enjoyed how the tea flavour lingered in my tongue and throat after sliding down my throat so smoothly and sensually into my bottomless dark hole aka my tummy. My dad commented that this was his preferred flavour over the Kyoho Grape.

Buttermilk Waffle: So crispy on the outside and fluffy in the outside. The orgasmic sound produced by the waffle when being knifed was music to my ears and my hungry tummy. I spied a slight grin from my Dad in the corner of my eye as I placed a piece into my mouth, drizzled with the accompanying Maple syrup. I ate about a quarter of the waffle before combining the rest with both ice creams.

I can safely say that I will be returning for more waffles but will be trying other flavours of ice creams even though I really want to come back to these 2 flavours. Orange and Lemon sound pretty good to me as I have not had an orange flavoured ice cream for some time, other than the cheap supermarket ones.

got to try this during a birthday celebration! Loved the earl grey fragrance and the cheesecake was rich. But kinda crumbly. The lemon curd & strawberry was a nice touch to an otherwise sweet cake.

At $12.90, this amazing Waffles Stacko is truly a steal. A great choice when you're in the town area, this simple cafe is great for indulging in ice cream and hot, crispy waffles. Perfect for students and groups of friends, get a nice big stack to share! If you're a small party, go for the Sinfully Chocolate or the Merry Berry. Photo by Rachelle Ling.

Priced at $13.50, this stack of 3 red velvet pancakes come with addictive homemade cream cheese frosting, and are the perfect complement to the large serving of truffle fries you know you're going to have. Great for those who simply love red velvet! Photo by Keng Wee Tan.

Delicious! But ice-cream melts too fast and it's super expensive?! Ranging from $7.90-$9.90

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Great tasting soft serve from suntec city! It's only $2.90?! Can add other toppings such as honey comb for additional $$ but I think that without topping is good enough~ :)

Love the design of the place but the things are quite expensive. Just lovelovelove the rainbow mille crepe it's so delicious?! The Earl Grey ice-cream is just wow!! Must try!

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On the hunt for good food ๐Ÿ˜‹

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