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Good size for the egg craving! L size available at $8!

Always have a soft spot for manduka!! These were lovely, with pork & vegetable filling.

One of the staple in a korean meal. Not the best I’ve had. A tad soggy but a good accompaniment with the Bossam nevertheless! L size available at $20

Delicious thinly sliced pork belly braised in Huang Yeon’s sauce served with special kimchi. This came with a bundle of lettuce, carrot sticks, raw garlic and delicious sauce. Amazing combination! Highly recommended

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Highlight of dinner was definitely the herb bossam - pork belly braised in hyang yeon’s sauce with special kimchi. Love the combination of the braised pork belly slices with the crunchy fresh lettuce and flavorful kimchi. To compliment the meal, we also got the steam eggs, homemade dumpling and kimchi pancakes 😋 Free delivery for orders above $100.

Although $60 might sound really expensive but KBBQ is about sharing and to MEAT up with friends! Hence if you were to split the cost among a few of you then each person isn't paying that much 😅🤣 this shop gives off the really authentic vibe and the meat is good too! Unlike some other places whereby you will get fats more than meat haha. The service is not too bad but don't expect them to keep going to your table to serve you. A must try will be the egg! What I wished will be greater portion per set and also free flow of drinks if possible! The water also need to pay and it's in bottle oops. 我这个水桶 cannot take it sobs.

5 Apr’19, Fri⛅️⁣⁣
📍Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ 왕대박⁣⁣
- Boneless Prime Rib🥩⁣⁣
- Marinated Spicy Chicken🍗⁣⁣
- Seafood Pancake🥞⁣⁣
- Korean Style Instant Noodle🍜⁣⁣
Boneless prime rib is of good quality, can tell that this is not those cheapo meat.

The marinated spicy chicken is yum! The spicy (but not too spicy), tender and juicy chicken, is just so on point~

As for the seafood pancake, it is the must-order! Big pancake with generous seafood that can feed 3-4 pax (we asked for take away in the end for we couldn’t finish it), the size is like a large pizza, crispy on the outside, fluffy in the inside, super filling!

Lastly, the instant noodle, erm, nothing much to comment, the instant noodle you and I probably can get anywhere and everywhere, but decent lah...

Note: The sides are free flow (if I recall correctly) and there are free ice cream too~ do call to make your reservation to avoid the crowd (super long queue mind you)!

Damage: $89.45

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Ordered Sundubu Jjigae, Beef Japchae and beef bibimbap.

The Sundubu jjjgae was only 1/4 full when it was delivered. There was barely any toufu or egg or pork. Just a few pathetic onions and stale clams.

The beef in both the japchae and bibimbap was overcooked and inedible.

Bibimbap came without the sauce.

I reached out at 6+pm to let them know the issues and the staff said they will check and get back. 3 hours later, they just said they are sorry and it won’t happen again.

I paid $60 for this extremely unsatisfying meal with zero service recovery.

Tar Pau Meal

Original Fried Chicken (S$32.90)
Samgye Tang (S$14.90)

Came with banchan for free

Seoul Kitchen
Address 🏡 : 435 Sembawang Road, Singapore 🇸🇬 758 398
Tel ☎️ : 6843 0818
MRT 🚇 : Yishun (NS13)
Note 📝 : Got 10% discount

I had to use flash to get a shot of this because otherwise all you’d see is a messy blur that’ll make you wonder if it were a pizza or a pasta instead of a Korean pancake. Might have gotten some unhappy stares from flashing half the restaurant but I HAD to tAke a picture of this glorious pancake. Outrageously crispy and decently sized and not too starchy or doughy, this probably may be one of my top few favourite Korean pancakes in singapore. The food in general here is great too but the prices are not friendly at all. We got the army stew as well and wanted to top up and get more ramen but it’s a whopping $5 for extra ramen. You’re charging me the price of a plate of Hokkien mee for some extra instant noodles? No thank you fam. But the food here is good enough for me to warrant another visit back. Will just need to scrimp and save a bit more for now.

Kimchi, pork and cheese Hansang Sundubu (S$11.80++)
Available at @hansang_korean in @square2sg during lunch
Served with banchan and korean roasted barley tea
Served in a small metal pot with rice by the side.
There’s sausage and luncheon meat in it. It may looked simple but surprisingly appetizing.

Hansang Korean Family Restaurant
Address 🏡 : Address 🏡 : 10 Sinaran Drive, # 03-33 Square 2, Singapore 🇸🇬 307 506

Free flow side dish . Seafood Pancake was chewy !