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Good authentic Indo mee, chilli spicy and shiok! Recommend call to reservation!

Another takeaway/delivery, I know it isn't eco-friendly at all but I reuse and recycle whatever I can, I promise! Uncle Penyet is one of the TGIF food during NUS days. The not only one, but two dory are fried till golden crispy perfection, and the meal is served with lettuce, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes which provides a respite from the fried items. The curry gravy complements everything (the good thing about takeaways is I can adjust the amount of sauce added myself) and the sambal is so so spicy and taste so distinctive that nah, those Korean noodles just can't beat it! Not forgetting the crispy crumbs that I love so much and when I eat there I'd get more of them. The portion is big enough I can eat two meals with one order. And they maintain the quality over the years - keep it up!

3 packets of the grilled chicken + potato frikkadels ($23.70)

Served with grilled tofu and tempeh, the grilled chicken tight was well marinated and coated with sweet coated. The cut chilli in black sweet was a fiery kick which added an oomph. Overall pretty average as the chicken was not tender nor exceptionally tasty.

Calling out all Nasi Padang fans! Check out Rumah Makan Minang at Kampong Glam or Our Tampines Hub the next time you want to get your Nasi Padang fix. There’s a vast selection of curries and dishes that you can choose from, some which are rather unique to the restaurant.

What are some of the must try dishes here? I would say it’s their signature beef rendang ($3.50 per person) and Indonesian tahu telur ($6). The differentiating factor for Minang’s beef rendang is in the gravy and the rempah (spice paste). While beef rendang at most places tend to be on the sweeter side, Minang’s rendang was spicy and aromatic which was a nice change from what I’m used to. The well-marinated beef may not be the softest but this is how it should taste if we were to go by the Padang-style playbook.

For those not familiar with Indonesian cuisine, tahu telur is basically a block of fried firm tofu (taukwa) mixed with eggs. It’s served with beansprouts, ground peanuts and sweet, watered down kicap manis (sweet soy sauce). What makes their tahu telur good is that the beancurd is fried till crispy but remains firm and moist on the inside.

We also had the gulai ayam ($3.50), sambal goreng ($4.50), sayur kangkung ($3.50), begedil ($1 each), salted egg ($1 for half). They were reasonably good too and the gulai ayam was rich in coconut milk but could’ve been spicier. And my favourites sambal goreng and begedil didn’t disappoint at all.

We spent $36 for 2 including rice and drinks which may be on the high side for some. My only gripe is that their delicious selection of sambal to accompany the food was charged separately at $0.50 per tub.

Considering what I have was already good, I’ll come back and try the rest of the dishes.

Free Cluster Delivery Service to my hood.
Available at @wiwarungijo
Having Indonesian #Vegetarian food

Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken (S$9.90)
Fragrant coconut rice, served with yellow ginger/ kalasan fried chicken, egg, long bean, ikan bilis with peanut, veggie fritter, home-made dried shrimp and sambal.

Kolomee Mushroom Noodle (S$8.90)
Selected non spicy

Nasi Padang (S$11.90)
Steamed jasmine rice served with lion mane mushroom rendang, sambal balado egg, singkong santan, veggie fritter, and mixed veggies.

Lontong Sayur (S$8.90)
Home-made rice cake served with tofu, tau pok, chokos, carrot, cabbage, long bean, and egg in light Indonesian curry.
Selected Spicy Level 1

Bakso Soup (S$7.90)
Meatball soup with meatball (made from plant-based omnipork), tofu, chye sim, and carrot in flavourful broth.

Orh Luak (S$9.90)
Straw mushroom oyster omelette.

Yummy monkey mane mushroom rendang.

Warung Ijo
Address 🏡 : 337 Beach Road, Singapore 🇸🇬 199 565
Open ⏰ : Tue - Sun : 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 9pm

Both dishes are always my repeated order, and the fish never fails to impress! The fish is always soft and tender and tasty! However the potatoes’ quality differ from store to store. The one I had from this outlet was slightly sourish, may have gone bad or they added too much of an ingredient. Would appreciate more consistent quality.

Tucked away at Lucky Plaza, @warungsurabaya_singapore is an hidden food gem in town, serving authentic Indonesian cuisine that’s infused with fresh herbs and multitude of spices.

👉Ayam Penyet - SGD7.80
👉Ayam Bakar Sate - SGD7.90

Topped with crispy crumbs, their fried chicken thigh was pretty well-executed. Crispy, succulent & well-flavoured!

Available for delivery and takeaway. Contact them at 97547753 if you 🙋‍♂️.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

10% off total value for order pick up.
Their House Speciality includes Nasi Campur Babi (Pork mixed rice served with BBQ pork, roast pork, sweet pork satay and braised pig) and Satay Babi (Chinese Indonesia style pork satay, sweet marinated pork, savoury marinated pork, pork liver, pork intestine and pork skin)
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Delivery from @istimewanasipadang with S$5 delivery fee.
Nasi Ambeng Set - non beef version (S$28/ 2 pax)
- Fragrant Rice
- Ikan Goreng Belado (Replacing Beef Rendang)
- Ayam Lemak Padi (Chicken in Coconut Milk)
- Tahu Sambal (Beancurd Sambal) (Replacing Paru (Beef Lungs))
- Ikan Kering (Salted Fish)
- Sambal Goreng
- Urap (Bean Sprouts & Long Bean coconut salad)
- Terung Belado (Brinjal in Belado Sauce)
- Tempe Sambal (Crispy Fermented Soy Cake with Anchovies)
- Begedil (Potato Cutlet)
- Serunding (Spiced Grated Coconut)
- Sambal Belacan

Asam Pedas Tenggiri (S$4) - meat was quite tough
Lontong (S$3.80)
Mee Siam (S$3.80)

Istimewa Nasi Padang
Address 🏡 : 28 Hoy Fatt Road, Fuling F&B Coffeeshop, Singapore 🇸🇬 151 028
Tel ☎️ : 9424 6884
Website 🌐 :

Sayur lodeh less the kueh for the longtong. Heavenly good! 😱😂👌

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Soft and sweet dessert which consists of palm sugar, pandan pudding and coconut cream layers

After treating our Muslim friends to the “Dulang Ambeng Royal” from Pu3, I decided to order one for ourselves as well since they‘d raved about the food, and frankly, I have been eager to try this place since forever. Truly ecstatic to have done so because it was pure joy to eat. Partly because I have been missing my Nasi Padang for a while now.
Shown above is the platter for 2 pax ($36) and it‘s massive. I reckon up to 3 people could share it actually. Anyway, all around the big mound of rice is an assortment of tastiness. My favourites from this “ring of fire” (ok, I may be exaggerating because not every item was fiery 😆) were the Daging Rendang (love, love, love the ridiculously fragrant and tender beef), the Paru Goreng Rempah (spices-marinated cow’s lungs - the main reason I am crazy for Nasi Padang), the Ikan Kering (crispy dried salted fish) and the Ayam Lemak Cili Padi (its gravy is sublime on rice or simply to slurp). The Udang Sambal Belado Hijau was also delicious but I wish there was more of the sambal. Ditto the Terong Sambal Belado. But that’s just me nitpicking because frankly, I’d be happy to feast on this again in another week or two.