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I still remember having my first green chilli chicken rice last year at one of the hawker centre. Since then, there’s have been a few stalls opening to serve this dish as well.

Alimama is the new addition to the stalls in Maxwell Food Centre, offering Indonesian cuisine of fried chicken and local style of prawn noodle.

The green chilli chicken rice is their signature as the signboard written. Comes a big portion of fried chicken topped with lots of green chilli.

Flavourful with its crunchy bites, the red chilli is adding more taste to it as well.

PSA their skewers are gone, it's too popular and they lack the manpower to do it. But they're moving to joo chiat in April 2022 and they will be bringing back their original skewer selection and more, comprising a total of 6 kinds of skewers

A whole grilled baby chicken. Incredibly tender and juicy from being sous vide for 12hours in the same spices as the glaze, then basted in the glaze and finally grilled for that intense smokiness. It's smaller than expected(to be shared between two) as they chose the baby ckn for flavour and incredible texture.

The glaze is rlly good, they make it from scratch in house. Extremely sweet, so it does bear a resemblance to kecap Manis, but thinner. The peppercorns doesn't come through but there's some heat from the chili padi in the glaze. It's really just a glaze though, the flavour doesn't penetrate into meat.

The rice is a scam tho, while it's a big bowl(for two) 4bucks is abit too much, as crispy as the fried onions were.

Props to the chef for the effort, he really put in a lot of love to ensure that it's authentic, from making the sauce from scratch(extremely rare in restaurants here) to preserving the way it is served (topped w sambal kangkong)

The sambal kangkong was extremely spicy, I couldn't rlly enjoy it. But the other sambal was v fragrant from the lemongrass and onions, and was delightful. Chef mentioned that it's not taliwang without this sambal, it has to go tgt

Signature taliwang set @ $6.20

The chicken was really tasty, super soft and juicy and there's a nice grilled taste to it as well. Goes super well with the chilli sauce which leaves my stomach churning for a bit which I don't mind as I enjoy the spiciness of it.

Extra chilli is given for the rice which is on the bland side, almost no coconut taste at all.

A bit expensive in my opinion cuz other than the chicken the rest of the ingredients (egg, ikan bilis peanuts, cucumbers) are super basic. Also noticed from the previous posts that the price has significantly increased over the past two years.

But I'll still go back to try other flavours and then see how after that.

My family & I enjoyed this "Toss Into THAI Style Yusheng" 🧧, a flavourful yusheng with a spectacular mix of Thai & Indonesian flavours! 🇨🇷🇮🇩
On top of the usual yusheng ingredients, this rendition features sweet green mango 🥭, crunchy cashew nuts 🥜, soft jellyfish, citrus-forward ginger flowers & lemon leaves 🌱.
You can also top up for extra ingredients like fresh prawns 🦐 ($12), crispy fish skin ($10), crispy mushroom 🍄 ($10), jellyfish ($12) & scallops ($22). I also liked the tangy dressing that is infused with fragrance herbs.
Available for purchase online 🌐 (https://order.balithai.com.sg/), major delivery platforms 🚗 & at their 6 physical outlets!
The yusheng comes in 2 sizes:
🔹️Standard (serves up to 4pax): $33.80 for dine-in, $38.80 for delivery
🔹️Deluxe (serves up to 10pax): $53.80 for dine-in only
You can also get the Yusheng in their Bundle of Abundance 🌟, alongside Emping Belingjo crackers & a free bottle of 1.5L Coke Zero 🥤, while stocks last. Available for takeaway ($43.80) & delivery ($48.80). 👌🏻

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Chicken was moist, juicy and tender with crispy crackly thin skin. Tempeh doesn’t have the bitter taste that some tempeh has. Their level 3 (normal) sambal is sweet, but I prefer the savoury or sour kind so didn’t like it. Spice level is indeed “normal”, you should be fine if you have an average spice tolerance. Everything was a bit oily, and other than chicken everything else in the Ayam penyet set was average.

Traditional smashed fried chicken served with fried tofu, tempeh & sambal belacan

Pretty well-executed & super love the crispy bits… Do note that it doesn’t come with rice so you need to add on

Horrible meal. I overestimated them. Putting together smashed chicken, rice, chilli, tau kwa, tempeh, cucumber and tomato doesn't make ayam penyet. It was a lame attempt. Everything put into my mouth felt like a waste of calories. Unforgivable were the skinny leg and the lack of crisps.

We had an enjoyable dinner here last week, where we tried out a few of their signature dishes!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that each dish was great and exceeded our expectations! From the fork-tender Beef Redang, to the Cumi Bali (charcoal-grilled squid) that was well-grilled and so tender, the Ayam Sate Madura that blew our minds (or rather tastebuds) with its flavour, and the comforting taste of the Sayur Lodeh, everything was on point! We paired all these dishes nasi padang-style with yellow rice and their signature sambal belacan that was shiok and fiery! Had to wash all that down with a Fresh Coconut and Lime Juice!

We definitely recommend this place if you are looking for an Indonesian restaurant in the CBD area. The prices are slightly steep, but the food is definitely worth the money for its quality!

Level 15 always allow a healthy breakout of SWEAT! And yes it’s their highest heat level. The the fried chicken honestly can be better, more juicy but probably not their style. Paired with best dried style instant noodles in the world- Indomie

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My cravings for nasi padang were greatly satisfied at Coba Coba! Each dish you see on this plate was superb on their own - from the flavourful beef rendang, to the lemak sambal goreng, to the soft & savoury bergedil and the spicy & shiok sambal belacan. They all worked so well with rice! Will definitely be back again!


As delicious as always.
And because good things must share, we got our parents to come together and got 6 dishes to share. All are super tasty and our parents like it too.

Want something different for an upcoming Xmas gathering? I recommend this Nasi Campur Babi Meriah ($98.88) from Kota88 Restaurant. Inspired by the Nasi Tumpeng Indonesia, a ‘tumpeng’ cone of Hainan Chicken Rice is accompanied by Kota88 Restaurant’s eight signature dishes - from sate babi to siobak and ngo hiang. Its authentic Chinese Indonesian food makes me feel like going back to Indonesia for Nasi Campur. My favourite dish is the Sate Babi - succulent meat glazed with sweet savoury sauce with light char.

📸 & ✍🏻 by Tastemaker Cecil Dulam

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