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Not bad for the price paid. The cake sponge is fluffy and loved that there was a lot of coconut shreds on top of the cake.

I have been visiting my makan place since their Katong days .

So glad now they are conveniently located at arc.

Comforting bowl of mee Rebus . Well made sauce that’s not too sweet and plump and fresh beancurd cubes .

You have a choice to add on bergadil to add more variety to your plate .

Value for money 👏.


Amazing chicken - so aromatic with this fiery homemade rempah .

Really enjoyed this through and through .

This was in better rendang and curry chicken - combining the best of both - and I like how the spiciness from the chilli padi came through .

And that’s sambal - so good .

Need I say more ?

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[ Food Review — Revisiting my ultimate fav nasi padang place! ] I’m not shy about my love for Pariaman, one of the nasi padang bulwarks that line Kandahar Street. (To jog your memory, it’s the place where the crown family of Johor used to drive down for takeouts pre-covid. You know it’s good if you’re dinin’ with royalty!)

If I adore Pariaman so, why haven’t I visited it more? (The last time I was there was in 2019, yikes.) Well, the place isn’t the most accessible with/without a car, and it tends to sell out just after noon.

Today, not only do I get to revisit Pariaman’s exhilarating flavours, I get to bring friends along as well! The downside? They aren’t big on spice. The silver lining? Compared to other places, Pariaman focuses more on taste curation than amping up the spice — in other words, chilli is but a facet of the kitchen’s spice mélange.

Wanna visit but feel intimidated by their sheer variety? To reduce your chances of awkward gawking and unintended gaffes, here’re two dishes you must try:

If you wish to taste the pinnacle of the kitchen’s prowess, this is it: Ayam Bakar. Wait, isn’t ayam bakar supposed to be red with a crust of sticky-sweet black sauce à la Taliwang’s?

Yes, and no. Ayam bakar translates as grilled chicken, and like with many other grilled dishes, there’s more than one way of doing it! Pariaman d o e s grill its chicken, but after that, they steep and cook the pieces in a golden turmeric sauce, letting the flavours suffuse and marinate the chicken until its interior is tender and juicy. It’s also suitable for those with low spice tolerance!

The 2nd dish you have to get is Ikan Goreng Belado. Don’t be tempted by the rich gulai alternative — if you’re a newcomer, go straight for this to full appreciate the heat control (fire and spice) and fish.

Keep the belado (chilli) on if you can handle the heat, if not simply scrape it off. It’s a nice complement, but what you’re really here to appreciate is the goreng (frying) technique. You won’t get any super bony pieces here — each chunk is made of supple flesh, kept succulent by the taut cover of rough and delectably briny skin.

Next visit: Nangka (jackfruit) curry! (Sold out today, sigh.)

Dishes ordered (clockwise from top): Sotong Kalio (Squid), Acar+Ikan Bilis Kacang, Begedil, Ikan Goreng Belado, Ayam Gulai (Chicken Curry), Ayam Bakar, Sambal Goreng + not pictured: Terung Belado (Eggplant)

Established in 2018, @papaayam_sg offers the fusion of smashed (Geprek) crispy fried chicken (Ayam) served with authentic Indonesian sambal made fresh on the spot.

👉Ayam Geprek Original (Level 5) - SGD6.90
👉Crispiest Kulit Ayam (Chicken Skin) - SGD3.70
+ Golden Salted Egg Sauce (SGD0.60)
👉Ayam Geprek Indomie (Level 1) - SGD7.50

If you’re in Team 小辣 like myself, you might get “destroyed” at Level 5 HAHAA. I think Level 3 should be just nice and comfortable...

I must say they were pretty generous with the portion of chicken skin but I wished they were deep-fried fresh to order. Nevertheless, they were still crunchy and dangerously addictive when dipped into the salted egg sauce.

❗️Their W.T.F challenge is designed for extreme spice lovers where the challenger has to finish an upsized portion of Level 27 below 5 minutes. Stand a chance to be on their wall of fame!

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

📍Papa Ayam
[email protected] B3-49
PLQ Mall B2-K3

Severely understaffed team that compromises on the experience, even though they're doing their best individually. But this issue is completely forgiven when the food came

I'm trying hard to recall but I believe this is the best roasted duck I've had, if I preclude Peking duck. Shatteringly crisp skin, very well marinated and tender meat, and the spices used were absolutely tantalising. It's so different from the norm, yet it's super easy to love. The sauce was also clean yet unabashedly savoury. Stunning, worth a trip(and 30mins in queue for. Idk if you can reserve but somehow there's a very annoying queue, made worse by the fact that many groups have an inconsiderate leisurely conversation while others are still waiting for their table. Two groups in particular were almost done WHILE WE STARTED QUEUEING, and were still talking when we left. Absolutely incredible)

Overall, the food makes up for the experience but it's by no means an easy carry. Been watching hell's kitchen and this is a classic case of one SS chef carrying the entire team of B grade chefs

Order must be 10pcs, but you can mix and match. Saw previous reviews say everything else wasn't good, just go for the meat

The meats were done really well. I loved the bouncy texture and it's quite interesting how the two types look so similar yet are clearly different. The sweet ones had a well balanced sweetness, and the savoury ones had a tinge of sweet too. Yet they've got their own character. Quite delicious

Really sets the standard for nasi goreng coming out of restaurants. Why should anyone order nasi goreng from a restaurant if it isn't better than from a random hawker?

There's wok hei, there's umami, the ckn tender but firm enough to stand out in the rice, and it's really satisfying yet not oily. The rice grains weren't particularly disparate but it's Hella addictive nonetheless, maybe even because of it. Not the chewy grains, choking wok hei fried rice that's my favourite but this was still an excellent rendition. Must try!

Needs a bit more filling, but otherwise it's not bad. The pancake had a nice texture and it's completely soft, would have loved a crispy crust. The cheese was mild but the super sinful sauce did well. U can see the oil dripping out. Get it to share

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U gotta ask for it though

It's very flavourful and the pepper taste pairs q well. I really dislike soup where u can only taste pepper but apparently if it's umami enough that doesn't matter haha

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Surprising amount of smoke for a restaurant, really respectable stuff. Unfortunately I got the ckn breast which while wasn't too dry, would probably not have been able to compare w a drumstick. The sticky sauce was good too, and the tempeh had a interesting texture (it's kinda firm but breaks apart easily at the same time, no wonder it's a meat substitute). But the raw cabbage was abit weird, the tofu wasn't nice, and the chili was plain bad. It's much too sweet from honey, I suspect it's not mixed properly. Overall it's a very good rendition though, do ask for anything but ckn breast

When you need to be satisfied without any pretensions. The sate Ayam was well marinated, charred and hit the right buttons. The Tahu Telor was good but the sauce was a little too watery but still tasted good.