Drink Drank Drunk

Drink Drank Drunk

Yes, Raine gets tipsy after 2 sips..... *brb*
Raine Liu
Raine Liu

Wash all the delicious food down at MANAN with a drink or 2. The Virgin Mojito - a non alcoholic version of their Mojito (cause Raine can’t drink) was crisp and delightful.

Had a mini sip of Gary’s Negroni, which was pretty light and tasted similar to a cherry flavoured Cough Syrup 😂


I think age have caught up, I would never expect myself to actually enjoy this 🤣

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This Passion "Teani" ($13) was easy to drink with the vodka infused passionfruit tea! The nightcap I needed - Goodnight world 😴


The weekends tickets were $22 per Adult and it entitles you to the tour, 2 half pints of beers and lots of tasting portions at the end of the tour. For me, well, let's just put it that I "almost" finished this half pint 😹

Thankfully, I had the @entertainersg app - saved me half of the price ✌🏻#notsponsoredpost


Have you tried Beer Cocktails? They are essentially Cocktails but with beer as their main ingredient. Take Green Weenie ($20) for example, it is Midori liquor with Paulaner’s Original Munich Lager. They are on the sweeter side, good for ladies (like me) who likes alcohol with a sweet note, making it easy to drink.
To sweeten the deal even more, if you have the Entertainer Cheers App offering 1-for-1 for their drinks - that brings it to about $10 for this!


Best especially if you can't decide between a dessert or a drink, kill two birds with this!
Pretty refreshing combination of Brothers Cloudy Lemon + Alphonso Mango Sorbet ($13). Other combinations are Wells Double Chocolate stout + Vanilla Bean ($11) 😎

Happy Humps day guys! Weekends are cominggggg!


Mini Beef Burgers ($16.80) with the super refreshing Lime Kirin Frozen Beer ($13). As a non-beer drinker I really like it as it has really little bitter beer taste yet with lime making it really refreshing - best for a night like today!


Atmosphere Bistro would be a great place to chill (especially for Ladies) with their plush "tai-tai"-ish chairs and quiet ambience. Cheers to pre-weekends! 😂

Kirin Cranberry frozen beer ($13) - A pretty refreshing beer that I would recommend as even I would enjoy, topped with that adorable frozen foam! Something that I wanted to try and would definitely drink again!


Hard cider in refreshing red apple flavour. Being a hard cider, the alcoholic taste is stronger than usual cider yet with strong apple taste.


A clever mix of Drambuie, Southern Comfort, Smirnoff Vodka, Lime Juice, Cranberry Juice, Cinnamon, mint and spot that piece of raw lobster that came along with it!!

Even a non-alcholic drinker like found this rather refreshing and pleasant (also because they specially reduced the alcoholic content for me) A ring of salt as you would usually find around a Magarita yet this version is ice blended and comes with raw lobster.

This refreshing drink matches well with the Lobster Dishes that Capri serves as well. Especially the spicy ones that we had like the Boston Lobster Bakar (Sambal Lobster with rice) to put out the fire with its refreshing taste.

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of @burpple & @capribyfraser. Thank you for the warm hospitality!


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