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Hawker centre, food court and coffee shop finds that won't disappoint

Really enjoyed this saucy bowl of noodles slicked in a punchy chilli sauce. The vinegar level is pretty mild, but well-balanced. The qq fishballs had a nice bite though the prawns used seem to be the frozen kind. Note that only the $5 and $6 portions have prawns.

Get a bowl of dumplings ($4/6) to share too!


Steamed fish or fish head curry? Ideally both, but I personally like the clean flavours of the steamed one more (esp with the zhup ladled over porridge ). Either way, youre guaranteed fresh fish cooked beautifully. Other must-haves here include the bittergourd with eggs, hae bee hiam and the meat patty!


After living in this area for several years, I havent had much luck with this stall: theyre usually either closed or sold out when I swing by. Today, I was victorious in snagging the last bowl!

More importantly, Im glad to report that it didnt disappoint. The soup is equal parts porky and prawny, and it was intense though Im not sure if the soup was extra concentrated since it was the last ladlefuls left in the vat. The pork ribs were flavourful even on its own and were tender. Such a shiok bowl!


While Im partial towards Ji Xiangs (Im team peanut!), I cant deny that the ones here are also one of the better ones around. Theyre slightly more rounded than most, but the skin to filling ratio is good. I liked the peanut, yam and black sesame. My friends liked the green tea and durian, but the flavouring was just a tad too strong for me.


While waiting for your prawn mee from (River South Hoe Nam) across the street, make a beeline for this stall for some pre-game nibbles. My personal favourites are the ngoh hiang and soft tofu, but the star is really that bomb diggity sauce!


Just what the doctor ordered for the rainy weekend. Savour the crustaceany broth slowly as this precious prawny goodness is not refillable. I like that it isnt too sweet and the juicy fresh prawns are pre-peeled (and the yummy heads left on).

Get here early as you can as by the time got here around noon, the ribs and intestines were sold out. 對 We opted for the tail instead most pieces were tender, but but felt that some could have been cooked/softened a bit longer.

Pretty decent wanton mee with springy noodles slicked in a chilli-laced sweet savoury sauce. The char siews on the leaner side, but thankfully not the orange cardboard-like sort.


Wish I could change all the ingredients to just the fish dumplings and stuffed taupok! The fishballs were nice and bouncy, but I wasnt too fond of the meatball. If you like it more vinegar-y, there is a bottle of black vinegar on every table, so splash away!


A must-have here (or plaster 歹), since they dont do my favourite banana cheese. Most find the curry sauces on the lighter side, but adding the sambal in gets the job done for me! What youre really here for is the prata with crisped up edges.


Popped by Mr & Mrs Mohgans new spot in Tin Yeang Restaurant coffeeshop along Joo Chiat Road, and we only waited 15 minutes for our prata!

We ordered a spread of plain, egg, mushroom & cheese, and egg, onion & mushroom pratas I still like the plain prata (or plaster!) most with fish curry and a dab of sambal. Make a pit stop before it gets crowded again.


We ordered 4 sets of the $6/person portion to get this giant platter! The homemade fish paste seemed a little starchy for me but it was still delish, especially the stuffed taupok.


The abacus seeds/balls here are not the usual stir-fried with black fungus (wood ear mushroom) and minced meat type, which I personally prefer. Having said that, I like the generous topping of minced hae bi and dried cuttlefish to contrast the dense, yammy balls.



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