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Was very apprehensive about this at first but it turned out to be rather pleasant! Texture is a little like minced tuna sashimi and the light and juicy pear sticks really complemented the dish.

Also ordered the pork and beef set for 2pax. Personally preferred the pork as it was more flavourful. Overall it’s not bad.

Personally feel like this place is too underrated!! The restaurant is run by a real Korean Ahjumma so you know it’s the real deal. They serve a decent variety of Korean dishes but we always come back for the KBBQ sets which are damn worth it ($52-$62 if I’m not wrong). The meat that comes with the Kbbq sets are of excellent quality, very chonky boys that are marinated well. The staff will help you cook the meat and they always do such a good job so as each piece of meat comes out tender and not over or under done. They also have a very extensive selection of sides and they are not stingy with them! Pls do pay them a visit and give them some love, I’ll be very sad if this place closes down.

Not bad for $15.80 ++. It would be better with hot stone.

Not quite the sort of kbbq you’re accustomed to! Friday’s count as weekends, so the buffet ($19.80) costs more but comes with a larger selection of ingredients. Some of the highlights were seabass, dory, flower crab and crayfish! The meats are well marinated but heavily salted. We opted for the collagen broth, which was flavourful and thick. We found the set up a tad too small for a group of 5 - it doesn’t fit much so the turnover of food is quite slow. Also, do note that the promotion (5th diner eats free) only applies from 5-6 pm.

The execution was ok, w tender pork ribs(4 whole pieces) and soft veggies, but it doesn't taste like a gamjatang at all. It's curry-esque which is really not what I expected. If you ok w that then I think it's decent

The garlic taste isn't v strong actually, despite the amount of garlic attached. It's a very sweet marinate. Otherwise not too noteworthy.

Quite expensive for this quality of meat without eatigo. But 2 meats and 1 soup probably feeds 2 pax nicely (35pp)

Min order of 2 meats to use the charcoal grill. Reasonable but I wasn't expecting it tbh haha

Pork skirt meat. It's quite a lean cut, and come in with the understanding that it's not gonna be super tender. The draw of the meat is the springiness.

Idk if it's just my table but the charcoal wasn't v hot. Couldn't get a good sear, but still ok

Marinade was sweet, but otherwise not too heavy

DO NOT overcook the meat, it turns tough real quick. Aim for medium(cut open the meat to check doneness, make sure don't kiasu cook until well done). I rest my meat after taking it off the grill for awhile, not sure if it's just placebo but can't argue w the end result

Very mild flavours across the board, except for the kimchi which was q punchy despite having not much funk. Not impressive on its own, but great to fill a ssam w before u add the meat

Ssamjang, onion sauce, gochujang. The texture for the ssamjang and gochujang were similar to chili sauce, not rlly my thing. The onion sauce was q light and tangy actl (Y)

BBQ meat can be either be cooked in the kitchen (by staff) or at your table (self service).

Ordered the marinated beef, pork belly, fried chicken, kimchi pancakes, soju and beer.
Meat was tasty and fresh. Like the pork belly the most. Fatty and nice when BBQ.

Fried chicken was ok, had better ones before.

Kimchi pancake is recommended! Crispy!