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Korean Food🥘

Korean Food🥘

Any korean food that is nice and affordable!!
Joslyn Koh
Joslyn Koh
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Went to Friends Tasty Korea for dinner yesterday😄

Ordered the premium beef steak set($12/100g) and premium beef short ribs set($28/200g)! Also added on one kimchi soup($4) and one seafood soup($4)😋 Finally, ordered the garlic wings!

Overall i love the banchan variety! The meat was decent but not the best I have tasted so far. The soups were okay too but the garlic wings even though was recommended in the menu, I do not really recommend it😅 Skin was not crispy and meat was a little soft so🤔

Overall cost is $99 after GST and Svc charge, filling for 4 people but would rate it a 6/10😅

Went to O.BBa BBQ at Bukit Timah outlet for the second time!

Ordered the jjajangmyeon, kimchi jjigae stew and steam egg!! Free banchans are always a 😍💯 Total bill was about $28 and its very filling for 2 people!!☺️ Definitely one of my new fav kr spots and will visit again soon!!☺️👍🏻

Ate at this restaurant and the food is honestly good! Affordable as well since lunch meal sets are just $10!☺️ Ordered the jjajangmyeon($10), jjampong($10) and a steamed egg($10)😄 Portion is quite big, suitable for 1.5 people per bowl😱

Be sure to come and try their KBBQ items + other items on the menu as it looks🤤!! Would give it a 9/10 for price, portion and taste💯👍🏻

Went to Kcook and was delighted that they remained consistent compared to my past visits a year ago and 2 years ago😂
Id personally go for their kimchi pancake and japchae alongside 2-3 selections per meat type😋 Lunch was affordable at a price of $14.90 for students!! Thus give it a try, since the cooked/ready to eat food are slightly different from the average KBBQ places👍🏻

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Went to try the army stew after seeing some online reviews☺️ Priced at $29.90, it feeds 2-3 people and has the basic ingredients to all army stews👍🏻 Wouldnt say its super mindblowing and all but for the price, it is a decent army stew😄
Wouldnt mind going back to eat it again when I crave for army stew😂

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Overall dining experience was not bad even during lunch hours when it was a litte crowded. Price was affordable and sides were not bad, korean rice cake however was a little too soft for my liking☹️ but they had sides such as japchae and carbonara💯😍 overall would rate it a 7/10 in terms of food, ambience, service etc!!


A new big mama korean restaurant has opened at sembawang road beside seoul chicken!!☺️ The food here overall was meh cuz we ordered promotional sets($10-20) like the beef bulgogi set and the bibimbap set. Also ordered a seafood stew($35) and the stew wasnt that good to be honest. Its a 6/10 to me. The bibimbap was pretty generic but the beef bulgogi was not bad! 8/10. There are other options which im sure looks as good as it tastes however its a little pricey eg 3 types of meat in a platter?($62) didnt get to try it but its alright. The good thing is that the side dishes are refillable!!😂 This restaurant is like a ' go once and never go again ' kinda feels so overall its a 6/10😅

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First time trying this restaurant but the overall rating was kinda meh. Everything is like your average korean restaurant and its a little on the pricey side but i had this tuna rice ball mix and this is highly recommended😍($10?) this is a 9/10 but the other dishes is an average of 6.5/10 im sorry😅

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Went to tanjong pagar to explore the different korean restaurants but decided to try this restaurant😂The food here is definitely a 8.5/10 as the quality of the meat and all is great!!💯
However its a little pricey with a min of 2 meats to grill. Bought the super spicy chicken and the pork collar meat worth $29.90 each whereas other meats such as the spicy beef is worth $30 per serving. However, the 2 meats comes with a free bucket of lettuce(actually $5) and steamed egg($5 too)!!☺️
The set is definitely filling for 2 people and it is nice to try the food there if u have around $25 or more to spare☺️👍🏻


Second time eating here and it was the same as before !! The food is not bad but the area is a little small. Ordered a fufilling meal for 2 people which is estimated to be $40 in total. They even upgraded the store to have some small korean sides for free. Each set comes with rice and it is pretty affordable since the price is the same for both lunch and dinner☺️ Recommended to those who have kimchi stew cravings and is looking for one that is affordable!!

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Overall it was a decent buffet with both bbq & steamboat with a range of meat and others to choose from.☺Lunch is okay but I wouldnt recommend dinner as its a little pricey of $30++. So if youre on a buget I would not recommend this.


Second time ive been here heh. Food is still delicious as ever. The side dishes were not bad and the meat is just fantastic. Have 2 hours of dining in so theres no need to rush. Paid $17.50 with gst included for lunch time :) Affordable and delicious hehe. Recommended!!

Cafehopping whenever im free☺️💙 Leaving some personal reviews when trying new food😛

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