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The Seafood Pancake ($17) is very crispy and fragrant - would be great if they are a little more generous with the seafood.

The Stir-Fried Pork ($18) features pork belly, cabbage, carrot and onion stir fried in a sweet, savoury and spicy sauce. The pork belly is a little too fat for my liking (will probably opt for chicken next time) but the flavour is on point and goes really well with rice.

The Kimchi Bibimyun ($14) is surprisingly good! The chewy cold noodle is thoroughly coated in a sweet and mildly spicy sauce and topped with chopped kimchi and a hard boiled egg. The noodle is infused with the aroma of sesame oil and this is really appetising and refreshing!

cheap and easy, good ingredients and sides

wa that slab, my go to kbbq place w cute ajumma and charcoal grill anddd more imptly attentive staff that changes the grill :’))

Korean style raw beef sashimi comes blended with chopped onion and julienne pear; and of course the raw egg.

This portion is huge. We almost made the mistake to order individual portions

Grilled to perfection expertly by the chef at the convenience of your table. This is real food!

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It's hard to imagine how divine this tastes if you use good quality ingredients. I think there's MSG tho cos it really is ridiculously good, but definitely the imported seaweed soup makes a massive difference

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I believe this is a very rare dish in Singapore. I've never seen it anywhere until now, at this cosy place owned by Koreans. Extremely glad to have my first meal in Korea again, unfortunately while this was not bad it certainly didn't match up to the Michelin bib gourmand Seoul restaurant I had it for the first time

The sauce was more sweet than anything else and it didn't rlly penetrate into the octopus at all, nor combine well as you chew. Nonetheless the octopus was v tender, overall it's still pretty good

Their seaweed is imported from Korea, it's incredibly good(do ask for more as that gives a better balance to the dish)

It gets jelat tho with the sauce and the oiliness so do share between 2 at least

It's really not their strong suit. Nothing rlly impressed, the seaweed at the top right was a rare banchan I think

definitely a spot to visit w their quality fresh sashimi! we got the mentaiko salmon don ($19++) & spicy maguro don ($28++) & using our burpple 1-for-1, our total bill came out to be $29 for these 2 bowls post GST & service charge. would say that without burpple beyond, these bowls would be kind of overpriced because of how small they are. the spicy maguro don was really a little too spicy & the mentaiko don was too salty but also still tasty???? surprisingly, it managed to satisfy the japanese cravings in us so would we go back again? for sure, but only if there's still a 1-for-1!

Fantastic BBQ experience at On Dol! They’re located along that famous Tanjong Pagar street that’s filled with BBQ restaurants. Excellent cuts of meat and our server was a sweet old man who helped us cook everything. Worth every cent!