Recommended lists for Korean BBQ

Recommended lists of Best Korean BBQ in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Korean BBQ, BBQ Best Places for BBQ & Grills in Singapore 2017 Ahhh... barbecue. When it comes to meats, we can't think of a tastier way to enjoy them than grilled, smoky and sporting an appetising char, which led us to this week's guide on the best grills and barbies in Singapore. Quite naturally, there are one too many spots for Korean barbecue and Thai mookata (it's a very tough fight!), but we've also spiced things up with places for authentic Japanese yakiniku, including a stellar place in Boat Quay, and a rustic eatery in Foch Road for atmospheric Vietnamese barbecue. Ready, set, grill!

Top 10 Places for Korean BBQ

Top 10 places for Korean BBQ

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Korean BBQ

we got the 8 colours set which came with a stew and a seafood pancake with a sotong using burpple beyond since the sets are excluded.
the 8 flavours include wine, original, garlic, herb, kalbi, curry, miso and red pepper paste. no idea if this is the right order to eat in but this is the order the staff served to us in.
my favourites were herb, red pepper paste and curry. herb was fragrant to me and red pepper paste was quite strong. the curry tasted like the msg powder from the maggi mee curry flavour.
pork belly stew was just normal. seafood pancake was bad. and for the sotong. ive had better ones at ecp bbq pits during my poly days.
main draw here is really just the pork. might give the beef and chicken a try the next time.
$35 per pax.
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It was out of stock in my first visit so I came back again for this dish. It should taste better if it is piping hot.

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It tastes lighter than Kimchi pork so I added the side dish kimchi. Taste ok but kimchi pork is better.

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Very authentic and very nice.
Can refill the soup if want to but two of us barely finished the whole pot.

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But actl the plates won't be replaced so quickly lah lol. Anyway this is a solid kimchi with a punchy paste but wasn't overly spicy. Moreover the cabbage itself still had a nice crunch.

P.S. U get 6 kinds of banchan

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We had 4 Color set, Grass- fed Beef and US Prime Beef. The seasoning of the pork belly is good but the porportion of the fats were too much. 80% fats and 20% meat. The quality of the beef was quite ok. I would only recommend people who really like fatty pork belly.

This is the portion for sharing and there's another one for one pax

The pork belly was quite thickly cut but there weren't too many pieces of it for the price. However the flavour of the stew was really quite something as it wasn't just one dimensional spiciness and sourness as one might expect from a kimchi stew. Since the pork belly was thick we let it cook down into a gravy and it was pretty good. Some of the pork belly pieces were quite tough though, while some were really juicy and tender

Ultimately with the portion of the pork belly I would advise against it(even though it does taste quite decent), try their grilled meats instead

Yes, the cheese doesn't taste like much and doesn't add much texture either; and yes, the pieces of chicken could be more generous, but this was a superbly homely dish that you just ladle on rice and get to demolishing bowls after bowls of rice(particularly because it's quite spicy from the pepper). The umami sauce coats the tender chicken pieces and the generous amount of veggies well, which really made it addictive despite the heat

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It's quite a dry version, that's why it's incredibly smoky. Beef was quite tender but needs more fat, while the green onions which had quite a bite was too generous in portion, resulting in the spiciness interfering with the flavour of the beef. Nonetheless, a must try here as most places don't come close to their smokiness

Very different in style, this kimchi has a sweet and savoury sauce that's thicker and more refreshing. The rest of the banchan were quite normal

They serve everything from fresh veggie, side dishes, soup, meat, drinks, and dessert.
My fav here is the unmarinated pork belly, japchae, fried mochi, toppoki, and fresh lettuce.
The most important is their price is pocket friendly with nice taste too 鉂わ笍
馃搷1 Zubir Said Dr, #01-04, School of The Arts, Singapore 227968
鈴11.30AM-3.30PM ; 5.30-10.30PM
Rate(4/5)猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍-Very Good-