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Craft Beer & Ciders

Craft Beer & Ciders

Featuring Druggists, Atmosphere Bistro (Parkland Green), HopHeads, Box n Sticks, Lee Tai Fu, Coq & Balls, Beer is Food (Golden Mile Food Centre), Kiosk Singapore
Saiful S
Saiful S

This cider is made of apple wine, with added soft vanilla and strawberry flavours. It isn't too bold and it's very subtle, leaving a clean after taste. The body is light, carbonation is soft. Perfect to cool down during mid-day or dinner, in the midst of our humid climate!

C: 135


This imperial stout is truly monstrous. With it's honey and coffee aroma, it leaves a bitter, and oily feel on your lips that makes you crave for more. It is medium bodied, with a slight sticky lacing.

C: 276


"The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights."

Fasting month has been very taxing. Just glad that it's over, and there's some improvement in life balance.

C: 142 P: 1 C: 19


Lee Tai Fu is a small, laidback neighbourhood concept bar that offers a wide array of craft beers, be it staples or seasonal.

The menu is original and legit, such as their otah pizza, sambal pork ribs, and some other regional and mexicana style.

Oh, this bottle of milk stout is medium bodied, creamy with a slight cocoa and lactose nose. The milk stout is better off with their light and fried bites whereas the pale ales goes well with their meals!

C: 135 P: 1 C: 19 F: 0


"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance"

Have a great week ahead!

C: 150 C: 18

Nice sparkling peachy sake with bits of peach jelly. Very mellow and has this refreshing acidity finish

C: 190 C: 18


Nothing fantastic. I'm not sure what's the hype about it, seriously.

C: 110 P: 1 C: 28


Pretty much too fizzy and smoky apple flavours were very bold. Not for me.

C: 235 C: 58


This was one of the better stouts that I had. Very nice smoky chocolate and coffee taste with that nice lacings.

It also has a medium body with smooth finish. Do check out Druggist as they change their menu monthly.

C: 195 C: 48

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Dark coloured, very impressive plum and black currant taste. Smooth yet intense, with mellow wine taste.

C: 339 C: 84

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This is one of the most unique beers I've tasted. The herbal and sweetness flavour of green tea blends well with the bitterness of a beer.

Very bold and refreshing, and somehow, it has this imaginary aftertaste of a powdery matcha drink.

C: 276 C: 68

Hazy orange glass of grapefruity and peachy hoppy beer. This is the driest of all Siren's ale, but it has this crispy after taste.

C: 168 C: 40 P: 1

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