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It might be wiser to order other dish than catfish (one of us is a flexi-vegetarian and about to go order veg dish already but changed mind last minute.) Quite a struggling eating experience to tuck into lean catfish. Having said that, the fried tofu and bean cake are our favourites in this dish and we could do more heat with chilli paste.
We are so happy with our restaurant choice as it is a value eat in NEX and will try Kallan in oyster sauce or Kang kong belachan in our next visit.
They have 7 locations islandwide (lucky Plaza, Century Square, hillion, north point, NEX, Kallang wave and JCube)
P.S. self-service order system

It might look like a heap of fried up at the top. Dig deep and you will find lots of steamed green goodies: Kang kong, bean sprouts, egg, boiled potato and rice cake. Topped with crackers and sweet peanut sauce which is real addictive!
The dish is not to be missed if you like your sides sweet with some crunch or if you are vegetarian. We imagine that we can even skip one of our mains we ordered and straight diving into this! 🏊‍♂️
P.S. 🍚 The rice is not included with the mains or sides and one dish of steamed rice is $0.90

This drink is labelled on the menu as Chef recommended. If you are fans of Indonesian food, this avocado juice is always a must order. We love all Super food ingredient and won’t pass this chance to try signature drink. Well worth the price tag 🏷. We don’t know how many avocado 🥑 are used in this operation, but they are not in vein. It was thick & creamy. What an energy booster!! 🤩

Sometimes we just want to have good value eat at NEX (it doesn’t have to be famous like go-ang pratunam chicken rice) OR hippest like Lenas. Just a decent meal that fuel us up for lazy afternoon.😜
Looking regal from outside, some would think it must be expensive. 👑 Ayam Penyet serves authentic Indonesian food that look and taste like the menu.
First up is ‘Ayam Penyet’, the Chicken skin is crispy served with chilli, tofu, tempeh, cucumber. The chicken texture is done just right. We wish chilli paste could have more power but we shall spare some thought to those who don’t eat spicy food! ☺️🔥🌶


Tok Tok is famous for their Indonesian food and they have a few outlets across the country, with one outlet at Ang Siang Hill.

Nasi Campur Bali attracted me with all the colourful items on it. Expect items like sliced dried beef tossed with sambal, Balinese style beef rendang, sambal shredded chicken, beef skewers with sambal, Balinese style stir fry long bean, sweet and spicy fried tempeh and egg tossed with sambal. Yes that’s all the items on one bowl. Definitely worth it with only $9.90!

Be prepared to challenge with the sambal spiciness here and also all the dry meats here.

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The signature Crispy duck with rice sided by fresh vegetables, fried tempeh and tofu. The duck leg is deep fried till such beautifully golden colour and crispy texture that you can chew the bones, literally. It would be a crime not to mention fumingly hot, chopped chili pati which rounds the dish.
I would have loved the dish more if there had been free peanut sauce on the veggies and more dipping sauce instead of chili. Gado gado sauce is charged at $1.5, which is a hindrance for me.
Price is $9.90 no SC, GST incld which is quite good.

Very thick. Featured all of bubur cha cha's ingredients. So it's probably bubur cha cha.

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A friend booked the restaurant for an event and here's the spread that's not on the menu haha. Awesome that a buffet's rice was chicken rice.

My 2nd post for this place. I think it’s safe to say this is my new fave joint in Singapore.

Can you say WOW, YES, AMAZEBALLS ?!?!
I swear it’s the bestest nasi padang I’ve had in Singapore. Worth the travel from Raffles Place MRT and the 5 min walk from Bugis Station to get to this little gem.
Worth the long queue (if you come during lunch time).
Definitely check this out when you’re in town !

Wow. Dark Knight. Rich cheese! The flour has the right texture. $14.8