Kuala Lumpur Noms Under RM 10

Kuala Lumpur Noms Under RM 10

Under RM 10 in Kuala Lumpur? No way! Well who knows?
Esther Seletyn Chai
Esther Seletyn Chai

Chicken wings. Gotta love em from the dummers all the way to the wing tips. And while Wong Ah Wah might be the well known big brother of chickens wings in KL, there seems to be a stall that rivals it in terms of taste, albeit in a different sense.

If salty chickens with burnt skin aren't your thing, Cu Cha Restaurant serves honey glazed roast chicken wings for RM 3 per wing for a sweeter alternative. Some people just want them nicely barbecued with some color and not all the way burnt.

Located on the same road as Wong Ah Wah, this place also sells other dishes like fried bean curd which we thought made great supper finger food as well as stir fried short neck clams and the likes. But we really would just come back for the chicken wings.

And don't bother comparing this with W.A.W, one is sweet and one is salty. It's like comparing char kuey teow with hor fun sup.

Disclaimer: The amount you spend is really dependent on how big of an eater you are. RM 10 wont be enough if you eat 10 pcs. But for a small eater like me, RM 10 is enough.


Wong Ah Wah needs no introduction to not only locals. But also tourists who have done their homework. Famous for their salty, charcoal burnt chicken wings that taste like the BBQ pit, Wong Ah Wah is located in Jalan Alor and is quite hard to miss. Parking might be a little hard to find but you can always park inside one of those buildings nearby.

Chicken wings go for RM 3.50 per wing and minimum order of 2 wings is required.

Recommended to down with a glass of Coca Cola for maximum "ahh"

Disclaimer: The amount spent varies from person to person depending on how big of an eater you are. Personally I have a small appetite so RM 10 is enough for me.


Beef noodle talks in Kuala Lumpur will always lead you here. A beef noodle shop that has been around since my father was a student, Shin Kee is famous as the "Kaki Lima" beef noodles. The shop is small with 7 small tables that can comfortably fit 3 people and 1 long table at the end. If you want to come here for a huge meal for more than 10, this is little hard.

I got the smll (RM 7.00) with mixed parts (tripe, tendon, beef slices, beef balls). No GST here and no service charge. Granted it's below RM 10, but coming from a shop in KL you should know there probably is a catch. Indeed the catch is you don't get much "stuff" at all. 4-5 slices of beef, 2 tendons, 3-4 meatballs and 1 tripe. It seems that inflation isn't affecting only our pockets. Big eaters may go for a big (RM 9.00) tho my brothers would need a big and a small to get full.

The soup itself wasn't very flavourful, in terms of soup I probably prefer the one opposite in Lai Foong. However, the star of the meal is probably the minced meat sauce. The sauce, when mixed with the noodles, gives it a frageance and flavour that is not too salty, but enough to give flavour to the noodles - like a slight kiss if the mince meat sauce to your tongue. The meat and beef balls have a the "beef" taste that som people aren't used to. If you don't like the smell/taste that comes with beef this isn't probably isn't the one for you.

Whenever I come here, I always order dry, with a bowl of meat in soup by the side. If I had to eat noodles in soup, I would go for the one in Lai Foong.

Beef noodles : RM 7.00 (small)
GST & Tax : RM 0.00
Total Expense : RM 7.00


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