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Tucked away in a coffeeshop amongst the industrial estate in Toa Payoh North, this stall specialises in affordable Korean food. Fuel up with a hearty bowl of Beef Ramyon ($6.90) or choose from their variety of rice bowls, from best-selling Chicken Teriyaki Bowl ($6.50), Bulgogi Pork Bowl ($7.50) and Spicy Kimchi Chicken Bowl ($6.50).

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Ordered both pork & beef set, tofu soup & steam egg! Everything was really good!! Just that we would prefer the beef over the pork more. Wished the side dishes were free flow though.

This is my first time trying marinated raw crab and it was pleasant! The sides are great and the staffs are friendly too!

Surprisingly good Korean place tucked away in this industrial park area. 7.5 for 2 bowls of well marinated bulgogi pork and kimchi chicken was definitely a steal! Do give this place a visit when you are nearby! Apologies for the empty bowl, gf and I devoured the food because we got really hungry >

Finally went to Wang Dae Bak to try their kbbq🤤 Got their set B with chicken and pork ($49), add on half and half kimchi and seafood pancake + spicy soft tofu stew ($35) and ordered 1 bowl of rice😇

Total bill came out to be about $50 per pax and I would say that the seafood pancake is really good😍💯 It can feed about 3-4 pax tbh with other items eaten together. The soup was good too, just that the seafood in it was little😅 The bbq in general was great too as there is free flow egg roll which i love!! As well as banchan(side dishes)😇

Overall was super filling and satisfying! Pricing is a little steep but i guess its general kbbq pricing😅 Overall ratings are an 8.5/10!!👍🏻

Had high hopes for this KBBQ seeing that numerous people wish listed this place but left disappointed.

All the meat tasted the same. Some pork were powdery.
Sauces were not great.
We kept expecting it to get better but it never did :|
my girlfriend gagged.

Got the 2 person set at 58++, that comes with a stew, a BBQ hotplate and an appetiser (which I got the seafood pancake). The amount of food is definitely alot, and more than enough for 2 person. We got the kimchi stew which was good, and the seafood pancake, although thicker than usual, is still crispy on its sides. What stole the show was the marinated pork belly, as it was so darn flavourful and tender. Paired with the lettuce wrap, kimchi and ssamjang, it was really satisfying. In fact one of the best BBQ meats I've had!

Yes, back to back posts about soondubu-jjigae!

I was kinda disappointed when @jooeunchung's favourite tak-galbi restaurant Big Mamma vacated their spot at Biopolis. Thankfully, it was taken over by another homely Korean restaurant, Jun Korean BBQ and Beer.

Jun serves awesome and affordable lunch sets. It is my default go to place whenever I am too lazy to drive out and hankering for some decent homely Korean food.

Sorry I have to call this out. Ordered chicken hot plate s well as pork hot plate bulgogi. Tastes like braised chk and pork in chili sauce and oil, than fried hot plate type. Kimchi soup was pale colored and tasted one dimensional. Only consolation was the cold noodles with meat tastes above average though it was a tad too pricy at $15. Service was also good. Overall disappointing- I do NOt recommend. Too many decent Korean food in bukit timah area.

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Never heard of Seorae but we were craving some korean meat so we ordered in from them and we were pleasantly surprised by all their dishes. All of them exceeded expectations. Yummmmmm

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Shop is located at the coffeeshop inside the industrial factory, level 2. Utterly disappointed with the attitude of the cashier.

Claimed 2 burpple deals; Spicy Chicken Ramyeon ($5.80), Spicy Pork Ramyeon ($5.80), Spam Ramyeon ($5.80), Spicy Kimchi Chicken Don ($6.60). To be very honest, the ramyeon was worst than homecooked korean instant noodles. The soup has no kimchi taste. The bowl of noodles came with 2 pcs of spring onion, 3 pcs of eomuk, few pcs of meat (chicken/pork/spam) and plenty of carrots.

Wanted to take away the chicken don but the cashier didn't allow because its burpple deal and not ala carte order -.- Awys, there was nothing spicy about the rice bowl. Rice was alot, filled up 3/4 of the bowl, and topped off with a slice of lettuce, broken poached egg and chicken (not spicy).

No intention to return for another visit again.
Overall rating: 2.5/5 🌟
Rice bowl: 3/5 🌟
Ramyeon: 2/5 🌟
Value for money? Not for me.