Korean Food🥘

Korean Food🥘

Any korean food that is nice and affordable!!
Joslyn Koh
Joslyn Koh

I love how this cute cafe is a mix between western and korean😍

Ordered the
- truffle fries ($10.90)
- bibimbap ($13.90)
- fu korean spaghetti ($14.90)
- yuzu cold brew cream ($6.50)

I really liked the food here because I felt that the price is affordable and the food was delicious🥰 Not being a huge coffee lover, I enjoyed the yuzu coffee alot!! (even tho you might not get used to it the first few sips cuz citrus + sth bitter haha😅)

Would definitely come again and recommended to friends staying near kovan as its easily accessible😇 Ratings 9/10!!

Went to Punggol Container Park a few days ago and tried Seoul Good Dessert and Coffee!!😇

Would say that it is student friendly as all the prices are very affordable compared to the other restaurants (there is no GST and SVC Charge for this shop💯)

Ordered the Chicken pasta and it was decent. Would not say its the best I have eaten but the portion size + the price ($14.90) is worth it!😇 The staff (particularly an uncle haha) was super friendly and good with recommendations as well.

Overall ratings are a 7.5/10 and would definitely visit again!

Went to Manna Story last week for dinner and ordered

- Dak Galbi (comes with rice) $15.90
- Budae Jjigae (comes with rice) $13.90
- Egg Jjim $6

I find that the food is affordable, portions are huge and taste wise was pretty decent!! I also love refillable banchans(side dishes) so thats a plus for me🤣

Ratings are 8/10 and I would come again to try other food items😋

Had the Korean Ramyeon lunch deal at $11 and added a portion of pork for just +$2! Also ordered a Seafood Pancake $20 and that was literally the 💣 HAHAH😍

There are also other affordable lunch deals that are good for sharing and I was honestly stuffed after this meal. No regrets though!! Its my first time here and I am in love with the Seafood Pancake🤣 As for the Ramyeon, I will probably order something else to try as it is on the average side.

Ps. Side dishes are free flow😋 Ratings wise 8/10 and I would definitely visit again soon👍🏻

Went to kingdom kbbq to have dinner a few days ago☺️

Ordered the beef kbbq set, steamed egg, octopus and pork stir fry and the korean fried chicken😋 Total bill is $79 after discount😂

Would say overall the place serves decent korean food and the fried chicken is rlly delicious!! Also, the prices are similar to other kbbq places but if you order on eatigo theres a 30% discount off the total bill so why not try💯

Went to Guiga for dinner yesterday!😋

Ordered the $69 set meat with 3 types of beef + pork belly. Also ordered steam egg($6), pork, squid and vegetable stir fry($35) and raw crab in spicy sauce($35)!

The set was not bad, but for the price, i was actually assuming that the portions would be larger😅 Also, personal preference but the crab was not really something that id order next time😂 The staff service was great so a thumbs up for that☺️👍🏻

Overall was a 7/10 as the total bill for 3 people was close to $170 which is pretty price in my opinion😫 However, you can definitely head down to try other food menu items such as their japchae, teoppoki, other meat selections etc!

Went to Friends Tasty Korea for dinner yesterday😄

Ordered the premium beef steak set($12/100g) and premium beef short ribs set($28/200g)! Also added on one kimchi soup($4) and one seafood soup($4)😋 Finally, ordered the garlic wings!

Overall i love the banchan variety! The meat was decent but not the best I have tasted so far. The soups were okay too but the garlic wings even though was recommended in the menu, I do not really recommend it😅 Skin was not crispy and meat was a little soft so🤔

Overall cost is $99 after GST and Svc charge, filling for 4 people but would rate it a 6/10😅

Went to O.BBa BBQ at Bukit Timah outlet for the second time!

Ordered the jjajangmyeon, kimchi jjigae stew and steam egg!! Free banchans are always a 😍💯 Total bill was about $28 and its very filling for 2 people!!☺️ Definitely one of my new fav kr spots and will visit again soon!!☺️👍🏻

Ate at this restaurant and the food is honestly good! Affordable as well since lunch meal sets are just $10!☺️ Ordered the jjajangmyeon($10), jjampong($10) and a steamed egg($10)😄 Portion is quite big, suitable for 1.5 people per bowl😱

Be sure to come and try their KBBQ items + other items on the menu as it looks🤤!! Would give it a 9/10 for price, portion and taste💯👍🏻

Went to Kcook and was delighted that they remained consistent compared to my past visits a year ago and 2 years ago😂
Id personally go for their kimchi pancake and japchae alongside 2-3 selections per meat type😋 Lunch was affordable at a price of $14.90 for students!! Thus give it a try, since the cooked/ready to eat food are slightly different from the average KBBQ places👍🏻

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Went to try the army stew after seeing some online reviews☺️ Priced at $29.90, it feeds 2-3 people and has the basic ingredients to all army stews👍🏻 Wouldnt say its super mindblowing and all but for the price, it is a decent army stew😄
Wouldnt mind going back to eat it again when I crave for army stew😂

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Overall dining experience was not bad even during lunch hours when it was a litte crowded. Price was affordable and sides were not bad, korean rice cake however was a little too soft for my liking☹️ but they had sides such as japchae and carbonara💯😍 overall would rate it a 7/10 in terms of food, ambience, service etc!!


Can I say that Cafehopping around SG is my hobby?🤣 Leaving personalized reviews everywhere I go😇

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