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Seafood 🎣

Seafood 🎣

Featuring Pince & Pints (Duxton), The Market Grill, Adrift by David Myers, 10 at Claymore (Pan Pacific Orchard), The Boiler (Howard), Dancing Crab (Orchard Central), Mellben Legend Seafood (Opal Crescent)
Felicia Sim
Felicia Sim
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Seafood Platter with an assortment of fresh seafood served over ice to maintain its freshness. My favorite was the Crab with Tosazu Jelly, a tangy vinegar based jelly that tickles your tastebuds as you enjoy the sweetness of the crab meat.

I would recommend this to be shared amongst 3 people to avoid fighting over the oysters!


Celebrate the nation's upcoming birthday at Singapore's lobster centric restaurant, Pince & Pints, as they dish out the Lobster Laksa exclusively during the month of August & September!

Focusing on the lobster stock used in the laksa broth, the sweetness of baby clams instead of cockles and a side of homemade sambal by the side, this is definitely one lobster laksa worth having! The gravy was super lemak, beaming with the fragrance of coconut milk and all that crustacean sweetness screaming out loud. The viscosity of the gravy coated each strand of noodle in just the right manner. I urge you to dip the meat, from the half a lobster served, with more laksa gravy before sending it down your belly. The gravy isn’t very spicy which will be suitable for most people!


A quieter outlet of the Mellben Group at Opal Crescent, a good choice if you are craving for some crab bee hoon soup at the last minute without wanting to queue! We had both the bee hoon soup and golden sands crab but I would recommend having the crab bee hoon when you're here as its their specialty! The soup is definitely one of the richest and creamiest that I've had. Also, I noticed that the crab in the soup is much sweeter than the golden sands one — they probably used the better crabs for the bee hoon to give more flavor to the soup!


Oysters lovers — Join in the Oyster Occasion happening right now at 10 at Claymore, Pan Pacific Orchard!
Till end July 2016, feast on unlimited fresh oysters from Canada, France, Ireland, New Zealand and United States of America. The oysters are freshly shucked in front of you, bringing the ultimate freshness right onto your plate!
Priced at $98++ for 2 from Mon to Wed, some Penang Fiesta specialties from their Apr/May buffet will also be available. I'd say go straight for the Assam Laksa!
Priced at $68++ per head from Thurs to Sun, a great selection of international buffet is available if you still have space after indulging on all the oysters.
I heard that response have been overwhelming, so it is highly recommended to make your reservations in advance!


Your hands are the utensils here and dig into a table full of seafood! The combo bag 2 consists prawns, clams, mussels, potatoes, carrots, corn and sausages. Seafood were really fresh and I chose the dancing crab signature sauce (mild) here to go with this bag!


Good for 2 to share, this bag is filled with prawns, mussels, clams, sausage & corn. Boiled with garlic butter sauce, the sauce will not steal the limelight from the seafood! I really love the big juicy sweet prawns here, and it got me sucking the "brain juice" out of them! We got some Momma's Potato ($8.90) on the side, which we know as wedges and it came with cheddar sauce. Drinks wise we tried the Lychee Beerjito ($10.90) - the mint leaves and lychee adds a refreshing kick to the beer!


Indulging in a whole lobster for dinner sounds like a great idea isn't it? It is served with a classic garlic butter, mash & salad. The lobster meat was full of sweetness, though a tad chewy for me! This made me miss Burger & Lobster in London but The Market Grill is not too bad an alternative we have on our sunny island!

Eating my way around Singapore & the world! Instagram | @fellldown

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