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Enjoyed the ayam goreng and otah, ...will be back to try the others....


The dory fillet was fried till crisp and delicious, I didn’t even need any sauces to accompany it. The sambal was good too though - it had a good level of spice for a nice kick but not overwhelmingly too hot for the average Singaporean tastebuds. I liked that it was thoughtfully packed separately from the rest of the meal. Rice was fragrant too.

I think everything in the box came together well, and it was overall a pleasant meal. The shop is a takeaway stand at the basement of AMK Hub, so there’re no seats for dine in. With the Burpple Beyond meal, it’s really a steal. I’ll definitely be back to use up all my 1-for-1 deals here!

Serangoon BBQ & Curry is a popular nasi padang stall at Sin Ming that serves an amazing BBQ chicken that is a must-try! πŸ˜‹πŸ‘

We had the Nasi Ayam Penyet ($7.90) for 1-for-1 Burpple. The crews are so nice to assist and packed our orders with separate package for soup.

It’s still hot and chicken is crispy, a set meal can be shared by 2 people because of big serving. Rice is chicken rice and fragrant yet not overpowering the taste of the crispy chicken. Sambal chilli is packed separately into a small container. Overall, great food, good service and value for money.

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1 veg + 1 chicken + beef rendang @ $10.30

If I could marry food, I would marry to this. Coba coba never disappoints though a bit shocked at the price this time. Nevertheless the satisfaction at the end of the meal makes it worthwhile.

Trying this chicken for the first time, super tender and the sauce is sweet, a little spicy and with the lime a little sour but all super well balanced.

The beef rendang and sambal kangkong are as good as always.

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🍝 Indomie Martabak Set ($10.90)
A super satisfying dish to have! Served with indomie, an egg, acar, sauces and 3 pieces of martabak, I was stuffed by this set. The indomie noodles are tasty and the egg has a soft centre. Its on the spicier side, so it satisfied my spice cravings a lot.

πŸ— Martabak Chicken ($17.95 for 12pc)
This martabak must definitely be eaten fresh or toasted because the crispy skin is everything. Its so crunchy and satisfying to bite. The fillings are really thick and generous too, with a lot of egg and bits of minced chicken meat.

🍫 Original Chocolate Cheese Martabak Manis w/ Peanuts ($5.95 for 3pc)
Chocolate, cheese and peanuts seems like a pretty unorthodox pairing, but it surprisingly works well. The sweet chocolate creates an interesting dynamic with the cheese and the crunchy peanuts are really delightful. The pancake is also super soft and has a slight kueh-like texture, which I love!

πŸ₯₯ Ondeh Ondeh Special Martabak Manis ($5.95 for 3pc)
The ondeh ondeh filling is sweet and fragrant, there are little bits of brown sugar within the ondeh ondeh that makes it sweeter too.

πŸͺ Red Velvet Oreo Martabak Manis ($5.95 for 3pc)
The cream cheese is generous and really creamy, the crushed oreo bits are really good too.

A Michelin guide recommended stall.

Lots of dishes available; decided to try Lontong as I saw others eating it and it looked delicious. The Begedil is an add on (forgot the price).

Coconuty gravy was piping hot and not overly lemak, which makes it easy to drink it all up. Comes with rice cakes, whole egg, veges, topped with chilli and grated coconut.

Will come back to try other dishes πŸ™‚

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Bakmie ayam Cabe Ijo @ $6.90

Green chilli chicken noodle, comes with two chillis on the legend on the menu. But it tastes nothing close to the dish with three chilis. The spiciness is quite mild but the dish is still great! Noodles are handmade and super nicely done and the black sauce (need to ownself add) elevates the dish entirely. While the other dish we had comes with fried chickcen chunks, this is a bit more like minced meat.

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Bakmie ayam balado @ $7.50

Spicy chicken noodles that comes with three chillis in the legend on the menu (which is the highest level). And it's really spicy! But it's also super delicious, the chicken is very nicely fried and the noodles texture are super good. There's a sign that says the noodles are homemade and we were sceptical at first but they do look and taste homemade.

Remember to add some of the dark sauce to the noodles and it will taste like indomie and auper yummy.

Comes with some veggie and a bowl of soup.

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got the ayam penyet and dori penyet 🀘🀘🀘
very generous serving of rice, and their rice was quite fragrant! chicken was good and fish was good too. overall quite worth it!

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