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First had this way back when they were at Clark quay Riverside. Back in the early 2000s

Definitely more affordable now.

I always have my curry seperate in another bowl. 😋

Always my favourite, have never eaten another kopitiam pang gang that taste as good in the whole of singapore.

3 dishes @ $7.10

Couldn't have asked for a better lunch when the whole morning was just a mad rush. Yummy and tasty dishes (sambal veggie, beancurd with long beans and chicken), and also love the texture of the rice, especially the parts that's soaked in curry.

Asked for both chilli, the orangey one is more spicy and tangy while the red one is more on the sweet side.

Cleared out the entire plate and will be back for more!

Being first timers to such dishes, we both got the Mie Keriting and for me I got the Babi Konplit Spesial ($9.88) which comes with the full works of house speciality minced pork, charsiew, roast pork, a giant fried wanton and vegetables, with a side soup with wantons. The roasts are nothing to shout about as there are other great Cantonese ones out there but the star of the show has got to be the al dente noodles that has been tossed in a pork lard oil for the ultimate enjoyment.
✨ Kota88 Restaurant
📍 907 East Coast Road, Unit 01-02, Singapore 459107
🌐 https://kota88.oddle.me/en_SG/
🍴 [Self Funded]

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Yummy nasi padang - have tried a range of dishes and do find them above average for all. They are known for the grilled chicken, but the curry chicken is also quite good

If you love our local min jiang kueh (peanut pancake), Indonesia’s martabak manis/ terang bulan is something that you gotta try. Since we can’t go to Indonesia to eat this, you can go to @jtowncafe to have a taste of the Indonesian favourite.

Freshly prepared upon order, treat yourself to a piping hot pancake that comes with butter and sugar by default. It’s so thicc and dense but somehow very soft, unlike min jiang kueh. Best eaten on the spot, it does survive well in takeaways too.

I got the Campur ($4.50 - Half/ $7.50 - Full) that comes with butter sugar, chocolate, peanut and cheese. Believe it or not, martabak with cheese is very popular in Indonesia. Grated cheddar, chocolate rice and crushed peanuts are mixed together in between the pancake dough.

The end result is amazing. Just think of the sweet chocolate rice that brings back childhood memories, the nuttiness of the peanuts and the saltiness from the butter and cheddar. A true flavour burst with some textural contrast from the crunchy peanuts.

I’d have this more often if the price point was a little lower. But I’ll have it again as it’s convenient and just so good.

I know there are a few other places in Singapore selling martabak manis so I’ll be on the hunt to try them too.

my first time here and the food was so good. especially the salad 🥗

Slightly pricey but very delicious nasi ambeng

Seriously coming to Amoy Street Food Centre for so many times, I actually didn’t know about this stall until seeing posts about them recently.

Today I decided to tabao their nasi padang and I totally surprised by the taste! It was so good and really hope I would have know of this stall much earlier.

Even though the stall is managed by Chinese auntie, but the taste remain the same as you have from those Malay stalls.

The curry was delicious and mix well with all the items I gotten. And please remember to add the mini tahu telur.

Seafood platter

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/delivery-takeaway-deals-2021/

One of my last meals out before the dine-in restrictions was at @jtowncafe with Bakmie Ayam which features springy handmade noodles and chicken going well with their chilli sauce. We had them with crispy fried dumplings and the meal was completed 😋

Had a Ovocrunch Martabak to complete our meal at @jtowncafe and it was rich and decadent in flavour while being both crunchy and soft. It would have been better if there was more Ovomaltine in this like those in Indonesia but this was already pretty good 😋