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Fried enoki mushroom that was so addictive and satisfying!! Hopes that because it’s mushroom and it can lessen my guilt!


Fried chicken thigh with fried taukwa and tempeh too! Additionally, it came with a packet of golden crispy bits, it goes so well with the rice! Despite being fried, the tenderness of the meat was not compromised!

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Grilled chicken thigh with fried tau kwa and tempeh. The meat on the chicken thigh was tender and soft. The cucumber and raw cabbage was a good additional touch to cleanse your palate after the intense flavour from the chicken.

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Waited 45 mins for our TomYum Pot, while the table next to us got theirs within 15 mins even though we ordered 5 mins before them. Pineapple fried rice was well presented in a pineapple, but there wasn't any pineapple in the rice. We also waited 45 mins for our Nasi goreng istemewa, and it only came after we told the staff about the missing order.

Classic choc and cheese martabak. It might be daunting that they only sell the whole slab but don’t worry it will be gone in no time. The martabaks here are very authentic. Don’t be cheated by other martabaks in pasar malam. 🤭


Never a Fan of mee Rebus but this one was slightly more palatable. The sweet and viscous sauce had a nice consistent compared to some other places that are too goopy, and the yellow Noodles that are my least favourite kind of Noodles also had a more bearable texture than most other yellow Noodles.

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Such a discovery! really enjoyed their nasi sets as well as the satay. Super big portions for less than S$10 makes for a great, filling lunch.

Nasi Campur Bali ($9.90)
Mini platter of goodness @toktoksg featuring balinese style beef rendang, sambal shredded chicken, sliced beef tossed with sambal, egg tossed with belado sambal, sweet and spicy fried tempeh, stirfried long beans, and beef skewer. Superb value and don’t forget about the sambal chilli and sweet chilli available freeflow. Only issue with this place is its slow moving queue so try to beat the lunch crowd and the meal will be perfect!


Embedded with distinct chunks of Mackerel, this doesnt have the mushy texture that some otahs have, not that it's too firm either. The well seasoned sambal was almost liquid in texture, and has a kick that doesnt appear immediately, but sets in quickly afterwards.

Btw the nice owner let me try the rice and she said this isnt the normal nasi lemak rice. If im not wrong it's nasi kukus and just as she said, the fluffy long grained rice were well separated and very fragrant.

Had opor ayam (chicken with coconut-milk sauce), teri kacang (fried anchovy with peanuts), and kangkong belacan. Taste quite authentic and the belacan is spicy! They also have popular Indonesian beverages such as Teh Botol (original and less sugar option) and Fruit Tea.

It’s slightly pricier than other Indonesian stalls such as ayam penyet outlets.

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Indonesian style beancurd coated with egg and cornstarch mixture before deep-frying. Very crispy but at the same time, it’s quite oily to me. Do share this among the table mates!