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Indo & Malay Food

Indo & Malay Food

Featuring Pu3 Restaurant, JTown Cafe, My Makan Place, Kampong Glam Cafe, Padi, Niqqi's The Cheese Prata Shop
Irene Arieputri
Irene Arieputri

As we noticed that this was on every single occupied table in the restaurant that day, we couldn’t help but order 2 servings for the 8 of us. Glad to report that it’s really flavourful. Break the fortress of fried egg and you’ll find the tofu within. Love how sweet and savoury the peanut sauce to cut through the slightly greasy tahu telur.


Nasi ambeng seems to have gained popularity for the past few years, but Pu3’s rendition is still my fave. Love how tender and fragrant the chicken is, and the opor, though looks pale in colour, is sufficiently rich without getting too overwhelming. I usually skip the sambal goreng in most Malay food stalls, but the one here is not too greasy nor jelat. It fed 8 pax just nice and the plus point: we can try a bit of everything and leave some room for dessert.

The enormous platter is meant for sharing among friends and families. While I can't comment on the beef rendang and paru (lungs), I quite enjoy the sambal squid that comes with tender slices of squid. The serundeng (fried coconut flakes) was nice but could have been spicier. Another great option if you want to try a little bit of everything.


The thick soup was far from mild in flavour, but not overwheming. And to top it off, the bowl of mee siam was loaded with ingredients — boiled egg, tau kuah, ngo hiang, fried "fish cake", and fish skin. I personally loved that seemingly hard boiled egg, that was actually more like a partially boiled egg with soft yolk!


Located just behind my hall, this would be my #1 option for supper place or the alternative to my hall's unappetising food. Some people will complain in spending 5 bucks for a bowl of maggie which they can make at home, but I'd say otherwise. All the squids and shrimps used were fresh (no frozen food ftw!) and the amount of bird chilli was insane (and I love it). They even did a wonderful poached egg for such a humble eateries. Stamp of approval from both me and le bf.


Honestly, I didn't know exactly what is this kuih called here. In Indonesia, it is known as ongol-ongol. With its main ingredient as sago, this may be the close cousin of kuih lupis/lopis due to the coconut shaving but without the gula melaka. Best served cold!
It's called kuih kosui!


Hands down to the most delish paru I've ever tried. Besides being famous for its mee soto, gado-gado and kuih, this place offers a pretty wide array of malay/padang dishes. I couldn't resist the temptation of paru so much so that I had my lunch here twice in a row last week. The lungs were really chewy and slightly juicy -- which is how I want my paru to be done. Sambal goreng had the right balance of tofu and tempe (fermented soy beans). Me likey!


The old-adventurous me first found this "cafe" while canvassing the hipster Haji Lane. It was my first few weeks in this little red dot and this bowl of mee soto successfully brightened my day as I was suffering from home (food) sick. When I visited yesterday, the soto still tasted exactly the same as it was 5 years ago, with a piece of chicken and begedil. And not to forget my "teh oh peng ka dai".

It's only recently that I found out about this place, recommended by my colleague to satisfy my craving for Indonesian food. Meatballs were soft -- I guess they were house-made and so, less flour used -- and very beef-y. The beef broth was sufficiently strong and it went well with fried shallots and spring onions. It really reminded me of the street food in Indonesia. The price here is 3.5x more than that over there, but oh wells, my cravings can't wait.


In a never-ending quest of culinary delight || @riinns

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