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Signature Kueh Dadar $2.20
Lemper Ebi $2.50

So glad to have tried the Iced Mocha ($6.50) from Tanamera Coffee today, as its quality brew made me happy!

A smooth cup of coffee, the chocolate and coffee notes did not clash but instead complemented each other well. It is not too sweet yet quite rich. The amount of milk and ice was also just right and it stayed flavourful all the way till the last drop!

Best of all, you can get 1 for 1 discount on their beverages using #burpplebeyond . Definitely a worthy cup of coffee I don't mind getting again!

Komplit your pork cravings by having 3 types of pork all in the Babi Komplit Special. It comes with full works of house speciality minced pork, char siew, roast pork, fried wanton and vegetables, served with a side soup and steamed wanton.

They were generous with the amount of lard given in this bowl. The star of the show has got to be the al-dente noodles tossed in pork lard oil and sauce. The oil gives the noodles a robust slick of flavour and springy texture with every bite. The roast pork is nothing to shout about but I love the tender soft honey BBQ char siew for its good chew and bite without being overly fatty 》$9.88

Nasi Campur Babi is basically a medley of pork selection in one dish where they ‘campur’ everything into one plate. It is their version of pork mixed rice that includes homemade dishes like BBQ pork, roast pork, sweet pork satay, braised pig ear, siomay (better known as siew mai), soy egg and fried prawn beancurd roll. We are also given a choice between jasmine white rice or fragrant chicken rice.

The rice comes pretty fragrant and well-executed with a strong aroma of Hainanese chicken rice that we are familiar with. The fragrant chicken rice complemented the sweetness of the pork and balanced out the smoky flavour of the BBQ meat. The roast pork meat was more on the lean side but lost its crispiness on the skin. My favourite out of the bunch was the char siew. It was well marinated, sweet on the outside and provided a good chew/bite without being overly fatty 》$12.88

Top left the custard was alright but the ratio was abit off. The beans in the rice was interesting though

Top right the coconut milk was damn salty, more salty than sweet so abit weird

Bottom left was serikaya w corn base. The corn custard could have been stronger

Bottom right was pandan custard basically. Not v strong either

Overall their nasi Padang really is quite well executed, esp certain dishes. No wonder they deserve the accolades they receive, this is the only nasi Padang I've had that left an impression so far

The light savoury gravy is good but the veggies have too much bite

Sundanese style grilled ckn

Nothing to complain about, except it's cold :((

It's cheaper cos the ckn is tinier but still very worth, the sauce isn't too spicy but it's terrible well balanced and very addictive and drinkable

Incredibly delicious. Theres at least 2 kinda of lung texture, one hard and one soft, and they combine wonderfully. The rempah is super savoury too, from dried shrimp I believe

Unbelievable, I couldn't stop

Very thick, very tender, but the sambal is rlly mild, almost watery