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Marc T.
Marc T.

4 munchies: Who would have thought that the wok hei was strong in this plate of al dente jjolmyeon? Inspired by the Thai flavours found in Pad Thai, the Korean wheat noodles were stir-fried with prawns, clams, and mussels in a sweet and mildly spicy sauce. Definitely my most favourite among the 9 "ppong" dishes! #Burpproved

This was a hosted meal by Nipong Naepong.


4.5 munchies: Just thinking about the Majestic BBQ Pork Noodles makes me want to visit KL more often for it. Tossed in a savoury dark sauce, the thin egg noodles were cooked al dente and had a springy texture. What absolutely smashed it for me was the caramelisation of the roast pork – sweet, smoky, and slightly crisp skin. The signature claypot lou shu fun served at this place might have failed me, but this dish was THE saving grace. #Burpproved


3.5 munchies: One has not been to KL if he has not eaten a plate of thick yellow noodles braised in dark soy sauce. Wok-fried over a raging charcoal fire, the noodles and other main ingredients such as squid, prawn, and cabbage were all flourished with smoky wok hei flavour. Crispy lard were also tossed into the noodles for an extra crunch and flavour. The sambal could have been a tad spicier, though. #Burpproved


2.5 munchies: The dish that I was looking forward to eating the most had turned out to be the worst during my weekend trip to KL. Not only did the rat noodles look pale in colour, they were also begging for more of that starchy, savoury gravy (which needed more flavour, by the way) to be drowned in. Upon stirring the minced pork and raw egg yolk into the noodles, they dried out pretty quickly. Go for the Majestic BBQ Pork Noodle that sealed the deal for me.

Where are some of the absolute go-to places for excellent claypot lou shu fun in KL?


4 munchies: Having been patronising this stall for the past 6 years or so (though they've been around since 1965), the standard of the wanton mee has not dropped once. The $5 bowl featured here comes loaded with char siew, braised mushroom, 3 fried and 4 steamed wantons, and leafy chye sim. The egg noodles were cooked to the right springiness and did not reek of alkali. Being a sucker for Malaysian-style wanton noodles, the standout for me was the dark soy sauce used to toss the ingredients. Not only was it savoury with a tinge of sweetness, fried shallot and shallot oil were also added to make the sauce extra fragrant! The only letdown was the thick skin used to wrap the steamed wanton; meat filling was also not well-marinated and lacked flavour.

The soy sauce chicken wing noodle is another dish of theirs that I go back for! #Burpproved #BurppleBestofChinatown

Hong Lim Food Centre & Market, #02-48

2.5 munchies: Heard so much about Sumo Bar Happy’s collagen-rich, umami tonkotsu broth after long hours of simmer, but I couldn’t get over the slight burnt taste in my char siew ramen. I also wasn’t particularly a fan of the thin texture of the ramen. Thankfully, the thick-cut roasted, slow-braised char siew from Nagano was super tender and had a good amount of fat.

All ramen dishes come with house-marinated bean sprouts, toasted seaweed, black fungus, and free-flow marinated soft-boiled eggs.


4 munchies: While most of us are familiar with the clear soup base served at Tamoya, I'm really glad that the udon specialist has recently launched a new hotpot menu. Out of the Beef Sukiyaki Udon and Tempura Udon, the Spicy Miso Pork Udon featured here is my absolute favourite. The spicy-savoury broth was packed with so much flavour as well as added richness when you break the onsen egg. Paired with succulent sliced pork, all you need to do is dip the bouncy handmade udon into the soup for seconds to enjoy!

Thankfully, my dining companions preferred the Beef Sukiyaki Udon so I was able to finish all the robust broth by myself without any guilt! #Burpproved


3.5 munchies: The $4 Signature Sarawak Kolo Mee comes with char siew, braised pork, and steamed and fried wantons that were filled generously with shrimp and minced meat. My favourite ingredient being the soft and tender braised pork, slow-cooked in the same savoury sauce that was used to toss the QQ noodles. Noodles are made with egg white only, so you don't get the pronounced alkaline taste which I really dislike! #Burpproved #BurppleBestofTampines

Tampines Round Market & Food Centre, #01-45


3 munchies: Not usually a fan of the tingling, numbing sensation you get from Sichuan peppercorn in a mala dish, but I did enjoy this bowl of medium-spiced mala pot in the heartland of Tampines. With a variety of pick-your-own ingredients to choose from, go for the crunchy lotus root, tender pork slices, and silky glass noodles to soak up the savoury-spicy sauce that was neither overly salty nor oily. The sweet potato noodle seems to be a hit, but I found it to be rough in texture and a tad chewy. #BurppleBestofTampines

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5 munchies: Known as one of the world's best ramen joints, I never fail to get a bowl of Ichiran Ramen even when the waiting line could go for 30 mins during off-peak hours. Here's what I love about the ramen that is available 24/7:

• Flavour of the pork-based tonkotsu soup was absolutely smashing – savoury, milky rich with a smooth consistency
• Texture of the house-made noodles was springy & firm to the bite
• The spicy kick from Ichiran's original red pepper sauce complemented the rich broth perfectly.
• The sliced pork was well-marinated and had a good amount of fat.
• All elements are customisable – flavour strength and richness of the broth, amount of red sauce, texture of the noodles, as well as other add-ons.

Has anyone eaten it in both Japan and Hong Kong? Is there any difference in terms of taste?

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3 munchies: With more than 50 combinations of ingredients to choose from, I picked the tomato, pork chop, sausage, and fried egg with instant noodles for HK$35. The noodles were cooked firm to the bite; pork chop was nicely marinated. Despite having bits and chunks of sweet tomatoes that have been cooked down, I'd have liked the broth to be richer in flavour – thankfully the egg yolk was runny enough for me to mix into the soup.


2 munchies: Cha Thai might pride itself in using only the highest quality ingredients for its dishes, but the Thai Boat Noodles I had on my birthday last week was by far the most underwhelming I've ever eaten.

Priced at $18 a bowl, the dish features chewy rice noodles with a few slices of tender, sous vide lean pork and meatballs. However, the real letdown was the tad creamy and sweet broth that had an unusual, distinct coconut flavour. It tasted nothing like the savoury, strong-flavoured ones I had in Bangkok, or even at Golden Mile Tower.

Furthermore, the hefty price tag is really not justifiable for street food dishes like the one featured here. Mai pratabjai loey woei!

Marc T.

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