Great food here at Yellow Brick Road and the burger was tasty! The sweet potato fries are equally as excellent. This cafe deserves to be revisited ;)


Situated in KD, Fifth Palate serves hearty breakfasts from Turkish Baked Eggs to Ramen! I have heard good reviews so far and decided to try the Butcher's Breakfast (RM 29) a pan filled with sausages, hash browns, ham/bacon, portobello mushrooms, eggs, cherry tomatoes, rye bread and (the must-try) chutney!! It was a delightful meal, and I definitely recommend anyone to come here 👍đŸģ


A cosy-chill cafe in Section 17, PJ, Jeq in The House serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and a good dose of coffee. I find the food and portion alright for the price (RM 15) the coffee (RM 6) was on the sour-side, reminding me of Three Little Birds' coffee. My only gripe was that there was a fly that disturbed me while eating.

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Yummy! I like how the open sandwich is presented, compared to some cafes that just serves a plain Gardenia bread. Well for a light meal, this is definitely worthy 😊


Aether Cafe is one that differentiates themselves by serving healthy fruits in their mains and sides. For pasta, expect lychee to be included! And as for toasts, expects a variety of fruits you could combine with their selection of spreads! This is my 'customized' toast, and it is RM8.90 for one. I would like to point out though, this cafe is absolutely serene! There's just this feeling of tranquility that I just love. Every cafe lover should make a point to visit this new hidden gem in TTDI!


Located at The Signature, Proof Cafe & Sky Lounge is located at the top where you could dine with a scenic view of Mont Kiara. Food is great too, most of which are Melbourne inspired and left me wanting for more 😁 The baked eggs was specially prepared, and was not in the menu, but I loved it a real lot!


It's really good, and I enjoyed eating it. Sometimes aglio olio can be a little too garlic-y, and oily. This one is cooked well and the portion of prawns, mussels and squid is just right. However, maybe i would say a little more spice will improve its' taste 😉


A typical breakfast set of scrambled eggs, ham, bread, mushroom and peas. It tasted alright, and coffee here uses single origin beans - Enthiopian Yigarcheffe.


One of the most interesting mains during our Burrple Eatup, is the chicken roulade. We liked how gentle the taste was, and also the pairing with garlic purÊe was good. We highly recommend you try this at Roost!


If you want a fresh start of the day, this is it! The bowl has a healthy mix of fruits (grapes, pomelo, kiwi, honeydew..), yogurt and crunchy granola that's so good of a spoonful.


Breakfast food here are quite good. The big breakfast was a large helping, and for light eaters I'll say go for the Metal Box Eggs.. It's good!


It's not as good as I imagined. The thinly stripped fritters was just okay and taste of spaghetti was quite bland. However, I believe they have other good food here. Nice attraction is you'll be ordering from a 'food truck'.


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